But unlike Yi Yue Lu Xi, he vaguely felt the oppression from the golden Guanghua man in front of him.

It’s a real person
And it is not simple.
A new contact with the world should have such a strong person?
But I am a guide, and I am from an oasis. I want to be elegant and calm.
Yi Yue Lu Xi restored calm. "You are the host. Tell me what you want to buy."
In front of him, the man pondered, "How much do you know about evil spirits?"
Evil god!
"I didn’t expect you to have heard of Baal."
She was slightly surprised. "I don’t know much about the evil spirit, so I will send you some information."
Consider it a personal favor.
The world’s potential seems beyond imagination. Now is the time. You can earn more by collecting projects later.
She said, "Evil gods are located in the deepest part of the mysterious world. There are some simple honorific names to shape them, such as" dark shadow ","scarlet moon ","twisted black river "and" fallen emperor ".
The specific silver-haired woman seems to be really unclear.
However, she said, "Evil spirits are too far away, and cultists who believe in evil spirits are already the enemy of our mankind, no matter which world or oasis cultists come from, they are absolute enemies."
"At the beginning of your world, you may still think that the real disaster comes from the evil spirits. There are a lot of evil spirits, but there are no intelligent monsters after all, and the sacrifice of evil gods can control such monsters."
"Not only that, but in the eyes of normal world evil gods like you, they will do their best to sacrifice the world to them and believe in God, and they will continue to develop cults."
"The simplest comparison is that our normal human awakening needs to go through many crises. One carelessness is serious injury or death, but cultists are different. It is not difficult for them to accumulate mystery and break through, and it is much easier to be attacked by evil spirits."
Sophisticated evil is a natural breed of monsters in the realm of deception, and there is no wisdom
Cults are transformed from human intelligent creatures.
Awakening is easier to break through the pass, there is not so much danger, and it is easier to walk freely in the paradox world than to walk like them.
Such a contrast seems that the normal road awakens have no advantage at all, and they are crushed by the evil way!
Fang you thought
Punishment thunder can’t help but ask what’s on his mind. Good question.
"Since cultists are so hanged, isn’t everyone going to believe?"
If faith is free, it is ok to believe a little.
The strength and life are not poor.
But the punishment of thunder is not so simple.
Sure enough, the silver-haired woman said, "It’s too beautiful to think that everyone who is a cult can be punished because the cult can’t call anyone, even if he used to be a man, but once he believes in an evil god, his body and mind are all that evil god."
"They give everything to Baal than fanaticism and don’t transfer their will. In other words, from the moment they believe in Baal, you are no longer you."
Punishment thunder wanted to mean to ask.
"If you pretend to be a heretic, it is impossible for an evil god to note every believer."
"It’s true that the vast majority of believers are dispensable for evil spirits, and they will be sacrificed and pretended to be from time to time, but if a promotion ceremony … well, that is, a cult awakening ceremony, it will be assimilated and can’t be saved."