You know, there is such a saying in both the ordinary people and the army.

"In the late Jin Dynasty, you can fight ten soldiers on the battlefield …"
Even ten soldiers can handle it with ease, and even worse, these soldiers and crabs will …
Think of these Wang Feng face can’t help but become dignified to behind the gunner decisive ordered.
"Brothers are tartars. Be careful. Arrange pike array to deal with him …"
Two rows of 16 pike pike array is thin, but the thought of pike array just showed strong fighting capacity after Wang Feng dignified facial expression or relieve a lot.
On the side of the gunner, his face was murderous and he ordered, "Brothers, don’t be afraid of success or failure. Listen to me. Keep in formation and move forward step by step. Kill all the Tatars …"
"Kill …"
After a murderous binge drinking from Wang Feng mouth.
Wang Feng’s influence on the fifteen long gunmen gradually disappeared, and Wang Feng, who had just panicked and gripped the pike in his hand, led the three Tatars step by step.
Chapter 11 Unexpected results
Seeing that people who have always been weak dare to take the initiative to attack themselves, they feel a sense of humiliation that they have never felt before.
Yes, it’s a sense of humiliation. His memory has always been that Jin attacked the DPRK, and he has never seen the DPRK dare to take the initiative.
A full face of shame and indignation, he also rushed at the pike array regardless of how the two archers around him wanted to raise their broadswords.
Seeing that he had rushed to his own teeth, Wang Feng clenched his pike and his hands were even tighter
Aim at the Tatar, swing your teeth, rush to your position, stand up and stab the pike forward with a jerk.
At the same time, a roar of strength also came from Wang Feng’s mouth.
"The first row of gunmen aimed at the target horse to stab … kill …"
"Kill …" Seven gunmen around Wang Feng gave a binge drinking at the same time and quickly sent a dense cold light pike to the Dalai Lama’s hand.
The most intrepid warrior in the late Jin Dynasty can definitely use the word "tough" to show his fighting capacity.
A broadsword with a weight of tens of pounds was danced out of his hand like a toy, and a tight defense line was formed in front of him.
In a blink of an eye, he stabbed himself in front of a four-pole pike and was blocked by his broadsword.
However, his luck ended here, and the remaining four spears still stabbed him like the wind.
Although wearing two layers of armor, Tartars still can’t stop the spear force from stabbing.
The crisp metal hit and the iron spear head of four long guns quickly hit the armor of the Tatar body, and then the trend continued to pierce the Tatar body, and the Tatar swung his teeth and stabbed four blood holes.
"This … how is it possible …"
A face of stunned looking at the four-pole pike that has been stabbed into the body, the face is shocked or shocked.
Not only that, at this moment, he finally understood why he sent a warrior to be destroyed in just one column of incense.
It turns out that these Koreans are not ordinary bandits and troops, but a well-trained elite.
After falling to the ground with a full face of unwillingness and despair, this crooked face directly showed a pair of eyes that died unsatisfied.
Wang Feng in Athens inserted into each other’s chest pike pulled out without extra trouble and brought out a lot of blood, and he was excited and excited. He followed closely and continued to order.
"The first platoon leader gunman quickly closed his gun and retreated …"
"The second row forward two steps forward sudden assassination …"
Stabbed three late Jin Tatars again, and there was another late Jin who was excited after swinging his teeth. A dozen long-sought-after people conveniently stabbed three wounded Tatars together in the compound.
Soon, in addition to the thick smell of blood spreading rapidly, there was no living Tatar in the large courtyard.
Weizheng walked into the compound and saw that the ground was still very satisfied with the blood after several bodies of Tatars.
Wang Feng, still immersed in unprecedented excitement at the moment, excitedly ordered, "Mr. Wang, your horse will arrange a person to inform Mr. Zhao that the battle is over and let him bring people to the compound …"
"There are three long gunmen left to search the whole compound and protect the important grain warehouses. By the way, see if there are any survivors in the yard."
Wang Feng, who was in charge of searching after Zhaoyun entered the compound with the follow-up troops and a full face of incredible, was also excited and rushed over from the backyard.
Before he went to Wei Zheng, he shouted with excitement, "We have made a fortune, and there is a lot of food in the backyard."
The purpose of sending troops before risking their lives is for food. When Wang Feng reported that the defender’s face was quickly covered by excitement.
Answered to Wang Feng, "Zhao Dage is here. Let’s go to see the food first and see how much we have gained from our hard work."
When Wei Zheng Wang Feng led him into Dalai to hoard grain granaries, he was also shocked by the scene before him.
Maybe the Dalai Lama hasn’t sent his hard-earned grain collected from all over the country back to the barracks to hoard it, which is almost the amount of all the people and landlords and gentry in the surrounding dozens of miles.
Packets of grain are neatly stacked, and there is no end in sight in the granary.
Zhao Yun, the oldest and most experienced person around Weizheng, sighed, "It seems that we have come to the right place when we are in charge. It is estimated that this granary has accumulated less than 100,000 kilograms of grain. If it can be transported back to our stronghold, it will be no problem to eat for a year and a half." From now on, we don’t need food to worry about any more. "
At this moment, with a smile on his face, Wang Feng once again said, "Is this the first harvest we have today? Is there a more enviable harvest behind it?"
"Glared at Wang Feng defender’s face, he also showed an eager smile." It seems that Mr. Wang has ambushed us, so why don’t you take us there? "
When the three men continued to walk to the backyard, a horse suddenly screamed to Weizheng’s ear.
Wei Zheng’s eyes lit up and asked Wang Feng excitedly, "Mr. Wang, wouldn’t you say it’s a tartar horse?"
Wang Feng nodded and answered, "The master is not only a war horse, but also a weapon … We found a total of 24 Dalai war horses and 6 crossbows dedicated to pulling goods in our backyard."
"In terms of weapons, three sets of armor and three sets of leather armor were found. In addition, there were broadswords, 26 long guns, 52 long bows and 500 sub-arrows. The Tatars snatched weapons from the original army in Mushroom Valley."
"Plus, we can also get armor and weapons from the Tatars. Just seizing these weapons and equipment is enough for us to arm another 100 bandits …"
"In addition, we also found more than 1,500 pieces of silver, two pieces of gold and two hundred and twenty pieces of gold and silver jewelry in the Tatar barracks."
The more I saw it, the more excited I became. Wang Feng Wei Zheng replied with a look of nai. "Mr. Wang, your idea is good, but it is realized. Don’t forget that even if we have these weapons, no one will equip them …"
At this moment, Wang Feng’s face suddenly showed a mysterious smile and replied to the two men, "Who said no, I want to say that it is our last harvest tonight."
"When we entered the last compound, we suddenly heard that someone had met Tatar, and when we entered, we found that more than 250 young and middle-aged people were arrested from all over the country."
"Not surprisingly, after the war, these young and middle-aged people will be brought back to Houjin by the Tatars and made slaves for them."
"So many …" Wei Zheng consciousness issued an exclamation.
Looking eagerly at Wang Feng, he asked, "Mr. Wang, there are so many people. Are you sure they will all join us? After all, we are bandits. Once we join us, even the big country will be attacked by the big army."
Wang Feng corners of the mouth suddenly flashed a sneer at Weizheng with a murderous look and said, "If they don’t want to join us, we can kill them if they don’t let our news get out. They have a choice to join us …"
"Kill them …" Weizheng eyebrows a twist said to himself.
Wang Feng replied naturally, "Now is not the time to pay attention to women’s kindness. If we don’t kill them, these people will disclose our news to Houjin Dalai after we leave, and then our shanzhai will face more and more tartars …"
"After the shanzhai brothers Ann must kill those who don’t want to leave with us …"
Although Wei Zheng has accepted his identity as a bandit, let a person with later thoughts raise a butcher’s knife and cut it at a group of ordinary people who have no chicken power. Wei Zheng thinks he can’t do it.
Not only can I not do it myself, but I will not allow my department to do so.
Out of the understanding of history, Wei Zheng is sure that once he allows and indulges his own department to do so.
With this experience for the first time, there will be a second time …