"The practice in front of us is not because of the hard practice before we can enjoy life happily today, isn’t it? Whenever I have some opportunities for four senses, I will bite my bullet and fight, but this is not without it. "

Sword Academy dude wavered.
Do you want to stop high skin for a few days? Just a few days.
"By the way, where’s Mei Disha’s senior?"
He wanted to call his junior Mei Tisha younger than the three of them because he changed his mind when he thought of Mei Tisha’s current strength and status.
When I heard his words, I was lying on the side and applying a mask. The elite of Rose Academy said, "Senior sister went out to practice. You know that senior sister is different from us. She is not only the dean of the four senses, but also said that senior sister has a great chance to set foot on the throne of the six senses. Of course, she must practice hard."
"Ah, I envy you."
"I envy you, too."
"Who isn’t?"
Rose elite said suddenly remembered something like, "By the way, didn’t senior Mei Tisha leave us some special mobile phones? It’s called … It’s called that the mobile phone can pick up some blue stars from the surface, and it’s said that it’s well paid and can be exchanged for many treasures that we can’t get in Sword Flower City?"
That’s right. So the three of them didn’t care much before.
They are all flat people, and they don’t practice. What’s worse, they work for Blue Star?
They are the elite of sword flower city, representing the facade of sword flower, which is even more impossible to work.
Absolutely impossible!
"But Sister Medisha seems to have taken orders face to face?"
"Er … senior, there must be something she means to investigate the level of blue star. Yes, it must be so. Senior Mei Tisha is too serious. Why don’t we?"
Warsong elites shake their heads and sigh.
The elite of Sword Academy is the strongest among the three, and has left some ideas to be praised as "the future flower of sword flower". It seems that Mei Tisha is a blue star who has become more extraordinary. I thought of it here and looked for it and finally turned out the phone that was thrown in the corner.
He took out the charging link, plugged the mobile phone into the socket, and waited for a long time to press the button.
Soon a somewhat monotonous mobile phone interface appeared in front of him.
There are two apps.
One is to receive
One is the buyer.
It’s extremely gray. It rings at 1: 30 …
Seeing that he has been staring at the mobile phone for a long time, the battle song elite and the rose elite are both a little strange.
"What’s wrong with you, senior ash?"
"Take a look at the mobile phone!"
"Oh oh you shout what roar …"
The two men plugged in their mobile phones and tossed for half a ring. The office fell into a strange silence.
Or the mouth of the rose elite.
"Is it true that the exchange of the extremely gray senior is true?"
"It should be true. You forgot that senior Mei Tisha gave us a few bottles of medicine some time ago, probably from the face."
Very gray paused. "Most of the things on this side are not unusual. Some of them are precious. We have no channel to buy them or swordflowers are not qualified to buy them, but Bluestar seems to have a chance?"