Everyone sat together in the living room and raised their drinks and drinks.

Sheriff Hankrone said, "Let’s welcome Steve Rogers to the 19th precinct."
Police officers have attached and sent blessings to their new colleagues.
Captain Schneider was very enthusiastic. "Captain, I have been your idol since I was a child. I remember that the first cartoon I read was Captain America. At that time, I saw you and cried for a whole day when I saved the people of new york from crashing into an iceberg …"
Steve was embarrassed. "Really? To be honest, I didn’t expect my story to be made into a cartoon. "
"By the way, captain, have you ever been to Captain America Memorial Hall? It’s just five blocks away. If you haven’t been there, we can go shopping later, "Anna said with a smile."
Steve smiled and shook his head. "I haven’t been there, but Officer Goofy gave me a brochure for the memorial hall. I have read the brochure. The memorial hall is quite good."
Sam said with a face of regrets, "It’s like a dream. Our police station has two superheroes, Officer Goofy and Captain America at the same time … I don’t think which crime will dare Brooklyn to commit evil? I want to have a brain disease or a dead person to do this. "
Captain Schneider nodded, "Yes, this Brooklyn public security will definitely become a benchmark in new york, but since the captain joined the 19 th branch, our branch has become a target of public criticism. Everyone says that the 19 th branch is too greedy, and it is not enough to have a high flying, and even recruited the captain. The captain should be left to Manhattan, where the police force is seriously lacking."
Goofy stand hand laughed "what’s the matter? I recruit people on the basis of things, not by cheating. Right, officer Steve? "
Steve smiled and nodded. "But I volunteered to join the 19th precinct. After all, I am a native of Brooklyn. Manhattan is too far away."
Captain Schneider said with a wry smile, "But now there are no policemen in the Manhattan police station. Many police stations have only one sheriff, army of one … It is really difficult to say."
Goofy smiled. "Don’t panic. We’ll be seconded then. Anyway, at present, if Steve and I are named Brooklyn, we can always live in peace and stability. We don’t worry too much."
Captain Schneider smiled slyly. "I’m just waiting for your words."
Chapter 155 Secondment again
Captain Schneider, this bad old man is a thief and a chicken. The root cause of attending the party is impure motives.
At the sight of his sly smile, he turned white in an instant.
You, a German, call yourself a fan of the American team?
You’re a liar!
During World War II, the American team played the Germans.
So goofy frowned and asked, "What? Something happened in Manhattan again? "
Captain Schneider even put on a considerate look and shook his head. "I can’t let work ruin your good mood without talking about work at the party."
Goofy almost bought it back. Captain Schneider is the kind of leader with a good family.
As a result, an hour later, as soon as everyone’s enthusiasm for chatting showed signs of fading, Captain Schneider leaned in.
"Okay, the party’s over. We can talk about work."
Goofy is speechless. You said you waited for this hour?
However, since he promised Schneider to fly high, it was naturally hard to shirk, so he specially called Steve to sit down and listen to Captain Schneider’s talk about work.
Let the new employee realize the danger of the workplace early!
I didn’t expect Steve to be very excited. He is a workaholic. This week, the apartment has been idle and waiting for some excitement.
So Captain Schneider gave his statement.
"After the Badea incident, the police force in Manhattan was seriously lost. Now the number of police officers in several jurisdictions in Manhattan is less than two-thirds of a month, and the loss rate has accelerated so far …"
Gao Fei deeply understands that "it is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and no one wants to die."
Captain Schneider nodded. "And the loss of police force caused social unrest. After more and more policemen resigned, the public security in Manhattan immediately became chaotic."
Steve nodded gently. "Everything has a cause and a consequence. Without police supervision, the crime will inevitably become active. What’s more, Manhattan is a rich area, which will attract all kinds of criminals."
Goofy asked, "Captain Schneider, you don’t want to secondment Steve and me to patrol Manhattan, do you?"
"Of course not," Captain Schneider shook his head. "I came to see you this time because there was a difficult case in Manhattan and NYPD didn’t have enough police force to take charge of it for the time being."
"Difficult case?" Goofy asked curiously, "How difficult is this case?"
"Very difficult" Captain Schneider didn’t sell it, but told the case directly "Norman Oss was assassinated two days ago"
"What?" Goofy smell speech one leng "the murderer succeeded? Is Norman Oss still alive? "
Schneider shook his head and said, "It didn’t work. Norman Oss was at least a character who wanted to assassinate him. It wasn’t so easy for gangsters to kill two security guards in Oss but failed to end Norman Oss’s life."
Steve looked puzzled. "Who is this Norman Oss?"
Goofy directly searched Norman Oss’ introduction entry on his mobile phone and handed it to Steve.
Steve looked shocked. It’s the information age!