"Your report, we have followed you for so long that we have never called bitterness and never saidno. We will do whatever you want us to do today. Where is Master Jiu?" One officer who should be the front-selecting team and two Zhongjun officers knelt in front of Shi Jinliang.

They look very respectful and have no offense, but they all left their posts and returned to the rear army. Shi Jinliang was livid and became angry. "Do you want to chicken out? Really when I can’t cut my old brother? "
"We dare not think so, let alone say so. We are not afraid of death, but we don’t want to be a confused ghost. Say, Master Jiu, we will immediately go back to the first wave of killing the wall in the army. We are no longer confused when we have been thinking about the road with the uncle for so many years."
Shi Jinliang looked around him. Even in Qinbing retinue, many people secretly looked at this side. Although Qinbing team could not rebel, this unbelief even had been planted. He stopped trying to kill these officers, but personally went over and mixed them up.
"Is the law equal regardless of height, everyone is a brother? Jiu Ge was ordered by me to carry out a secret army. This kind of thing can’t be made public. It is said that Huo Qiu, the dog thief, will create rumors because he is sure of this. You are the old team. Don’t be shaken by his words. Shimou has always been United with his brothers. How could he do such a thing? Tell everyone that after the call from Wangfu, things will not be handed over to the holy library. Now go back to your own places and everyone will enter Wangfu to have a good life. "
These officers turned and left. Shi Jinliang looked at their backs, and their mouths were slightly astringent. Probably the rain came in. When did our department dare to leave their posts and ask such questions to themselves? Has the morale … been shaken?
"Lord Stone doesn’t have to take it to heart to win a victory, but his morale can still be stabilized. Those rogue thieves will behead them and see who dares to talk nonsense."
Red’s kind words soothed the bursts of body fragrance and rushed into her nostrils, which seemed to calm Shi Jinliang’s heart a little. This woman is really a stunner, even if it is not a good woman. Shi Jinliang also cared more about her at this time than she secretly left some good silks and satins for the first time in violation of the guidelines.
"Tell me to get those coffins ready and blow up these palace walls as soon as the rain stops!" Shi Jinliang looked at the military situation in front of him while commanding. "Our army is ten times as big as the enemy. If we rush, we will surely win. I can’t believe it if someone holds my banner to guide me. Can a Huo Qiu ruin my event?"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three The last desperate (10)
Shi Jinliang’s absolute superiority in the number of troops is still overwhelming, pushing towards Xing Wangfu. Huo Qiu and others’ propaganda has not affected the attack of this army in the general direction, but at most it has delayed the pace of attack.
If it turns out that the chaotic army is like a crazy bull rushing to the target, the cow’s pace is a little chaotic but still unstoppable. It is an attack, no matter how many problems and chaotic the rhythm, but it can at least flow smoothly. However, this attack is like an old-fashioned DVD player playing a poor quality disc, and some jams always happen unconsciously.
Some soldiers don’t want to be in front of others, and some groups don’t want to go in front of other groups. When the troops step, they unconsciously pause. In the previous charge, everyone shouted that the law is equal and the law is high, but this time, some changes have taken place.
"Old Huo, come back quickly. The stone prince said that the treasure girl in Wangfu can’t get into the holy library at will. I often put my life on the fat and want you to surrender quickly."
"Cast a leg Shi Jinliang talk can also believe? He also said that we should buy weapons, armor and food from the holy treasury. As a result, now all those wealth have been transported to the mountains by him. What do you think everyone is wearing? I won’t believe what he said, but you are always fat and you are too far ahead. There are a lot of Anlu people behind you. "
Because the rain has just stopped, the bowstring is still a little weak, and the power is not fully reflected. According to common sense, the effect of launching an attack at this time should be remarkable, but in fact, the progress of the disorderly army is not smooth, and attacks everywhere are always stuck at critical times, and then they are inexplicably defeated
Shi Jinliang’s Qinbing team has killed some people, but it has helped to improve the situation. The attacker has the initiative, but the morale is not to attack and have the strength.
There is also a big problem in the coordination of troops. Originally, the coordination of these troops was relatively unfamiliar, but it should be getting better and better in running-in. This attack was a mess. Often, the soldiers desperately searched for familiar faces to get together and broke away from the original organizational system. The small leader also indulged in this kind of business and participated in it.
One army deliberately avoided another army and chose to have a close accent or the officers were familiar with each other. The troops were all set up near one place before the war, but even so, it doesn’t mean that the defense of Wangfu is easy. After all, there are too many attackers, even if they make one mistake or another, they won’t feel these mistakes. The whole defense of Wangfu is like a stretched thin thread that will break in a moment.
We still have to admit that Huo Qiu’s power can almost equal thousands of soldiers. Their horn attacks and several threatened attacks by the chaotic troops all failed inexplicably because of their own problems. Moreover, the defenders dared to launch hand-to-hand combat, which also made the chaotic troops afraid to face it directly.
When the rebels finally killed the palace wall, the loyalists immediately rushed to pierce and crush the rebels. The result of this war is that the rebels will be attacked again and again, and the number of casualties on their own side will soar.
Letters of help made Yang Chengzu come to the limit one after another, and the troops were even more stretched. He was not a man who knew how to fight, and most of his military knowledge came from the original owner of this body.
This scene is beyond his ability to cope with. Every moment, he feels that the whole front is about to fall, but he can always hold on for a moment, and then this feeling continues to come.
"Yang Yizheng asked me to meet my people and give me a chance." Huo Qiu then came over and gave a gift to Yang Chengzu. After more than 300 people entered the house, most of them were detained, but they were not killed. Their bodies were normal, which really made Yang Chengzu so large that he could not rest assured, so he hesitated all the time.
"I said that I definitely can’t go back. I’m the one who is most afraid of Shi Jinliang’s breaking the palace." Huo Qiu said bluntly, "You don’t want to know how the White Lotus Sect treats traitors. You don’t want to know if you give me a chance. I promise to live up to you."
"All right, let him talk to others, but you have to ensure loyalty, otherwise even if we can’t resist the rebels, we are sure to kill you first. You will kill the thieves and defeat them before my princess. You plead to protect your wealth and wealth. The Royal Guards have already given you a name and made a copy of your hidden message to see if you can do it yourself."
Mr Qiu ke head accompanied by several soldiers to take the road Hao Qingqing because of shooting too many arrows arm has been unable to lift is still close to Yang Chengzu step by step "take charge of them? One thousand defected again … "
"I can’t believe that they can guarantee to eat meat here, but they can’t enjoy this treatment there. These people have gone to live and become thieves. I gave them a better life. I hope they should not be stupid enough to choose death and say that their eyes are human."
All kinds of problems faced by the chaotic army are covered up before the huge base, no matter whether this mad cow is stumbling or not, it is impossible for people to resist when it rushes in with great inertia. Many people in these chaotic troops have left Germany, but this does not mean that they want to go to Wangfu, but want to kill into Wangfu to get a ticket and leave.
This kind of thinking, the attack strength of each unit is not small, but they are distracted and afraid to invest behind it.
The guards brought by Yang Chengzu from hua county have suffered casualties. Both Wang Tietou and Song Guoen have been injured to varying degrees. They still bite their teeth to defend Yang Chengzu’s side. Hao Qingqing relies on Yang Chengzu’s laziness and says, "I really want to see our child born and want to hear him call me Niang, but I’m afraid there’s no chance. If you can’t hold it, just jump with me when you get to Naiqiao. Don’t drink Meng Po soup."
Another man shouted at the palace wall with arrows and stones. At this moment, he heard a chaotic footsteps behind him. Then Huo Qiu pulled his neck and shouted, "If you want a good family, just kill all the white lotus thieves with me and seek fame and wealth!"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-four The last fight (11)
When he joined these departments, he saved the loyalist’s decline, expelled all the soldiers who had been killed, and some rebels defected to Huo Qiu’s team. Someone held a horn and shouted, "Come over with a knife and enjoy twelve silvers!" If you bring your head over, you can get a golden dress. If the head comes over, you can be a flag. A flag is an official! "
This kind of propaganda may not have much effect on the attacking team. After all, no matter how high your official promises are, you must be able to deliver them. However, three troops have been conflicted because of this kind of propaganda
The reason is that these three troops are always in conflict with each other. At this moment, they were recognized as wanting to rebel because they looked at each other consciously. Then the three troops killed each other and became a ball. The whole attack was forced to pause for a while.
In this tense and chaotic atmosphere, the whole offensive and defensive war of Xing Wangfu lasted until noon. There were rivers of blood and piles of corpses outside the walls. Although from the point of view of Wangfu guards, I couldn’t feel any loss from the enemy, the crowd was still so dense, and the flag could still cover the sky. Looking from the wall, people were crowded like ants as far as the eye could see.
Only the other person can really feel the terrible casualties. People who carry corpses are busy, but the dead bodies can’t be lifted all the time. They are afraid of waiting for death in this kind of pain. There is a lack of medicine and doctors. The only thing that can be given to the injured is to have pity on their mothers.
Even at noon, the attack should not stop. Some people can eat, while others continue to attack, but now they can’t find a unit willing to undertake the attack. All the troops are silent and say nothing.
This attitude is more irritating to Shi Jinliang than in the past. Just two days ago, this army was like a drawn sword with sharp edges. Even after the elite was completely folded, this army still maintained its mourning soldiers’ fighting spirit and showed a strong hope of fighting jade. However, because of that damn Huo Qiu, this huge army has become lifeless, and it has already produced a deviation mood, which is even worse than when it first became an army.
He has to reevaluate Huo Qiu’s rebellion now, and I’m afraid the loss is far greater than his victory in annihilating more than 100 Jianghu people. What’s more, the harm caused by these 300 people can be compared with that caused by 3,000 well-armed regular troops.
"It’s not a way for everyone to talk so stiffly. We’ve killed them, and many people have scared their guts. Why have these people let Huo Qiu’s rebel array say that there is no one left in Wangfu? Now we have to work harder to get it, but now you tell our department to eat. No one wants to attack at this time?"
Silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence.
Run amok nu way "what’s the matter with you? Are you dumb? Liu Daan, you are my old department. Do you want to attack this flag if you say a word? "
"… I don’t know how to listen to what you say. It’s just that you’re tired of being idle. It’s not too cold for everyone to lie still in the mud. You can’t afford a few people even if you whip. If you want to run, I can rush by myself."
"Shi Wangye, I really think we … can we consider paying a salary to boost morale?" An officer carefully tried to see that Shi Jinliang looked busy and bowed his head. "The villain said that you should not take it to heart."
Shi Jinliang studied the man a few times. "Your name is Cheng Wanquan, right? You took the initiative to join and killed your official warlords after we got up, right?"
"Report good memory that dog officer slept with my wife when I don’t know? It’s that I’m afraid of him every day. It’s only after the rebels arise that I have a chance to get revenge. "
"Yes, the rebel army gave you a chance to take revenge, so that you can stand tall and turn from the defending army to an indomitable spirit. You should thank the rebel army for the equal teaching of the law, so that you can no longer be angry with others and let others stop bullying you, right? The only way to achieve a peaceful world is to kill all the injustice! Can we build a kingdom of light without counting the bloody bones? But you! But you want to bring that thing from Junwei to the rebel army. "
Speaking of this, Shi Jinliang hardly saw him when he got up. The mobile man had already arrived at Cheng Wanquan’s body and future, and he was frightened when he came together, but before he had a chance to draw out his weapon, Shi Jinliang’s fists had hit him in the chest.
The leader who can lead the troops has a armor, a fallen soldier’s armor, but he doesn’t have it. It’s a leather armor for protection. Everyone listens. First, it sounds like someone threw a stone into the well, and then it sounds like something broke. Then Cheng Wanquan involuntarily flew out and crashed out of the tent. He flew back and left some blood on his route.
"We these people come from the mountains to drill out of the poor, that is, loyalists say mud legs. We don’t have so many rules, and we don’t make any salary to motivate morale. We are not fighting for the salary, but fighting for ourselves and our descendants to live a good life and fight hard all the way to you and me, regardless of height, intimacy and distance. Anyone who dares to leave the brotherhood again is regarded as this case! Now let’s have dinner together. After dinner, I will personally take you to carry all the thunderbolts. I will blow down these palace walls. "
In the past, people didn’t have much chance to see the ladies-in-waiting when they were on duty to chat. The coolies in the kitchen were all sent to deliver meals, and eunuchs and some ladies-in-waiting did it.
But at this time, the lively and fragrant girl is really in front of her eyes, no matter whether she is beautiful or moving, no one pays attention to her food. Hot soup can’t consider the taste, but she wolfs it down and closes her eyes to restore her strength.
Yang Chengzu grabbed a steamed bread in his hand and pulled the maid-in-waiting to deliver the meal and asked, "What happened over there after work? Why didn’t I hear the news over there?" Is everyone okay? "
Chapter four hundred and thirty-five The last fight (12)
No matter how fierce the battle ahead is, Yang Chengzu pays attention to the final work, and even when there is a serious shortage of manpower, he still assigned a 150-man army to support the work behind. The core of the whole battle is that if the work behind is not lost, the game will be alive. Once the work behind is changed, the battle ahead will be meaningless.