The teeth are ringing. At this time, Shen Aotian is like a grinning wolf, which makes people shudder!

Who knows that Jianghan didn’t even look at him with a backhand and a slap? Just now it was the left face, and this time it was the right face. Shen Aotian’s fingerprints were symmetrical immediately!
After Jianghan, no matter what Shen Aotian’s reaction is, a face is almost stuck together with the latter.
"I’ll ask you one last time, why did you send someone to kill me?"
"You fucking want to die!"
If you don’t move like a mountain of thunder, you have been forbearing Shen Aotian. Finally, you were hit by Jianghan’s two slaps, and your right shoulder shrugged and hit Jianghan’s temple like a mountain!
Three years ago, my husband’s only son, the border wolf, used to be the wolf. This Shen Aotian really has Jianghan’s ability to fight World War I, but today Jianghan is not three years ago, but Jianghan Shen Aotian’s ability still stays three years ago!
Punch before knee!
Shen Aotian’s punch has just started. Jianghan’s feet are already ling!
Before the big leg folded knee festival, it suddenly sank its shoulders, bent its elbows, waist and abdomen, and demonstrated its vitality. Suddenly, it was like black dragon’s tiger returning to the sea, Shen Aotian and Land Rover overlapping behind him and being directly overturned!
First, people and cars touch each other, then suddenly they roll Shen Aotian, and then they are stuck on the Land Rover door and fall down!
The instantaneous impact broke out with a loud noise, and then smoke billowed from the front lawn. The small security guard Qin Qingyu, Shen Qinghe and those people who came out of the coffee shop because of the previous attack, all those people who saw this scene held their breath consciously.
Is it true what I just saw?
People can’t help but flash across such questions!
Human knees overturned the car and heard about it, but they saw it with their own eyes!
At this moment, it seems that the whole world is quiet!
Volume 5 Fei Long Tian Chapter 47 Want your legs!
"Still want to kill people?" Jianghan looked at Shen Aotian, who seemed to have lost his ability to act, and approached step by step.
"Since you haven’t answered me, I’ll take it as your default."
"Since I have admitted that I tried to kill me, should I explain something here?"
Jianghan walked slowly and his voice was not as angry as before.
At this time, Shen Aotian has crawled from the rollover Land Rover with a mouthful of blood, leaning against the Land Rover chassis and sitting half-squatting, staring at the face that is close to Jianghan without saying a word.
"How can I punish you?" Jianghan looks difficult.
"How about this? It’s not hard for me, not to mention that I bully you. How about you want me to die and I will give you a leg? Fair! " Jianghan smiled.
"Ahem ~ play you and then play me to see if you can live through today!"
Shen Ao day a mouth blood flow down the lip Angle again.
Jianghan surprised way ""play? What’s on? "
"No matter how much you pretend, it won’t change the fact that you have to die!" Shen Aotian spat out one mouthful blood again, and the white teeth stained with a layer of blood film became ferocious!
"Jianghan! Don’t! You’re smart! Everything you do now has been planted in your way to bear the consequences, even if you are the captain of the hidden dragon! Jiang Wenxuan can’t keep you and Qin Mufeng can’t keep you. You will die and you will die. You have to pay the price for a terrible thing. Don’t try to escape! "
Shen Aotian ferocious smile.
Yes, I can’t beat him, but what’s the matter with what he just did? No one can protect him. He will definitely die!
"Really?" Jianghan looked at Shen Aotian like a fool.
"Shen Aotian, do you take yourself too seriously?"
"But there is a saying that you are right. Everything you do has to pay a price, just like you sent someone to kill me. Now I want your leg to suffer some losses. I admit it, but you should thank me for my kindness!"
Jianghan smiled and bent down, and there was already a carved cement floor tile in his hand. This is just now that Land Rover rolled over and loosened the parking floor tile. He approached Shen Aotian with a brick!
Just now, my face was full of Jie’s abuse of Shen Aotian’s instantaneous pupil contraction. This king’s egg is crazy!
"Jianghan, how dare you!" Shouted Shen Aotian!
"What’s not!" Jianghan shouted back!
"If you dare to do so! I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s dying! Jiang Wenxuan can’t live, and the sleepy woman in Tongjiao Temple will be buried with you! "
"Really?" Jianghan approached Shen Aotian and his face became extremely gloomy when he said the word wife.
"And you those women will be buried for you one by one! I haven’t forgotten your daughter, Jianghan. You have a daughter. He will die worse than you! " Shen Aotian watched Jianghan approach almost crazily step by step, and his words became more and more insane!
He dare not!
He won’t dare!
But dragons have scales!
"Very good, Shen Aotian. You succeeded in angering me. I promised you one leg just now, but now I want both!"
At this time, Jianghan has been commanding the floor tiles and raised high above his head!
"Jianghan don’t!" Qin light language shouted behind him
Door girl knows what it means to smash this brick.
She doesn’t care whether Shen Aotian is disabled or not, but she cares about Jianghan’s safety. She doesn’t want Jianghan to put herself in danger for a while!
I turned a deaf ear to Qin’s whisper, Jianghan, and the brick slammed.
Qin’s heart was in his throat when a tall figure came from a few meters away and almost blinked to Jianghan’s side. The brick in Jianghan’s hand was about to break the kneecap of Shen Aotian’s left leg and firmly held Jianghan’s wrist!
"Jianghan is enough!"
There seems to be some dissatisfaction with Jianghan in the timbre, which contains the momentum of not being angry and self-defeating.
Jianghan didn’t return to the sidewalk. "You want to stop me, too?"
"If you can’t bear it, you will make great plans. It’s not good for anyone if you do this before you finish tearing your face!"
"I don’t need benefits, so what if I lose both sides? I want them to taste the pain. Why can he touch me and I can’t touch him!"
"Jianghan, you know this is a misunderstanding!" The hand sound of people holding Jianghan already contains anger.
Jianghan sneers!