At the same time, all the excellent graduation theses of Grade Five must go through his hands and be re-examined by him before they can take effect. He also has to’ hand in’ some key theses for Zhang Yi to decide!

Chapter one hundred and forty-one Flash war broke out.
It’s already one o’clock in the morning in the middle of the night, and Xu Huaijin is still at his desk.
Xu Huaijin couldn’t help shouting at the excitement.
Aside from the adjutant of the chief of staff, Qiu Long took a surprised look at the chief of staff. At ordinary times, the chief of staff is not so excited that he has lost his manners. What kind of good things have happened?
Outside the office, I was ready to go home after dealing with justice. Duan Qirui came in and was surprised and asked, "What happened to the chief? You are so excited, but Taishan collapsed in front of you and didn’t change your color?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Zhi Quan, haven’t you left yet? I think you’ve been busy and gone back first. "
Duan Qirui laughed. "Chief, there are so many things to backlog these days. How is it possible that I’d like to go home early? I have realized the difficulty of your chief. I’m a little busy when I’m busy with the army alone, but you are also supervising the armament school. Alas, I really can’t compare with this’ fine’ force."
Xu Huaijin laughed. "I don’t want to be so tired, but there are some things that you can’t let go if you want to. Alas, I am a natural hard worker …"
Duan Qirui asked with a smile, "Don’t talk about it. What makes you so happy to tell me!"
Duan Qirui handed a few pages to Duan Qirui and said, "Let’s take a look at Zhiquan. The Chinese Revolutionary Army is going to produce earth-shattering talents again! When this gentleman comes out, he is afraid that the heroes will be easy to change, talents and talents! "
Duan Qirui took the paper over to meet, and the first line was written in slightly larger handwriting: Study on the Principle of Blitzkrieg in the New Weapon Age!
Duan Qirui was shocked and watched carefully. "Since the Western Gas Revolution 40 years ago, the world has changed with each passing day, which is overwhelming. The advent of great physics research science has also brought great changes to the development of weapons in the future war. The emergence of explosive drugs has directly promoted the power of weapons to rise sharply, while the emergence of special metals will prompt firearms to buy a new level; In the future, when automobiles appear, weapons will be transported. In the war, the marching speed of the army will be huge, and if things are different, they will be prepared for change. The change of war form will prompt the army to emphasize the importance of "sex" in future wars! In this paper, it is discussed that the idea of flash war will also emerge as the times require. The future war is to destroy the enemy’s sex at a flash speed and hit the enemy hard before it reacts. This is the core of flash war! ……”
The more Duan Qirui looks at his heart, the more dignified he is. What kind of person is this? This article will lead an era in the future!
Xu Huaijin smiled at Duan Qirui. "How did Zhiquan get scared? To be honest, I was scared, too. This person has to let him head first when he is armed!"
"Yes, I should avoid the road and let him head first!"
Duan Qirui strong self-suppression heart shocked’ shock’ murmured.
Xu Huaijin slightly arranged a table case and said, "Come on, let’s not stay. Come with me!"
Duan Qirui one leng asked "go? Where to go? "
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Where to? Of course, I went to the presidential palace and handed this article to the instructor. I think he will jump with excitement! "
Duan Qirui suddenly realized that yes, such talents must let Zhang Yi know for the first time!
Two people hastily packed up a few military papers and galloped away to the presidential palace by car!
At this time, Zhang Yi just lay down to rest and was alarmed by Xu Huaijin Duan Qirui.
Zhang Yi came to the living room and asked, "Huai Jin Zhiquan, what’s the emergency when you two come over late at night?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "The instructor has something to do and is in a hurry. It’s just a happy event!"
Zhang Yi’ Jing’ God quickly asked, "What is the great event in Huai Jin?"
Xu Huaijin put two military papers in front of Zhang Yi and said, "Look, instructor, this is an officer who graduated from armament school this year. It can be said that it is a peerless elegance. Haha, let’s have a bright star in the Republic of China. This is a country that is not as advanced as the German military equipment. What can English enemy warships be like? It’s not a problem that we have so many talented military generals sweeping the sky in the future! "
It’s rare that a shock in Zhang Yi’s heart can make Xu Huaijin excited like this. It’s really rare for such a rigorous person to come to the middle of the night to find himself after a military paper.
Zhang yi hurriedly pick up to watch carefully.
Zhang Yi was amazed while watching, and her heart was full of shock. This is the most famous theory of flash warfare in the past world. I didn’t expect this world to be given out by China people first!
Xu Huaijin said, "How did the instructor not let you down?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "Well, it’s really the wave behind the Yangtze River that pushes the wave before it. Two years ago, three armed men just came out, and this year, a more brilliant general star came out. This is definitely an epoch-making masterpiece! Although it is in its infancy, almost all the key points have been covered. Haha, once our tanks are successfully developed in the future, this theory will be officially implemented! Ok! "
Zhang Yi laughed and Xu Huaijin said, "And this is not bad. When he comes out, he wants to transport our current automobile engine to our heavy artillery infantry guns so that our heavy artillery will not be dragged manually. Once it is successfully developed, the marching speed of our army will be doubled and a large number of artillery logistics personnel will be liberated to enhance our comprehensive combat power!"
Zhang Yi took this paper again. Well, it’s another good article. It’s an excellent idea to transport automobile engine technology to artillery, and it’s also an epoch-making rise for artillery technology! This is the theoretical basis for us to develop self-propelled artillery in the future.
Zhang Yi asked excitedly, "What are the names of these two students in Huai Jin?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Isn’t that simple? Their names are still sealed in the left corner. It’s already the highest level here. Let’s play on the spot so that we can see their names for the first time. This will be the moment to witness the birth of a great general! "
Zhang Yixiao uncovered the left corner seal and saw two papers with two names Chen Hai! Zhuge Qing!
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Joy begets sorrow
Zhang Yi nodded excitedly and said, "Huai Jin, I can’t wait to meet them. Call Moqi immediately and ask him to inform them to go to Beijing immediately. I want to meet them in person!"
Xu Huaijin nodded. "That’s a good instructor. I’ll talk now!"
Xu Huaijin said this and took one look at the words of Fengtian armament school and dialed out.
A long time ago, there was a voice across the street. Xu Huaijin sank, "This is the presidential palace in Beijing. I am the chief of staff. Xu Huaijin immediately put me on the phone with Moqi, the dean of the armament school!"
The other party promised a transfer.
For a long time, Moqi’s lazy voice came out over there. "Hey, who’s bothering me so late? If it’s another tiger commander, they’ll be cut off one by one. I don’t want to hear their voice!"
Soon estimate MoQi heard the people around you answer immediately shouted "what? Presidential Palace! Chief of staff? Give me the words quickly! "
Xu Huaijin listened to the "chaos" over there, and his heart was a little funny. Now the General Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Presidential Palace has moved to Beijing to be afraid of Moqi. These are really governors from all sides, and the local tyrant is afraid that the day will be too comfortable!
At this time, Mo Qiyin has arrived across the street. "Hehe, Brother Huai Jin, why did you call me so late today?"
Xu Huaijin said happily, "What? Moqi, when you were young, did you get drunk after we left? You should be careful. Once you commit something, the instructor will clean you up! "
Moqi listened to Xu Huaijin’s voice with a teasing mood and suddenly said easily, "I just heard that the novel is the presidential palace. I was so scared that my neck was in a chill. I finally came out to play mahjong twice. Your sister-in-law gave my brother a holiday today. Haha!"
Xu Huaiji was angry and laughing. Moqi was so small that he was afraid. Marrying a wife was like a fairy and eating Moqi to death. Moreover, he was afraid of the instructor’s outbursts.
Xu Huaijin laughed. "But little brother, I am the president’s office to call you. Our instructor is right next to you. He can hear you clearly! Haha! "
Mocky was suddenly surprised. Why? It’s really the presidential palace!
At this time, Zhang Yi has robbed the words and said, "Moqi! It’s me! "
Mocky got a fright and even stammered, "Instructor, what are you doing? Looking for me behind the door? I’m not a tiger. He dares to do anything. I’m honest …"
Zhang Yi was amused by Mo Qi’s words and criticized, "Look at your * * * * little promise for a few days and I’m always happy not to bother you!"
Mocky immediately turned to worry and laughed. "Instructor, what is it that you and Huai Jin are looking for me?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "The excellent military graduation thesis of armament school has come out this year. Huai Jin just brought it to me, but Moqi, you did a very good job and deserve praise! That Chen Hai Qiu Long is absolutely extraordinary. I appreciate their views very much. You immediately inform them to leave for Beijing two days early in the morning. I want to see them in person! "
Moqi one leng didn’t expect Zhang Yi to meet them in person!
The students of Fengtian armament school have graduated for five sessions, except for the first session, which was attended by Zhang Yi, a senior officer. What’s worse, this is President Zhang Yigui.
Soon Moqi was dumbfounded. This time, I really played big. Although Chen Hai’s usual grades are among the best, it is not the best. It will also be able to rank in the top 50. In this Qiu Long ranking, two people have already been seduced by Jiang Baili for the first time. Now I’m afraid that it’s hard to say that the instructor wants to see people every day. Isn’t this fatal?
Mo Qi muttered, "Instructor, can you delay going to Beijing for two days?"
Zhang yi one leng some didn’t respond to come over, don’t you meet a armament school students have to queue up?
Zhang Yiyin some deep up and asked "what? Mocky, is something wrong? Still have something to hide from me? "
Moqi became nervous as soon as she got started. "Instructor, this Chen Hai Qiu Long is no longer dedicated to armament school …"
Zhang Yi frowned at Xu Huaijin and asked, "Don’t you know that Huai Jin, Chen Hai and Qiu Long are no longer equipped for school?"
Xu Huaijin was surprised and said at once, "Instructor, because I am already in Beijing, if some daily matters are still decided by me, it will have a very adverse impact on the school, so I have put some forces such as student transfer to Moqi and them, and I don’t know about the personnel changes in the school."
Zhang Yishen said, "Huai Jin, your idea is very good, but now it is a critical moment, and the army is facing large-scale personnel changes. How can extraordinary laws be so careless?"
Xu Huaijin took the words and said, "Moqi, I asked you what the situation is now. Where have all Chen Hai Qiu Long gone? Haven’t they all graduated yet?"
Moqi whispered, "Eldest brother, isn’t this a special period? Nearly 10% of the officers in various regiments and armies have been’ pumped out’ and transferred to local posts. Now there is a shortage of intermediate officers in various armies. So both of them have been transferred by a tiger’s eldest brother. I don’t intend to put Mukden in the air, but to keep Heilongjiang …"
Xu Huaijin was surprised that Zhang Yihu got involved, fearing that things would not be so simple. This little boy never knew how to behave!
Xu Huaijin shouted, "Moqi, tell me the truth. How many graduates of the armament school have been released!"
If ten people are still reasonable, they won’t have much influence. If you want to come to the instructor, you won’t be too investigated!