After the knot, Qin Yu ordered the guards to take away the parachutes and let the communication group assemble the array of military communication equipment at the first time.

"Quasi" Qin Yu crouched in the snow shell and frowned. "We have fallen to the border area of Xinjiang. At present, we have not found the enemy. Please ask the forest command of the northwest advance army to come to the rescue immediately! ….. 927 location meet "
The members of the communication group fully understood Qin Yu’s previous words, but they didn’t understand the location code of 927. They asked, "Commander, we don’t have this code in the array code library … this is …!"
"Just follow this code!" Qin Yu did not explain and urged, "Lin Command Gu Yan sent a copy to the northwest advance army."
"white!" Members of the distribution group nodded.
"After the delivery, the horse will disassemble the military communication equipment for line silence. They will search the plane and the horse will come in," Qin Yu ordered.
A minute later, the communication group directly dismantled the military communication equipment after sending the message, and Qin Yu and others quickly disappeared from the parachute landing site.
Qufu World War II Command
Chief of staff frowned at Gu Taixian and said, "Commander, don’t worry about ghosts on our side. Qin Yu is out of control over there! The feedback from the military intelligence department shows that his landing place is in the border area, and we will definitely take the lead if we dispatch troops now. "
Gu Taixian’s face is calm, but his mind is very complicated. There have been too many changes in Qin Yu’s being sent to Qufu. He not only needs to absorb all kinds of complicated information, but also keeps making decisions for a short time, which is not easy.
Gu Taixian thought for a long time and immediately ordered, "Let the military sects reconnaissance plane directly under the headquarters enter the parachute area of Qin Yu and others to search!" At the same time, I ordered the military intelligence department to do everything possible to keep an eye on Lin Command and … and the Northwest Advance Army! You tell the person in charge of the second department that all the undercover military personnel here are not hiding their identities now. If you can get me the key information, it will be a great achievement! "
The Chief of Staff felt that Gu Taixian’s decision at the moment was a bit procrastinating and urged urgently, "Commander, whether there is a ghost buried across from our side or not, whether the information we have is complete or not … but it is a fact that Qin Yu landed in Xinjiang now! ! There’s no one there. We can send troops to push him in! Catch him first! Otherwise, once Lin reacts, our geographical position will not be dominant! "
Gu Taixian looked up at him and answered, "Now it’s the end of life and death. We must be careful! All incidents occurred. No, we expected this feeling to be wrong! I have to wait for things to move closer to our predicted direction! "
At the moment, the Chief of Staff feels that Gu Taixian has really changed, and he has become more cautious and hesitant compared with his decisive command style. This feeling can be felt in his heart and is also the most authentic response of a person in a critical moment.
But the chief of staff doesn’t understand that the vast majority of people in the League are opposed to the integration of the system from the outside, and Gu Taixian is the principal offender whether he wants to do it or not, whether he is defeated or not.
The results of these two identity changes must be completely different, and Gu Taixian’s changes in his heart are reasonable.
District Yanbei Gu Yan has already responded to the Northwest Advance Army for the first time at this moment. It is also very simple. "The horse dispatched the 1 ST regiment directly under the military department to descend into the border area to meet Qin Yu … At the same time, the two brigades on the back side of three san immediately turned around and entered the border to prepare for the battle!"
"Yes!" The Northwest Advance Army Department immediately responded.
At the same time, the Lint War Brigade rushed into the airport to board the plane and prepare to fly directly to Xinjiang.
Border people’s area
More than a dozen reconnaissance planes circled to search for radar, infrared detection instruments and other equipment to search for Qin Yu and others crazily.
About twenty minutes later, Gu Taixian’s headquarters got feedback again.
"Report!" The Minister of Military Intelligence 1 personally walked into the office.
"speak!" Gu Taixian, reply.
"Gu Yan’s Northwest Advance Army Department has already made a big move. Two brigades outside three san suddenly married, and at the same time, two fraternities directly under the military department also rushed to the small airport to prepare for boarding!" The Minister of Military Intelligence 1 spoke very quickly and said, "Lint War Brigade also left Xinyang Airport by plane five minutes ago."
Gu Taixian hands behind his back two palms unconsciously rubbed his forehead has taken up fine sweat.
"Commander, these two feedbacks have proved that our guess is right …!" A staff officer got up and said
"Wait a minute!" Gu Taixian waved his hand.
"Didi Lingling!"
As soon as the voice fell, the bell rang and the chief of staff went to the desk and picked up the microphone. "Speak!"
"ZongCan, we have just received the news that we flew to Yanbei about three minutes ago. It is an outside line that deliberately evades our protection zone," said MI2.
Chief of staff immediately looked up at Gu Taixian report after hearing this.
Gu Taixian after hearing the news in the mind really have a decision "damn it! ! I told you, if Qin Yu played the Jiangzhou sideline in the previous war, it must be his instruction! There is an emergency. The state of war must be panic! "
Say that finish Gu Taixian immediately said, pointing to the chief of staff, "command near the border 935 division immediately send troops to catch the forest and Gu Yan northwest advance army arrived before I besieged Qin Yu! After people are trapped, don’t worry, wait for their support to reach Lihuo! Notify the southeast line troops to be ready to attack Xinyang at any time! And inform Chen to prepare them to cooperate with our military operations … prepare to fight according to the No.1 plan! "
Lao Zhan frowned at Fu Zhen and asked, "The Commander-in-Chief has come down to the border of Xinjiang in an emergency … This is too dangerous. Many reconnaissance units of the other side are near here … I personally think they are in danger of being intercepted by fire prevention …!"
"It’s all of a sudden." Fu Zhen replied solemnly in battle. "But … but I don’t think it’s a big problem for them to land safely … As we all know, the commander-in-chief of Sichuan government is a paratrooper … He is very experienced. Did you make it? !”
Chapter DiErSiLiu Search
Qin Yu, a man-made area on the north side of Xinjiang, fled in the wild for nearly half an hour with guards and soldiers, and then arrived at a famous holy lake area.
Years ago, it was the only water source in the nearby Gobi Desert, surrounded by mountains and difficult roads. However, after years ago, this water source was completely frozen, most of the ice on the lake was buried, and a small part of the snow leaked outside.
On the left side of the sacred lake, Qin Yu ordered everyone to make a knot at the captain of the guard. "We can’t run any more," he ordered. "The reconnaissance plane skimmed over our head, which means that the enemy has locked our landing site. It is estimated that their army troops will also enter the scene to search soon."
"Yes," the captain of the guard nodded in agreement. "We dare not call the communication equipment now for fear of being scanned for signals. If we wait for support, the best way is to hide. It’s a vast area and few of us enter the venue to hide. It’s not a problem to delay for a certain time."
"Don’t leave the holy lake. We’ll hide here." Qin Yu looked down at his watch. "Wait for three hours."
"Yes!" After the captain of the guard nodded, he immediately said to everyone, "Go into the snow hole on the left side of the mountain to insulate the heat quickly!"
Command of all directly rushed to the left side of the mountains.
The nearest unit of the League near the Xinjiang border is the 935 division commander, who followed Gu Taixian as a valiant soldier for many years and called Li Yong-nan to make meritorious military service during the regional war. After one leg was injured, the doctor advised him to amputate several times, but he refused. He would rather be on crutches than cut off sequelae. Many people in his department nicknamed him General Tieguai.