In the fierce flame, an outstretched arm crashed, each arm holding three bells, bows and arrows, swords, ropes, cobalt hooks and so on.

A head sticks out and there are angry faces on all sides.
As soon as he appeared, he suddenly rushed at Puguang and called him like a weapon in his hand.
Puguang knew that he wanted a quick victory.
Immediately, ten rounds of incantations were hidden in the mouth, prompting Prajnaparamita treasure building to be surrounded by the blossoming lotus treasure building.
Every time the solar fire instrument calls, a lotus flower flies out to block the attack.
When the lotus dissipates, the fire attack is also offset.
And Puguang also happens to take this opportunity to make a defensive posture.
The Buddha mantra in the mouth keeps chanting and blessing the Prajna treasure house, and even the ten drums in the hand can’t be moved.
Stand LingQing looked at PuGuang line heart secretly nodded his head.
When they attacked the city, Shi Fan immediately asked Abe Chong if he wanted to stop the competition and let them sometimes go back to resist the invasion.
"We are guests, but we can also help your country resist aggression if necessary."
Abe Chongwen smiled and laughed. "It doesn’t matter that we are safe in Beijing but one of the strongest cities in the world."
It’s not a place where anyone can be presumptuous.
Regardless of him, let’s continue to communicate. "
Zhang Hongren looked back at the rear view stand, where the Emperor lived.
"Don’t need to guard the emperor from? The defense here should be better than that in Beijing. "
Abe Chong’s pupil shrank slightly and smiled unchanged. "No guards around the Emperor’s position are not lost to Ping An Jing."
Besides, it is not good to sweep the emperor’s interest because of these little things. "
Zhang Hongren nodded and said flatly, "Yes!"
It is this insipid tone that makes Abe Chong wonder what he means by this sentence.
Do you agree with the strong guards around the emperor? Or some regret is too strong?
Or don’t believe it?
Before he wanted to release Brahma, he smiled gently. "Since Abe’s adult has confidence, let’s continue to look at the young players."
The vast Ganges River is full of Buddhism, and it’s hard for me to get a glimpse of it all my life.
You and I see from different angles, and this cognition is naturally different, as far as Yan Puguang and Xiao Wang are concerned.
What Puguang has repaired is the method of storing earth and the method of participating in sunlight and fire. Although the starting point is different, they are all Buddhist … "
A long speech can’t help but dispel the strangeness in Abe Chong’s heart and attract the attention of the famous spring monk to discuss with him.
Zhang Hongren and Ling Qing have also extended their mouths from Buddhism to Taoism.
On the Road of Practice from the Perspective of the Changes of the Laws of Everything in the World
Chapter one hundred and ninety The arrival of orochimaru
This is not only the explanation of Buddhism by Buddhism and Buddhism by Buddhism, but also the confirmation of their own practice through the great battle between Fang and Ming Quan.
Unconsciously, the attention of both sides has been placed on the party battle and the current discussion.
Even when the emperor was around, there were more than a hundred immortals, and there was no interest in them.
Of course, even if Ling Qing devoted himself to the theory of Taoism, he also had two places at once to note his direction.
I saw warriors, swordsmen, yin and yang teachers, monks and gods in this group.