Maybe it will.

When people see a dying insect struggling, they may choose to help it out-this person probably has no good intentions and doesn’t think about the pain of life and death. He is likely to forget this act immediately after finishing it … but in any case, it can be regarded as a kind of "pity" from the perspective of insects
"I’m here" Kelan stepped forward and stretched out his hand to hold Mo Jue’s shoulder.
He was not worried that Mo Jue would attack himself. The sense of crisis in his subconscious did not appear.
Although Mo Jue lost all her senses, she could still perceive that someone was holding her shoulder. Her face showed a little relief and her lips wriggled gently.
She was speechless and Koran didn’t read her mouth … but Koran knew what she wanted to say to herself.
"I know" Kelan nodded and pulled out the waist pistol to put the gun on MoLiTou.
"Good night and sweet dreams," Koran said silently and pulled the trigger.
Suddenly, the gun was silent, and a fist-sized blood hole appeared in the bridge. After Mo Jue’s brain, she fell back flat and lost her life. Her body suddenly exploded into a blood fog and then quickly evaporated.
"Didn’t even leave the body …" Thirty-three murmured, "It’s all right … less clean."
"She finally gave up that power by herself … her obsession was different from his erosion. She wanted to embrace the death place in a human gesture and finally return to its original state." Zeluo said with a straight face. "She got it."
"Does the human posture embrace death?" Thirty-three caught a glimpse of three girls in some surprise. "Where did you learn rhetoric from? It sounds … quite tragic. "
"No, it’s me. She read it before her last consciousness died," Zello replied.
"…" Thirty-three vigorously rubbed his nose to suppress some kind of sour feeling. "If I have this day, I hope you can also help me with this little favor."
"Your mood swings are obvious." Zeluo looked at 33 with some doubts. "I can feel the sadness in your mood."
"Er … do you see it or do you have that … special ability?" Thirty-three rubbed his face and raised his wrist to look at his expression through the mirror of his watch.
There is no red facial features in his eyes, and there is no obvious change. I don’t know what it is. Looking at his face, I always feel depressed.
He tried to smile, only to find that it was worse than crying.
"I can feel human emotions in a certain range," Zeluo said. "Although there are many conditions to directly read human thoughts, it is easy to feel emotional changes."
After hearing this from Zeluo, thirty-three consciousness retreated a few steps and pulled a distance with the three girls. "To tell the truth, this ability makes me feel … a little uncomfortable. Don’t look at me like this. Although I have experienced a lot of life and death, it doesn’t mean that I am a stone-hearted person."
"Because Mo Jue is of your kind, did her death trigger your empathy and make you sad?" Zeluo asked, "I’m sorry I may be a little blunt, but I’ve always been interested in human emotional changes … I think if I can thoroughly understand the mystery, maybe I can become just like human beings."
"You can’t say that … I don’t know how to answer your question, but I always feel that what you just said is not quite right." Thirty-three scratched his head. "Have you never felt this way before?"
Zeluo nodded and then shook his head. "I don’t know … but just when Kelan killed Mo Jue, I had an impulse to stop him."
"But," Zeluo went on to say, "I know this impulse is wrong and it is not so strong that it soon disappears."
"It says that you are becoming more and more like a person … in all kinds of meanings." Said Koran, coming towards the two men.
"What’s the situation now?" Thirty-three changed a topic and asked
"It’s very bad that at least Genoa can’t be repaired." Kelan showed a wry smile. "Even if the vines that came to repair the hull were not burned by the energy shield, a warship that lost AI would be no different from a big lump of scrap iron for us."
"That’s bad enough … it shouldn’t be said that it’s terrible." Thirty-three shrugged. "Without warships, your original crazy plan would have no chance to be implemented-"
In the middle of thirty-three, I suddenly stopped. "We have another warship later!"
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-three Tracking erosion skeleton
"Our time is still very urgent." Kelan nodded at 33. "Now the probability of’ Shaojiang Reform’ and the Forest General Assembly should have been restored."
"I feel like we are being led by the nose by this forest … this feeling is too uncomfortable." Thirty-three frowned. "We will always be one step behind it."