She doesn’t want to do things, and no one can ever force her! Even those who were rescue by her own hands!

She didn’t compromise in the face of Jiang Baiwei in those days, and now a Li Rong can’t make her submit.
After listening to Pan Hui, Li Rongyuan was as white as a sheet, and his face was even more ugly. His lips moved lightly and he finally didn’t say anything. He still stubbornly lowered his head and put his hands on his fists, and there was no intention of giving up.
Pan Hui gently snorted and stopped talking to him, but got up and cut her dress. She didn’t bother to look at Li Rong again and walked outside.
Mu Yan turned around Li Rong twice as if to say something, but a spirit can communicate with Pan Hui now. Li Rong doesn’t know what it really wants to express. The long lamp is just curious about him.
Pan Hui turned her head and glanced at Mu Yan lightly. "Do you want to stay with him?"
Mu Cong obviously heard that Pan Hui was in a bad mood now and quickly flew back to Pan Hui’s side to please her. Pan Huinai looked at it in circles and shook his head and stopped caring about it. After all, Mu Cong was actually a cute little brother to her, so he was a younger brother rather than a younger sister. That was because Mu Cong once emphasized that he was a boy!
At this time, Du Ruo is still taking care of the pots on the stove surface, and Xie Suixin has come to the eaves to accompany Du Ruo, but still relies on the mottled blue brick wall to communicate with each other.
Pan Hui walked slowly to Rico’s side and asked, "Can you make any progress?"
Du Ruo long spit out a sigh of relief and shook his head in a passive manner. "I tried a lot of things that didn’t seem to be symptomatic, and I also sent some to the people who volunteered to try medicine in the hardest hit areas. Although they got a little better, they died in the end. I always felt that there should be something I ignored."
Pan Hui just mused, "Otherwise, I’ll go to Zhouying to have a look. After all, if the epidemic comes from there, maybe I can find the source of the disease."
"no!" Du Ruo refused directly without thinking.
What a joke! Even Xie Suixin Duane didn’t ask these two big men to venture. Now, how can Pan Hui go by herself, not to mention that Pan Hui doesn’t know anything about medical skills? What if one accidentally catches the disease?
Du Ruo once again stressed that "this matter is absolutely impossible! I haven’t even developed an anti-epidemic drug yet. I don’t want another patient! In case something really happens to you, Duane, don’t tear down my medicine! "
Pan Hui leng leng immediately laughed and turned back to the house.
It’s just a simple conversation or two. Pan Hui never noticed Xie Suixin’s eyes and naturally didn’t find a thoughtful look in the eyes of the Tsing Yi swordsman.
Pan Hui saw at a glance that Li Rong was still in place, but moved a little in one direction. At this time, Li Rong was facing the outside, and it was obvious that Pan Hui Du Re would finish listening to the conversation.
When he saw that Pan Hui didn’t want to talk to him at all, he took the initiative to say, "In this time, I was ordered by my brother to come and marry Zhou princess royal Jihe for him. I went to Chen Guo to get married and princess royal was in the middle of the week."
Pan Hui’s footsteps stopped instantly. She knew what Li Rong meant, but she was not in a hurry. She stared at the twilight king of Chen and waited for him to continue to say something that would make her move.
And Li Rong did not disappoint Pan Hui. When he saw that Pan Hui did not directly refuse, he knew that he still had hope. He immediately continued, "Li Rong asked the fairy to help him send Li Rongan to Zhou Ying, so he didn’t need the fairy to intervene in the dispute between the three countries."
I don’t know his whereabouts this time, but Song Guo knew that he was almost destroyed by an elite ambush escort team in Song Jun. Several relatives escorted him and fled out. Those relatives stayed on the escape road, and he was in a coma in the Woods because of his injuries. Now that I think about it, only a few relatives should have died. If he wants to arrive in Zhouying safely, he can rely on the present.
Pan Hui nodded slightly, saying, "I will never indulge a seriously ill patient who doesn’t want to be lost by me and get better soon."
With that, she never said anything again and went back to her rest place to close her eyes and practice.
She didn’t know that she cared so much about the plague, and she felt as if the sky were guiding her forward, and it seemed that if she followed her heart, she would get closer and closer to the truth.
She doesn’t care what the truth will be, but she knows that there seems to be several big plots behind her, and each plot seems to be inextricably linked. If she wants to find out one of the truths, she can dig out the hidden darkness bit by bit and finally expose those evil departments to the sun, which is fair.
Li Rong’s injuries were all trauma. Although he woke up and offended Du Ruo, Du Ruo was not a person who would care about human life. He still let Li Rong recover from the injury as quickly as possible, and then he couldn’t wait to drive away the man who looked at him from left to right.
Chapter 311 to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (2)
Pan Hui has been on the sidelines and never helped Li Rong out. Anyway, she thinks this man is a little unpleasant, but she didn’t deliberately try to embarrass him because of Jiang Baiwei.
A few days to get along with Pan Hui is to know that Li Rong Jiang Baiwei turned out that these two people were referring to the belly marriage. However, because of the two magic doors of Qi Arctic ice sheet, Chen Guo is behind three mysterious doors and a Qingyao Mountain Emperor Palace. Therefore, Jiang Baiwei has been dissatisfied with this marriage and has been trying to ask for a break-off.
But to Pan Hui’s surprise, Li Rong seems to be very satisfied with this fiancee. She has always insisted on marrying Jiang Baiwei and doesn’t care about the undercurrent of the cultivation sects behind the two countries.
Although Pan Hui was slightly satisfied with Li Rong’s insistence on the engagement, after all, she had regarded Jiang Baiwei as one of her own after the death of Uncle Feng Zi. Although she was a layman, she was still regarded as her school sister, but this did not prevent Pan Hui from seeing Li Rong in every way.
I don’t know. She always feels that this Li Rong’s mind is hidden deep. Although he is a mortal, he seems to know the form of Tianxiu Xianshan Gate very well. He always inadvertently reveals some opinions on certain sects and pretends to make a slip of the tongue after touching her eyes.
Pan Hui has never been a person who likes to be mysterious, so Li Rong’s manner makes her feel good about everything. I hope this man is sincere to Jiang Baiwei, otherwise she doesn’t mind to let this man die. Anyway, it’s easy for a cultivator to have a mortal life. It’s even easier to be invisible.
What she hates most in this life are those ungrateful people! Naturally, it is impossible for people who care about themselves to be hurt like this.
Du Ruo has been opposed to Pan Hui’s decision, but she can not resist Pan Hui’s stubbornness and compromise, but she still doesn’t trust to give her some self-defense medicine, saying that it is to prevent the epidemic. Pan Hui knows that if she doesn’t accept Du Ruo, she will definitely not feel at ease and accept it.
Until the day of departure, Pan Hui pulled Du Ruo aside and whispered, "I don’t know when I will come back. You and Xie can get along with each other at will! I don’t know what your problem is, but everything can be solved. If you are willing to talk openly once, you can’t solve the knot unless … you are afraid of your own heart instead of him. "
Du Ruo looked calm for a long time before she nodded gently. Pan Hui smiled and thanked her for helping her answer questions a few days ago. Did Du Ruo listen to it in her heart? She couldn’t force it. After all, everyone has their own insistence that others can persuade but can’t push it too hard, which will be counterproductive.
Pan Hui turned to greet Li Rong and was stopped by a swordsman when she passed by Xie Suixin.
Xie Suixin handed her a small scabbard, which was a finger long but beautifully carved.
Pan Hui looked at Xie in amazement and listened to the Tsing Yi swordsman at a glance. "This is our inexplicable token. It is a whistle. If it is difficult to blow it, Fiona Fang Baili inexplicable brother will go to help."
"Thank you" Pan Hui didn’t mention it and put the scabbard in the sleeve directly.
She has never been a friend who pretends to be lofty. She will certainly help you in time. People who are willing to help you will be ungrateful. Even if you owe it, you can always pay it back unless you don’t intend to pay it back. She is a lover who cares very much. She would rather be owed by others than by others.
But this other person does not include relatives and friends.
In this life, she divided people into two kinds: one is her own and the other is an outsider.
Xie Suixin saw that Pan Hui took the whistle away, and his heart was a little more settled. He turned and walked back to Du Ruo without saying much. This time, Du Ruo didn’t immediately avoid it and didn’t look at him. His eyes were still on Pan Huishen. Xie Suixin was surprised at the same time, and what Pan Huifang did was not grateful to Pan Hui.
Pan Hui smiled and left without looking back.
Li Rong couldn’t help but look at Du Ruo and Xie Suixin and secretly think about a secret cliff brother, a strange pavilion master, which is really interesting. Now it seems that the whole cultivation world is getting more and more interesting to add a long porch female brother!
When Pan Hui and Li Rong disappeared completely in the mountains, Douangfang appeared next to Du Ruo Yaolu. Xie casually glanced at him and said, "You didn’t follow?"
Duane light say with smile "who said I don’t like? I just came to say goodbye to you, but it seems that you are quite harmonious, so I won’t bother you. Bye! "
Du Ruo facial expression, a just come up with a rebuttal, found that Duane had no figure to leave her, and the two men looked at each other.
Duane was escorting Pan Hui to Zhouying, and it was calm all the way. Perhaps the plague spread across the border, but not many people, even if there were, were refugees. All towns and towns were closed, and those villages infected with the plague near the city gate were completely isolated. No one could escape and doctors and outsiders were not allowed to approach.
Du Fangfang didn’t leave until Pan Hui Li Rong entered the weekly camp. Although he wanted to stay with her all the time, there were some things he hadn’t solved and Pan Hui needed to grow up. He had been guarding her all the time, which could really protect Pan Hui enough, but it would hinder her growth. The seedlings were well protected, and he didn’t want him to become a vulnerable person.
After Li Rong was sent to the barracks, Pan Hui was retained by Zhou Guo and princess royal. It was a kind of fate to feel at home, and Pan Hui inexplicably saw some hidden deep sadness from the princess royal’s eyes, so she agreed, but it was also convenient for her to look at the plague situation in the army, so she didn’t care too much.
In the past few days, Pan Hui has learned something about the source of the plague.
The soldiers said that they had the plague shortly after the war between Song and Guo, and then they checked the water source and diet and found no problems. However, people were still infected with the epidemic every day, but they didn’t die immediately. They felt full of strength, and then people gradually became more and more haggard, and then they would have hallucinations. They always saw an altar calling them, and they seemed to see those who had died and waved their hands at the altar.
Chapter 312 to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (3)
Pan Hui’s heart sank slowly, and sure enough, as Du Ruo guessed, the epidemic may be more like a witchcraft than a disease, especially the altar that the soldiers said made her care very much.
She tried to contact the soldiers who were infected with the plague for a few days and found that she had no signs of being infected, which made her more sure that the plague was not simple. She left the barracks under the pretext of going out to find the source of the plague and searched in the approximate direction of the soldiers’ mouths, but she found nothing in the past day.
The mountain forest on the border of Song and Zhou Dynasties is too big, and the soldiers can shape the general appearance around the altar, but these signs are just as small as a drop in the ocean in the whole mountain forest.
She searched aimlessly in the mountains for a day, and finally prepared to go back to the barracks at sunset. According to the soldiers, every time she got sick after sunset, ten people fell ill every day with little warning. These people even had no trauma.
Pan Hui vaguely felt that all the keys would show clues after sunset. Maybe she could find some traces when those people got sick. It is also possible.
She took a little direction and headed for the barracks, only to find that she didn’t go far. A huge white tiger swooped at her, accompanied by a roar.
Mu Yan instantly gave off a dazzling light, and a blue light arrow flashed at the tiger. The tiger’s body barely avoided the key in the middle of the meal, but it was still hit by a light arrow and suddenly bleeding profusely.