Yu Huifei nodded and took out a photo. That was when Captain Song took a group photo with them in Xiulin Village and asked, "Sir, we are still strangers. Please help me see if you have seen these people?"

Chapter 273 Yin and Yang
The old man took the photo and looked at it, then shook his head and said, "Never seen it."
"Never seen it?" I will not be shocked.
It should be a normal and reasonable step to go to Yue Bai Shanzhiling Village for a rest.
Don’t song captain they went straight to Yue Bai mountain?
Or did Shen Gongbao’s grandson lie to him, Captain Song, and they never came?
"I’ll ask others later," said the village chief.
Yu huifei nodded and sat there waiting.
The old village head went out and soon came back. His ass just woke up after sitting in Qinggeertai.
He stared at the dragon lights in the room with big eyes, and I would have to ask, "Brother Yu, are we dead?"
I’ll give him a sudden chestnut pain in the head. The little yi tooth grinned and sat up and shouted, "Pain, pain, pain …"
"If it hurts, just say you’re not dead. If you’re not dead, just be quiet for a while." I’ll be wrong.
Qinggeltai was very surprised to find that he didn’t die, but he was more happy.
After all, nobody wants to die …
Looking at this is a bit heartless, silly and straightforward, and I will envy him.
In this way, a generation of people really won’t think too much, and everything will be casual and worry less …
It didn’t take long for Xu Qian to wake up. Xu Qian’s performance was much more calm than Qinggeltai’s. She sat with her eyes straight and looked at Yu Huifei from time to time.
Her eyes are full of consternation. Obviously, she can’t figure out how Yu Huifei saved them from more than 100 people’s encirclement by one person.
And it depends on the situation. They seem to be the guests of Ling Village.
The village chief said, "I asked someone who had seen them and chased them, but I didn’t chase them."
I will not say, "Do you know where they went?"
The village head frowned and said nothing.
I will not say, "Ah … village head, you are talking."
Hu Cunchang sighed, "It’s not that I don’t say it, but that I’m afraid I said you were in danger."
I will not ask, "Do you think that is more dangerous than taking more than 120 people to beat me?"
Master’s face turned red and then he coughed "It may be more dangerous to tell the truth"
Yu Huifei froze, "More dangerous?"
The master nodded. "Let’s just say that you came from the southwest and you should see the Huangpi Temple in our village, right?"
I will not nod.
Master said, "Yue Bai Mountain is directly opposite the Huangpi Temple."
I had to think about it, but they came from the southeast instead of from the southwest, but then I got lost, and I didn’t know whether it was a ghost wall or how I finally got around to the southwest of the village.
He can see a shadow of the mountain in the southwest, but he can’t see it clearly.
I will not say, "Yue Bai Mountain is right. I know they should be Yue Bai Mountain."
Sir, what do you know about Mount Yue Bai? Can you tell me something about it? I’m going to save people. Don’t be unprofitable. "
Master said, "if the average person, I’m sure I won’t talk about it. I’m afraid I’ll lose my life if I talk about each other’s curiosity. That’s not good."
But you’re different. You’re an important person. You should be fine … "
My master was a little guilty when he said "should"
Obviously, his lordship didn’t mean all this.
After all, more than 100 people in the village were beaten up, and no one was in a bad mood.
I asked "Tell me about it" without disturbing it.
After thinking about it, the master asked, "Do you know what Yue Bai Mountain is?"
I will shake my head.
The master said, "It is said that Wong Tai Sin really visited the Huangpi Temple at the entrance of our village in ancient times. On a full moon night, Wong Tai Sin, who is one meter high and with bridled eyebrows, went to the temple in Yue Bai. At that time, the direction of the moon was just right in the direction of Yue Bai Mountain, and the top of Yue Bai Mountain was named Yue Bai Mountain.
But this is a smell. Today we have not seen Wong Tai Sin. "
Speaking of this master, after drinking saliva and moistening his throat, he gathered in front of everyone with the help of dim candlelight.
The old man’s shriveled body looks like a skeleton covered with human skin.
But Yu Huifei is not afraid. After all, the other party is more afraid of him.
But Xu Qian was scared to hide behind Qinggeltai, and his face went white.
The master said, "If you want to go to Yue Bai Mountain, I have to wake you up. Since the real dragon was launched, Yue Bai Mountain has been the first place to go. No one knows what’s on the surface and what’s the secret. We are curious, but we are not willing to take risks."
Recently, however, there has been a gray dragon breath in the Yue Bai Mountain. If a real dragon hovers in the middle, especially on the fifteenth day of the first month, it is very miraculous that the dragon breath hovers around the moon.
I guess your friends came here for this. "
I will not say, "I don’t know about this."
Just then there was a noise outside.
Then someone shouted "hit them!"