Lin Chong said to 74

So those players who limit the card BUG to death will die if they find that it is not just a line, and they will not go to the line. Once they enter the name and password, it will be a’ you are limited’, which makes many people smash their helmets.
After this batch of players are forbidden to log in
Lin Chong studied what kind of immortal method this is.
Land immortals
The most common and bizarre school among the twenty-four immortals.
It’s common to call a’ Land Lord’ when a land mountain knocks on the vein, which can summon a half-man, tall and short land fairy.
Strangely, Lin Chong-fa imagined what it would be like for this clan to become immortal once he achieved enlightenment.
When the two ancient land fairies met, they showed the ability of "shocking the virtual". Even the true fairies have the ability of shaking the virtual, which can be seen from Lin Hao’s crossing into the true fairy sword tactic.
And is it their ability to die strangely?
What is this, the death note?
It’s not easy … There’s nothing to prepare for the mushroom missile.
Behind the alien wall
Lin Chong frowned.
Since the Battle of Monty, I have been busy with various fusion projects of roots and fruits, and the output of Fenbaoyan has become less and less. With Zer‘’s "enlightenment", I officially fell asleep, even ignoring the upgrading of Fenbaoyan technology.
Conventional Ziting Kunlun Thunder and Dong Shengyang Thunder are not worse for Du Jie Zhenxian because they are not dusty, and they will be robbed again. It is said that it is difficult to add to the damage of Zhenxian fire and water.
Don’t look at Lin Chong’s one-time H-bomb repelling millions of monty troops. I don’t know how many four robbers went to the big monty, but even one can’t handle it if it’s one-on-one
If Yi Weier is alive, it’s okay … If Taishan Jun can make moves … I’m afraid not.
Lin Chong still remembers that once Five Blessingg dialect appeared, it was difficult for him to be truly immortal and powerful in ancient times, that is, the furnace keeper offered a means to prevent his only fruit from growing too fast
And the furnace keeper has such a great power as Taishan Jun, a roster player, that even fingernails can’t be contaminated with it.
"… the two land in-laws must die …"
Lin Chong listened to a gibberish.
Lin Chong came to the front of the big mushroom and looked at Zer.
Zer once again entered the state of "enlightenment" after the fusion degree of the secret reached 9%
Although Lin Chong has long had the attribute of "third-rate home" and the impulse to write the skill of "grasping the cat", he endured it.
I always feel that this skill should be attributed to one person.
Sunday’s scripture calculation is the highest wisdom in this field and the first major project’ Vientiane brainwave sequencing’ initiated by the earth’s other side, which makes Lin Chong’s root and fruit attributes’ a secret’ at the moment.
This is definitely the wisdom of two circles.
If you really form a skill, this skill is definitely the highest in this ranking.
Once the skill integration degree reaches 9%, ZER enters the state of "enlightenment" again, which is proof.
And it’s not just this miraculous place.
When Zer is enlightened, some gibberish always falls somewhere, which is not empty talk.
What does he want to say now?
"… Vientiane brainwave … the last 5% will fall into the land in-laws …"
"… it’s a doom and an opportunity … it’s a destiny …"
Listen, Zer talks nonsense
What will Lin Chong suddenly realize that Zer will become?
It’s a secret …
The first kunlun treasure …
This boundary
There are two kinds of secrets.
One hangs high for nine days and the other falls into the dust.
Every clan door has a secret treasure, such as a blue sky floating in the sky, which corresponds to the ten thousand dharma Mahayana, the immortal Mahayana, the leisure armor and so on, as well as a secret person, such as the wild fox immortal Sect and the Soviet Union.
At the moment, Lin Chong realized that the first revelation of Kunlun Xianzong was even going to fall into Zer.
And the last 5% of the’ one hold the cat’ will fall into the land in-laws.
The cause and effect of the world are so wonderful.
If, according to Five Blessingg, the land in-laws are the only means for the furnace keepers to prevent the fruit from ripening too quickly, then if they are defeated by Lin Chong, they will become the help of ripening the fruit.
All the great powers in this world will leave cause and effect if they move.
This cause and effect is something on each other, right?
Lin chong realized this and asked Zer, "how to kill them?"
"Huhu …" Zer snores evenly, although this guy snores like a whistle.
The giant mushroom curled its roots and buried Zer again.
Lin Chong can really see big mushrooms favoring Zer everywhere. Fortunately, Lin Haoheng and Lin Buzhou won’t be jealous of it.