"It’s an adult. My adult didn’t send several messengers to inform the major forces of the alliance that Starkey’s adult returned to Heyang City two days ago, together with Tubel, Ziyi’s adult and Starkey’s adult family, including the girl who came from the boundary …"

The believer was meticulous in telling the story according to the side of the ship, and invited everyone with the side of the ship. After a week, Qihe Yangcheng also said that Wang Fangyuan was shocked and waved, and the believer went straight away.
"Hum, I will be so kind to inform myself that I am even uneasy. It seems that I have to wait for my information to come back." Looking at the believer’s departure, I was still surprised. Wang Fangyuan’s face was calm again and a strange smile was revealed.
Wang Fangyuan is a wise man who never looks at things from the surface. From the perspective of the growth of Xingqi, Xingqi is definitely a wise man. He will put the family with the greatest weakness in front of everyone, unless his brain practices and lakes are painted. On the other hand, there must be a reason for this. Wang Fangyuan is sure in his heart.
"Oh, Xingqi has returned to Heyangcheng. We know that you can go back to your home and report to your adult." Gao Damentang was sentenced to a high chair and nodded to the believer with a half-squinting smile and greeted him to leave.
"Ha-ha, this ship’s side is really not well-intentioned. I don’t want to provoke Xingqi. I want to instigate others to stain it. I also want a number. The ship’s side of Qihe Yangcheng is really the leader." When the believers leave, they sneer at it repeatedly.
"Ha ha or punishment brother wisdom is really eye-catching at a glance to see through the plan of adults" A series of laughter from the patio out of a gray-headed middle-aged man is Yete Dou Zun.
After several years, the old man’s face, Yete Dou Zun, has become more youthful, and his appearance has changed. It is said that Yete’s strength has made great progress in the past few years, and then he changed his name from’ adult’ to’ punishment brother’. It is very good to know that Yete even entered the ranks of Dou Emperor.
"Ha ha, Yette’s brother praised me. If Yette’s brother hadn’t sent me more accurate information first, I’m a clown. Although I know that I’m uneasy and kind, it’s hard to see through this insidious calculation." For Yette’s praise punishment, I laughed and replied.
"By the way, when it comes to calculating Yette, I’m a little puzzled. I want to ask Brother Xing Qi for advice. Although the strength may be greatly increased, it may also reach the emperor level. But after the ship is finished, Xing Qi’s parents can make Xing Qi hand over the artifact class. But how can this ship be so scrupulous? Is it a scruple? "
"Ha ha, yeah, bro, you mean I’m white. As you said, although we bucket emperors are strong, we usually say that we are not ashamed to do some flow means, but it also depends on the situation. Although bucket emperors are lofty and love others, they are also valuable. It depends on whether it is worth it.
For example, the artifacts and achievement methods captured by Xingqi are definitely worth tearing up this imaginary face and putting the noble status of the emperor-level strong to Xingqi’s relatives. "Punishment is weird. I saw Yette’s face with a strange smile and was very cheeky."
"Ha ha bro abrupt punishment brother a lot" by the punishment to see a little guilty quickly replied.
"brusque, bro, it’s not brusque. Everyone is rational. It’s tacit. You don’t say it at ordinary times. It’s just that bro doesn’t understand. Of course, he doesn’t understand it.
Hey, hey, bro, I’m afraid I haven’t really been out of the hilly continent. Hehe, don’t worry. I mean, I don’t mean to point out the hilly continent, but bro, you haven’t been to another continent, so you haven’t heard of it. Go ahead. "
"There is a different continent. Tell me about the hilly continent. It was not a natural continent, but a peerless strong one who made the continent. The strong one who made the continent was a race. That is to say, the Phoenix clan …"
The criminal words of "Phoenix clan" made Yette’s eyes very bright and shocked. What kind of strength does it need to create a hilly continent like this? Moreover, this continent is a race of Phoenix clan.
"The stars and the phoenix family!" With a strange smile, Yette suddenly realized that she had followed Xingqi back to more than a dozen Phoenix. "This Xingqi actually followed the Phoenix. Is this why Xingqi took his family out of the mountain without fear of others?"
【 Chapter 614 WenDong (2) 】
The return of Xingqi gave the hilly mainland a great shock, far exceeding Xingqi’s imagination. Heyang City was still bustling for several weeks, and there were groups of strong people flowing from the empire to everywhere. They went to Heyang City to pay their respects to Xingqi, a strange human figure.
"Xingqi is back." Sean opened his eyes and glanced at the mountain private discussion, but his eyes were eager for the direction of Heyangcheng.
"Xingqi is back, so the fourth and fifth official scriptures should appear, which is a big step closer to the opening of the five official offices." I am very interested in Xingqi, a mainland genius who is also famous for himself, but Sean is more interested in the upcoming five official offices.
When Xingqi came back, the road flyover was killed by blood, and he soon knew that it was in the ears of Xueyang. "Haha, Xingqi, this dead guy finally appeared and made me wait for a long time … This time, the five houses must be really opened. Feiyang, you can wait for the master to enter the five houses and get your medicine soon."
It’s been more than half a year since the blood in the Yin Mountain and the blood in the Palace walked out of his yard and his eyes looked at the river and Yang City where Xingqi was located. His face was full of smiles. The injury of swallow and swallow Yang has been delayed for another half a year.
Although there is a magnetic field to protect Yan Feiyang, Yan Feiyang’s soul is seriously injured, and it will be serious after one day’s delay. It will be even more difficult to determine that the people who are most anxious when the five houses are not opened are not Yi Shipang, Li, Wang Fangyuan and others, but urgently need to go to the secret house to die for blood Yang.
Hoo hoo! A bare rock forest, a bucket emperor-level strong man, leaped over the rock forest rapidly, but scanned the surrounding environment from time to time. After repeatedly confirming the people around him, he suddenly turned into a deep ditch of oblique rock and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
"Visit two adults! According to the latest information, it has been confirmed that Adult Ying is still in good health and has not lived with Adult Xing Qi. However, according to investigators, Heyang City is now heavily guarded and Luohe Villa is a master. Agent Yun is not close to Luohe Villa. It is unknown whether Adult Ying has recovered. "
Deep rock caves braved Xu Xu’s ice chill, and Zeng Yingzun didn’t have the first brother, Samsung bucket emperor Ervella bowed to the Victoria terrace rock, while two gorgeous women sat on the terrace rock. The ice chill just overflowed from the two women.
Sitting on two gorgeous women is exactly what Conan Tianhe and the overseas strong people have been looking for for for a long time. Xu Yin cream and ice autumn rain are still sitting next to the two women. A few veiled women have left the shadow statue of Menvella, who has disappeared for many years and reappeared to take refuge in Xu Yin cream and ice autumn rain.
"Well, it’s very good, Vera. This time, you have the honor to remember your honor and promised to give you the streamer swordsmanship. I’ll give it to you later, and then you can take care of your errand. Even the layered swordsmanship formula can be given to you."
Glanced at respectfully Vera ice autumn rain sink a way
Bing Qiuyu was extremely satisfied with Vera’s handling affairs and attitude. After the injury in Niuyangshan War, Bing Qiuyu and Xu Yinshuang felt that they had no eyes and ears, and they were thirsty for teachers when they met Vera.
My eyes lit up when I heard the ice autumn rain and the streamer sword tactic, and my face showed great joy. For the ice autumn rain and Xu Yinshuang, the two masters from the white door, the streamer sword technique can be practiced to the divine level, which is the skill of reading at random by the sects at ordinary times, but it is a treasure to Vera.
"Well, Vera, after you have the achievement method, you will continue to go to Heyang City to stare at the intelligence. You don’t need to come back and report it yourself. We will remember your credit for doing this well for us. The time sword tactic will be set for you.
Of course, if you can make the Star Wonder Phoenix clan more specific, we still have another reward-Shen Dan artifact. We don’t have it, but we have a lot of methods, and one more set of methods will lead to one more path of practice, as you know. "
Xu Yinshuang suddenly remembered the boundary when she was about to take Vera’s branch, but she emphasized that she could not offend the Phoenix clan, so that it was best for the Phoenix clan to coexist peacefully. Although she did not say that she was dead, she still hinted that the Phoenix clan had a background.
Xu Yinshuang thought about this. Xu Yinshuang was just happy again, but Xingqi’s appearance this time was pulled with the Phoenix clan, which made Xu Yinshuang not correct Zou’s eyebrow. The Phoenix clan is a troublesome race.
As soon as Vera left Bing Qiuyu, she said coldly, "Sister Xing Qi must be killed, or else a long time will really ruin the loop. Killing Sister Xing Qi while Sister Ying is still innocent can save the second sister."
From Xu Yinshuang’s attitude, Bing Qiuyu has seen that Ying Ying is not finished after her own waste of work. Obviously, the senior teacher elder sister still misses her. Of course, Bing Qiuyu is not mainly trying to please Ying Qiu, but comes from Erwei and knows that Ying Ying is very happy. Bing Qiuyu is jealous in her heart.
The words of ice and autumn rain were very effective, which aroused Xu Yin’s anger as soon as Zou frowned. Xu Yin’s face was gloomy as soon as Xu Yin’s frost was smashed, which made Xu Yin’s frost very angry. Niu Yangshan’s self-repairing gave Xu Yin’s frost a great touch.
I’m too stubborn. My mother is as addicted to love as she was in the past. I’m completely lost. I think it’s no good for my master to suppress me and let me jump out of my emotional circle. Then there will be killing. Killing Xingqi, the biggest bane, will cure me.
However, Ying Ying’s strength makes Xu Yin Frost hesitate, even if she really wants to kill Xing Qi, she can’t be too direct. She has to wait. Can Xu Yin Frost be persistent and cause great disaster?
However, the growth speed of Xingqi made the guide Xu Yin lose heart, which made it impossible to slow down.
"Yeah, well, to save pool, you must kill Xingqi and kill before the five houses open."
Thinking of Xingqi’s coming out this time and following the Phoenix clan, Xingqi’s growth and development are more and more beyond his expectation, and Xu Yinshuang finally made the final decision.
"Well, the teacher elder sister agreed, so the man asked for it that day, and he agreed. With the help of the man, I believe that killing Xingqi is successful without ninety percent." Xu Yin cream decided to let the eyes of the autumn rain suddenly burst out of the ice and cold.
"Can respond to him, his conditions in general, we all agree that in addition to helping him get rid of that person, he will also help us to meet the stars, and we will unilaterally form an offensive and defensive alliance and cloudy days. We don’t want it.
But he has to get us three less six Dan and a batch of five Dan. I’m a star-studded emperor and your three-star statue. The strength is still too weak to deal with Xingqi. Our strength needs to be greatly improved in the near future. "Xu Yin frost said coldly.
Conan Tian, a mountain in Qiheng Empire, holds a flying pigeon in his hand. Zhang Xian’s face is extremely gloomy. After reading the letter, Conan Tian’s eyes are tight with one hand, but he gently leans up on the desktop, drumming and ringing, and everyone’s heart is particularly depressed for several elders fighting the emperor in the hall.
Kejia has been badly hurt since the headquarters was taken away by the Emperor. The elder Keqi was also half-crippled, and Conan, who was out of phase with the Five Classics, was extremely decisive in making the Kejia part transfer to the underground organization.
Tianfeng Mountain, a mountain more than 300 miles away from the emperor, has now become the headquarters of Kejia. It was yesterday that Ke Nantian personally sat in Xingqi, but Ke Nantian received the information the next day and transferred it to Kejia. It is faster than the past.
Today is April 9, and Conan Tian finally got the most accurate information about the return of Star Qi. This time, Star Qi not only brought back two iron brothers, Tubel and Ziyi, but also brought back his parents, Ina and Deme. Although there was no Zhang, Star Qi came back with a strong attitude.
After hiding for so many years, Xingqi actually exposed his parents naked, and everyone would increase their strength from every hidden practice to sudden appearance. Although this time Xingqi was hidden soon, its strength would surely increase a lot.