How long has it been? I didn’t even watch those people from expectation to surprise.

Tang Chuanti’s eyes glazed over and there was no movement after he entered, which made people wonder if he was aware of what had happened in the sea.
This is too slow.
They waited for nearly ten minutes before they saw that the rules were copied and the traces were now in the ring.
Replica Tang Chuan glances nodded, and then once again took a sharp shot at the top of the top 100 list. The name surface was integrated by the name "Quantity Buddha", which made the trace bright and bright.
Tang Chuan looked at Quinn Oster and pointed to the sky before he had a mouth.
Tang Chuan looked in the direction he pointed to and saw that the two rewards of heaven and earth had already been brewed and fell into his body again
Feeling full and comfortable, I came to Tang Chuan again to quickly absorb these two rewards and felt that I seemed to have reached a bottleneck again.
However, this time, it didn’t break through immediately, but stopped at the end of the day. Those abundant pure energy turned to gain the part that Tang Chuan lacked
His strength is short and his body muscles are surging like waves and running like snakes.
Kakaka ~
White jade-like bones also exploded, and the bone structure changed slightly.
It seems that these two rewards of heaven and earth are not simply to help the rewarded break through, but to find shortcomings and make up for them.
Tang Chuan suddenly shook his fist, and the gas could not bear to blow up the air billow challenge to form a round explosion group.
He felt that he had reached the peak in the surge of strength and body, and his heart was slightly measured. Although it was still not Kune Oster, the gap seemed to be almost even
He was surprised. I didn’t expect that the rewards of heaven and earth would be so generous, which not only enabled him to reach the realm of middle-level physical stars, but also directly jumped to the threshold of higher-level physical stars, and also qualitatively strengthened his strength attributes.
This is a reward once. If it is not enough, it will be rewarded for the second time and the third time.
But for a moment, he seems to know something. These rewards are not a one-off health.
Chaos, clouds, sky, unusual bright colors, and brilliant illumination of heaven and earth.
Since then, it has hit the top 100 list with two clean shirts, measuring the name of Buddha.
All people in the first floor of Oni Tsuka have a feeling of understanding the source of heaven and earth rewards
Kun Oster looked at Tang Chuan and said, "Although I had a hunch, I still want to congratulate you on measuring the Buddha. You have won two strongest titles in history."
Tang Chuan’s own breath of heaven and earth is also a feeling.
Just those two rewards are impressively that he broke the two strongest records in the history of the first-floor Libra challenge.
The strongest fighting consciousness!
The fastest speed!
Even Oni Tsuka admitted that the speed of his fighting consciousness in this realm is that ancient and modern people can excel in the right!
He also gave a reward to announce that the new king ascended the throne and wrote a justified motto!
And Tang Chuan himself doesn’t seem to be very excited. He feels that his emphasis on gain attributes will not be able to overwhelm the ancient and modern times, which is surprising.
Dilute the magical Kuntasha combination is not a vegetarian.
He is a little confused. Isn’t his self-healing ability the strongest?
Or is there no such record in Oni Tsuka?
Tang Chuan looked at Quinn Oster and asked, "Isn’t my self-healing ability worth nothing?"
Quinn Oster’s face froze with laughter. He said leisurely, "You are not happy but dissatisfied when you break two records at a time … It is a record of self-healing ability, but I remember that person failed to leave his name on the Top 100 list except for self-healing."
It’s simply a racial talent, just like some creatures are born with almost immortal characteristics, unlike you and me. "
Tang Chuan reluctantly accepted such talk.
Indeed, it is impossible for talented people to compete with Bug creatures like flatworms and water bears.
But humans can easily dominate the death of such creatures.
Tang Chuan asked again, "Is there any benefit to breaking the record besides just rewarding heaven and earth?"
Kunn Oster truthfully replied, "There is a special treatment for Oni Tsuka, a real tianjiao. This special treatment is usually difficult to detect, but the probability of getting opportunities here is surprisingly higher than others. Even some mortal crises may be saved by the will of heaven and earth."
Tang Chuandao "Better luck?"
Quinn’s characteristic nods "so to speak"