This Su Yu can’t stay!

129 Chapter 129 White Senior Secret Method
"I also want to kill me! ?”
Su Yu’s eyes burst into a fine mans with a true imperial sword in his hand.
His voice fell, his sword flashed, and he repelled a senior honour person!
This, this is impossible!
Su Yu has become a top saint, so it is impossible to repel the venerable one!
Venerable people are ants!
Say not only that the venerable sir is powerful, but also state the distance between the two forces!
However, such a strong fighting force law was actually broken by Su Yu!
"How can a top saint attack me!" Blood clan honour person also eyes show shock color.
Su Yu is not a venerable person but a top saint!
In the past, he killed the sacred land, but today he can’t stand a top sage Terran who has just reached the top!
Such an absurd thing is a fable!
"Do you know what are the two most fundamental source forces in the world? I can kneel before the source even if you are an honorable person!"
Su Yu sneered that his words made the foreign venerable people change their faces in succession.
The origin of the blood clan goes back to ancient times, and they all know something about Mi Xin.
Endowment and deprivation of two sources are the most original and pure source killing tactics.
The level of this source is useless in front of the comprehender!
Su Yu and Su Yu turned out to be such mysterious source comprehenders!
They know it too late!
If I had known him earlier, I would never have let Su Yu grow to the top saint!
At this time, the blood clan venerable person regretted that he had not destroyed the Yanhuang Empire earlier, but tortured the Terran in the most cruel way.
But everything can’t come
"Honour person don’t insult I want you to pay the price! You still don’t start work! "
Blood clan honour person calling on him, his voice fell and the other four honour persons made moves at the same time.
Has responded to the fox nine and other venerable persons, showing a democratic and bloody figure and blinking in front of the aliens!
The blood clan venerable person’s posture is different, and he almost let this group of aliens succeed before he found out!
Nowadays, this group of aliens want to sneak attack again. When they are a few necromancers, they can’t be decorated!
Fox nine shaking Kyubi no Youko a pair of eyes flashing talent to meet the blood clan honour person!
The bull shows the golden body of the orc, and his face is ferocious to meet another lion honour person.
Xuanye, Magic Xiu and Authos each chose a venerable person to meet them!
"If you want to kill Su Yu, you should also ask if you have passed us first!"
Five venerable men, such as Fox Nine, shouted at the same time, saying that ten venerable men had been torn to another place to fight!
Who let the human plane and many of their descendants fight the Terran!
The venerable ones’ fighting gave Su Yu a breathing space, and Su Yu quickly put away her spiritual strength and consolidated her self-cultivation.
Well, although it was a forced breakthrough this time, the breakthrough can only be carried out smoothly because of the solid foundation of Su Yu, the source and the owner of the human world
In particular, Su Yu just played against the blood clan honour person at the moment to let him know something about his own strength.
After all, top saints and venerable persons are difficult to cross the gap.
Su Yu’s summit of the top sage is still a long way off, but he still has a fighting capacity.
After mastering the source of deprivation at a deeper level, Su Yu will not lose even if he won’t win!
"Emperor, are you all right?"
The terrans who protect the outside world are the strength of the sacred land, and they have no ability to fight with the venerable one.
What makes people even more shocked is that their own emperor is powerful!
They saw with their own eyes that the emperor changed hands to repel a blood clan venerable soon after he reached the top of the top saint!
This, this is a miracle!
Throughout Xinghai, no one can beat off the venerable one like this!
"I’m fine"
Su Yu’s voice fell to his ears and a familiar sound came, "Brother Yu, you are ill."
This sound makes Su Yu’s face light up.
Su Yu sat cross-legged and waved his hand at the dharma protector. He closed his eyes and unified the system, so he heard and saw the voice communication received by the unified party.
"Senior Bai, you can facilitate my communication. I have something important to ask."
Su Yu sent the communication in the past. Soon after, he received a voice communication from Bai’s predecessor. "I have roughly figured it out because of the current situation in the human world, but I didn’t expect this coincidence to break out."
"The shortcut to practice is to learn the initial achievement method, which has already decided everything. I can modify the basic volume of the True Emperor’s Treasure Volume for you, so that your current problems can be solved and you can rest assured that even low-level fighters can be quick and worry about the future."
Not long after Bai’s voice fell, a special scroll system helped to get Lord Su Yu’s backpack.
In the first place, it was written in plain English.
"I have risen from the abyss, worshiping the immortal way, tasting the divine way, and adopting hundreds of parents to learn martial arts. My younger brother has learned something about martial arts all the way, and it is indispensable to cultivate wisdom, body and soul. There is a secret method, which can re-practice wisdom, reshape solids, and refine the soul. The martial arts can make rapid progress and stabilize the foundation. Great things can be achieved."
After that, it is the important law of the secret law.
"Fortunately! Senior Bai is really my benefactor’s brilliant plan! The true emperor’s treasure scroll is known as the first martial art, and the white predecessors can actually repair the basic scroll. It is really unpredictable! "
Su Yu got the secret method and looked it up, and her voice was even more excited. Senior Bai was really a strong man, and he could also make improvements in this dance technique.
After marveling, Su Yu did not delay. He hurried to use personal expedition to kill this alien army several times in the future!
The safety of the human world has been lifted for the time being. Su Yu quickly took out the secret method to let a Terran come to implement an effect.
Sure enough, the lower fighters have made rapid progress and have no future trouble!
"It’s amazing that the emperor is so wonderful!"
Wang Chuanyi said excitedly, "I’m going to arrange for my Yanhuang Yierlang to learn this secret method!"
Wang Chuanyi voice down quickly leave.
After two months, the number of Chinese low-level fighters has broken through to the sacred land strength.
Some people with better talents are climbing to the top sacred land!
Su Yu stared at the army in front of him. "Yi Erlang has become an army! The enemy will fail! Danger in the human world will be solved! But it seems that the situation outside the country is not good. I hope that Bai’s predecessors can survive this robbery safely. "
13 Chapter 13 God Terran Rebellion!
After three years of siege, the terran and alien wars finally broke out.
The Red Dress Society and the Dragon and Phoenix Alliance, the two transcendental forces of different nationalities, have made a total attack!
Human world