The fairy didn’t have any injury, and her brain was far away, and her brain was detected by mental waves. She didn’t suffer from trauma, so she chose to rest and wait for recovery.

The ins and outs of Wanqiu, Wang Bo, finally got out of the way.
That was a few months ago, one day, Tiantong Town suffered a rare hurricane, which caused the wind and cloud to change color and destroy mountains and cracks. Finally, the gas refiners in Tiantong Town jointly fought against this hurricane, and the hurricane was about to dissipate. In an instant, a door slammed into the Wangs’ mansion.
Wan Qiu woke up a few days later. At that time, Wang Bo, the manager of Wang Bo, had confirmed that the bloodline had always been Miss Wang’s identity. It was declared to the Wangs that Miss Wang was sent away more than ten years ago and now she has received pressure, which made everyone believe that Wan Qiu was a member of the Wangs.
Lu Li nodded, and he would do the same thing. He can’t let the sound scatter, which is harmful to the stability of the Wang family
About half a day later, the Wangs recovered from a lot of medicinal materials, and Xiao Liu was quickly sent back to the Wangs to arrange a new place to cultivate herself. The fairy’s breath is getting stronger and stronger, and her breathing is getting more and more even, and her face is turning rosy. This is a trend to wake up.
After a few breaths, a pair of big eyes slowly opened her eyes and she woke up completely.
"You’re awake!"
Lu Li is very happy to meet an old friend in another country, which is something that can’t be asked for. He escaped from danger in autumn and a stone fell to the ground in his heart.
The fairy slowly opened her eyes, and then she saw Wang Bo from Lu Li. She slightly tilted her head, first glanced at Wang Bo, and then noticed that Lu Li’s eyes were strange, as if she had met deja vu, and finally she suddenly woke up and exclaimed, "Xiao Li!"
Lu Li was startled, and Wang Boze almost laughed. If it weren’t for Lu Li’s sweeping snake valley, he would have laughed on the spot.
"How can you be?"
Lu Li is still the first to ask questions, and the other person can recognize that his brain region should have no traumatic memory and no cracks.
The fairy pouted, "I’m starving. Can I eat first?"
There is nothing to eat when Wang Bo is startled from here again. The only living thing is the magic beast in the deepest part of the capsule. It has been a long time since the magic beast moved. He was simply sealed by Lu Li, the deepest part of the capsule. He was a three-holy beast larva and swallowed up a part of the thousand-eyed magic power. Finally, he entered a semi-hibernating state, and he had to slowly smelt the essence to wake up.
Wang Bo hurriedly waved and soon someone sent some rare dishes, wine, meat and cakes. Of course, the fairy just woke up and could not let her drink. This wine was prepared by Wang Bo himself.
After all, the Wangs are the largest family in Tiantong Town with rich financial resources. There is no shortage of delicacies in this table. The little fairy drank a bowl of Qingluan boiled soup to wake her up, and then ate some jade rabbit cakes and side dishes alone, which quickly restored her strength.
Seeing her gradually eating and leaving home, she asked, "Wan Qiu, do you remember anything before you came to the Wangs?"
He didn’t directly call it a fairy and didn’t want Wang Bo to hear it.
The fairy shook her head and said, "I vaguely remember some things, such as a small building in the middle of the lake and the fact that you and I went to Kyushu League. The memories are a little blurred."
If Lu Liyu said so, wouldn’t the little fairy even forget that the dust fairy Sect was destroyed?
Do you want to tell her yourself?
Chapter 19 Check in Snake Valley
The fairy gradually recovered her strength, and several people talked again. In the end, Wang Bo accepted the ending, although she was somewhat reluctant.
Obviously, there is no doubt that she will follow Lulu back to the wasteland after her appearance.
In this way, although Wang Bo is full of loss, Wan Qiu does not belong to this day. The Wangs in Tongzhen are separated from each other. Who can stop them?
On the whole, although the Wangs lost a younger generation with strong bloodline, it was a great kindness to wipe out Tiantong Town in Snake Valley.
Besides, if there is no separation, Wang Jialigen can’t save Wanqiu and it will threaten the status of the Wang family, which is not worth the candle.
In the end, Wang Bo expressed his gratitude and took out an ancient book saying, "This is my Wang family’s gas refining method. There are three volumes, and the first three realms of gas refining are recorded. If you don’t dislike it, Lu Shaoxia will accept it. Your injury can be cured by Tiantong Town Method. Perhaps Haotianfu can have a solution. My Wang family’s gas refining method has these three volumes, and each family has its own gas refining method, but the division of big realms is the same. Many ancient families are searching for gas refining methods everywhere. You should be more careful and the safety of Wanqiu will be left to you."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let her get hurt. Let’s go."
Xiao Liu said goodbye for a while and will leave soon. There are still many moments to delay in finishing things.
He took some food from Tiantong town when he left with the fairy.
The fairy is now practicing, and ordinary people almost directly took her to the snake valley, where the dead snake has been cleaned up by several hard workers, not to mention the identity of which is the Zhou family.
These Zhou family members, three men and two women, are all refined and irritating, and they can barely work hard. Soon after they left, they secretly told them to clean the Snake Valley and plan the road behind the temporary shelter of the Snake Valley underground cave.
Where did the three young tycoons and two young ladies of the Zhou family usually do such hard work? They all cultivate delicacies according to the expert seedlings of refined gas in the family. Although they are called elixirs constantly, their physique is also good. After all, the mess in Snake Valley was cleaned up by five people. Several Johnson ordered the Snake Valley Department to temporarily sort out the remaining part of the snake demon snake spirit minister.
When I came to the snake valley, the fairy pie mouth said, "I said that we will live here?"
Lu Li-nai said, "Tiantong Town shouldn’t stay long. Let’s stay here for the time being. We will leave for Haotianfu after I adjust and practice the two methods slightly."
The fairy screamed, "That old snake is so fierce. You should clean it up this time!"
Lu Li heard the words and laughed. "The old snake is a slave at present. They kill people like hemp and are evil. I have to think about how many years it will take to let them go."
Two people entered this underground cave, and most of the snakes had been wiped out. Plus, a few snakes escaped from the snake demon while taking advantage of the chaos. There are about a dozen ordinary snakes and snake spirits, and more than a hundred of them have left their bodies. They also have some rejection of snakes and don’t like the feeling of snakes dancing around, so they are assigned some caves by several Johnson, which is far from the land and the fairy.
It is natural that the main side of the snake valley is the poisonous tooth and the grotto. The poisonous gas in the grotto is dense and miasma, which is not suitable for terrans to live in. Therefore, the little fairy has temporarily lived in the grotto of the snake and the venerable snake, and she is temporarily living in the grotto of the black python and the grotto. They can also be transformed into human bodies. There are quite a few stone tables, stone beds and stone benches in this grotto, and some light candlesticks are also carved and made of lingshi, which has a unique charm.
The little fairy was very satisfied that her stone bed had been covered with several layers of silks and satins, and the Zhou family girl went back to the house to retrieve a lot of living things, and everything was lacking.
Three men are three brothers, named Zhou Gu, Zhou Yi and Yu Zhou, who practice meditation at almost the same level.
The two women are Zhou Linger and Zhou Huaner. They are young and they are also 15 or 16 years old. They are called Xiao Ling Xiao Huan by the little fairy. The two young ladies of the Zhou family have become close-fitting maids of the little fairy. This is also a command from afar.
There are two maids, a group of snake spirits around them can’t hurt the little fairy, and Zhou Jiasan’s male guards keep away from the little fairy’s abode of fairies. You can know that there is a strange place outside the only road that you must pass.
Zhou Jiaxun’s jade slips are very good, and the range of ten miles can make it possible for Lu Li to hold a jade slip and the Zhou family can hold one, so that the range of ten miles can be effectively and urgently crushed. It is easy to come to an emergency signal, and life and death are difficult to move.
The nearest location of the jade slips should also be Hao Tianfu to get Lu Li. Give one copy to the little fairy to ensure that she can communicate with her, and two copies are the envoys of the Zhou family.
Hao Tianfu is an important place of Yan State, where a spirit snake venerable person and others can enter by law. After all, there are experts in refining gas who sit in the demon spirit and evil spirits. Unless there is a powerful force in the land, the spirit snake venerable person and other talents can follow, but the eyes are definitely not.
The fairy settled down for a while, slowly cultivated the Kwai Shui Ling tactic, recovered her physical strength, and entered a short-term closed state. He wanted to realize that Wang Jia’s practice of refining qi was to get a reward from Kyushu League, a sharp fingering-long finger.
The practitioners of Yun Sheng Tian Ji are trapped by multi-teachings, but they are illusory. The so-called Buddha’s heart, Tao, bone, Confucianism, magic, devil’s refining body, devil’s refining gas and demon’s variation into a unified audience’s hope that heaven and earth will eventually become a road.
Lu Li said to himself, "Wutiandi Avenue will pitch all beings and eventually become unified. This seems to be a kind of transcendence over climbing to heaven, stepping on the sky and finally surpassing everything, as white clothes say?"
He then sighed and felt that the road ahead was long and everything was not easy.
As he was talking to himself, a very familiar voice suddenly said from his ear, "Good disciple, you will finally take the path of enlightenment, which is the only way for all monks."
Chapter 20 A good one and a bad one
The long finger is a sharp fingering technique, which means that the true element is compressed into a line, so that it is possible to pierce the long sharp anomaly with one finger.
However, the reason why I didn’t practice before I left the land is that the process of true element compression is very dangerous. If I don’t practice, I may bite myself, which is a desperate road.
Master Chu Yunyin emerged, and the whole person’s spirit was shocked and surprised. "Where are you, Master?"
Chu Yun shook his head and said, "Teacher, it’s full of drudgery here, but there’s also good news that something happened in that white suit. You don’t have to be too concerned until the time is right. I’ll tell you in detail which one do you want to listen to first?"
Lu Li said decisively, "Let’s talk about the bad news first."
When Guanghua flashed, Chu Yun’s virtual shadow turned into a statue. Chu Yun’s virtual shadow deviated from the landing. "The bad news is that the lotus soul has been damaged to varying degrees, and it can live for up to three years."
Lu Li clenched his fists. Instead of arguing with the master, he continued to ask, "What’s the good news?"