Zhang Zhe felt a little disobedient when his words were robbed, but he still smiled.

Before the slightly indifferent expression also melt at this time.
"Although I can’t let you in, you can stay here.
My strength is not as good as that of warlocks, but I will protect my students, including you, before I die. "
Zhang Zhe these words from the heart and let Xu Le couldn’t help but give birth to some goodwill.
"thank you, teacher"
"You’re welcome. After all, you are a student."
Xu Le looked at Zhang Zhe and was silent for a few seconds before deciding to report to him when he saw the situation.
Because he doesn’t seem to have anyone to count on except Zhang Zhe.
"Zhang Zhe teacher I just …"
"What happened just now?"
"I just saw Wu Chan, who couldn’t see clearly with half the teacher’s body in his hand."
"WuChan you mean WuChan? Black or white? "
Hearing Wu Chan Zhang Zhe was a little shocked and did ask black and white questions, so Xu Le Bai asked the right person himself.
"So! Ok, I know. "
Zhang Zhe nodded thoughtfully and took out a strange piece of paper. The paper was lit and disappeared immediately after the blood was pressed by fingers.
"Thank you for your important information.
I will definitely reward you afterwards. "
Although there are some expectations for the so-called awards, Xu Le still feels that his life is more important
"Teacher, what is so weird in school? What about the night watchman and the school garrison? "
"What’s your name?"
Zhang Zhe didn’t answer Xu Le’s question immediately, but asked Xu Le’s name.
"My name is Xu Le."
"Xu Le, some changes have taken place in the Kuroshio today, which may be different.
The specific situation has not been said yet, but it is certain that today’s party is much more dangerous than before. "
"I know that."
Xu Le certainly knows that the Kuroshio today is not just a simple Kuroshio.
Red crescent robbery is the real name of Kuroshio tonight.
"Teacher, you look like you know something about Wu Chan. Can you tell me about it?"
"Of course, but I don’t know much."
"Say as much as you want."