The one-eyed sword king is the strongest of this kind.

Not only that, although he is a scattered person with generous friends all over the world, there are many titles such as Liu Jue or super power. This big man is in charge of many large oases and super oases.
Similarly, this big boss is also very well-informed and reliable, which is several times stronger than those exaggerated gossip.
Seeing what the great man wants to reveal, many people follow him with curiosity and expectation.
The one-eyed sword king did not live up to the expectations of all. He paused and continued
"According to what I heard, the ambush pavilion has sold most of its business to this stronghold, which is estimated to be selling No.1 middle school."
"sell? Impossible! How can such a super power as the assassination cabinet make a self-destructive action? "
"Maybe it’s a last resort?"
"Who can make him have to kill such a behemoth as Ge?"
"It may not be necessary to kill the pavilion, although it is powerful, but it is worthless compared with the red-violet empire, the great chaotic city and so on."
"Maybe it’s a myth bet. Do you think it’s possible to cut off a part of the myth if it loses the chess game?"
There is a strong guess.
Myth is too far away from them, after all. Even if Liu Jue, who claims to be the strongest myth like the one-eyed sword king, can still look at the back of the myth, he rarely has the opportunity to see it.
The one-eyed sword king shook his head.
He also guessed that he was very curious and stayed in this place.
As time goes by, the workers in the stronghold are even more alarmed, and there seems to be an undercurrent brewing quietly. At the same time, those who are curious about this matter have also brought new news.
"The latest news, the latest news!"
"I’ve been to more than a dozen strongholds in Damian city, and most of them are just like here. The managers left with a cold face and lost a word, but there are still two places that maintain normal operation."
"Well, it’s Baishuangye Street and Lunbao stronghold in Area 6, and those two strongholds have been announced."
""For a special reason, since today, many strongholds in the ambush pavilion have been sold and the remaining strongholds are operating normally. There is no difference between issuing assassination orders and offering rewards for assassinations. "
Hiding the pavilion has changed a lot!
But this did not describe the special reasons in detail, which aroused many people’s inquiry.
There is no shortage of strong people in the field, and some people still have friendship with the top of the assassination cabinet.
"The specific reasons don’t seem to be clear to those high-level officials, but their gold medal killers still have a lot of signs to kill the pavilion. I think I can still believe it."
"I also got a message that this part of the abandoned stronghold was sold to a famous fire chamber of commerce, and there were many middle and low-ranking killers."
This news was also found from the management of the assassination pavilion.
But the Burning Chamber of Commerce? What kind of chamber of commerce is this? I haven’t heard of it
Many people shook their heads at each other’s glances. Some people looked at the well-informed one-eyed sword king, but the red-haired sword king shook his head after thinking hard for a while.
"At least I haven’t heard of any fire-burning superpower in the Broken Sea."
"Can’t be a big oasis forces? Not in "
"But the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires has never heard of the Top 100 Chamber of Commerce for Broken Seas, and the management personnel of each stronghold have been evacuated for three days. I haven’t seen the staff of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires come over to take over, which shows that the strength of the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires is quite limited."
One-eyed Sword King, the occasional guest killer, is eager to have a killer organization that is not inferior to the assassination cabinet. In this way, the two killer platforms compete with each other and the rewards will inevitably drop, which is beneficial to them.
But now let’s see if the Chamber of Commerce can finish it.
It is said that it has taken over most of the strongholds of the assassination pavilion and most of the middle and low-level killers, but now no chamber of commerce has arrived. How can such a small chamber of commerce make the killer organization bigger and stronger?
Not to mention that the management of the assassination pavilion has left and the people of the Chamber of Commerce have not come to this stronghold, which has become more and more chaotic.
The one-eyed sword king saw a stronghold staff carrying a big bag in a hurry and didn’t want to know that it contained some mysterious crystal treasures. He also saw several people dressed in black robes glances and quietly followed.
This scene finds many places in large strongholds.
If it weren’t for the fear of killing the pavilion’s power and the stronghold department, the strong people of all walks of life were afraid that the hall would be hit, but the storm had been quietly brewing.
"I don’t know what method the Chamber of Commerce for Burning Fires uses to cut the meat, but now it seems that it is useless to sell half of the concealed cabinet."
"It’s true that the signboard gold medal killer still hides the pavilion, and even those silver, bronze and iron brand killers will not be able to keep much."
"Without enough size, even if there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it is impossible to occupy and digest a super power and digest a big power."
"Yes, or there are myths just like army of one."
"Gnome male-"speaking of which, I think of a secret mystery, a poisonous myth, Zeng Dawei, who forcibly occupied a big oasis. However, the myth arranged to go out and soon died, and the residual roots could not rule. Finally, the myth gave up on its own. "
Power belongs to oneself, but mass comes from others.
"Want to swallow me and kill the pavilion!"
The luxurious attic was decorated with light shining on the carpet, and at the end of the carpet was covered with a blue coat. The deputy cabinet owner was sitting in a large chair and sneered at the news of coming back from all over the world.