The house will soon come to Xi Tong Yin.

"Sister Xun and Sister Bird, look, I have a kitten and a puppy."
"It’s dad who brought my dad back!"
So Tianyang saw Kaoru and the bird when he entered the house with Qingming.
Hold the two women in your arms and the sun will look around the day after tomorrow.
"Where’s Qianhong?"
The bird looked up and said with a smile, "She went hunting in the forest and said she wanted to get a deer back to mend Kaoru."
Kaoru shook his head and smiled. "I couldn’t tell her that I had recovered, but she said that she couldn’t sit still if she didn’t hunt."
Tianyang nodded. "It’s like she can do things."
Then Xun looked at Qing Ming, who was held up by the airflow. "Did you bring Qing Ming back?"
Tianyang nodded. "I have a hunch that she will soon wake up and bring her back."
Kaori couldn’t help but look at Tianyang with a faint uneasiness in my heart, but I couldn’t say for sure what it was.
"I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?"
Tianyang asked with a smile
The bird patted his chest and said, "Take care of me. I’ll cook now."
Tianyang nodded. "Thank you."
He then asked, "Where is Yongtai?"
Kaori pointed to the top of his head "sleeping"
"I’ll go and see him."
"I’ll go too!"
Xi Tong hugged Xiaohua Mall and said, "I want to tell Yongtai that we have a pet at home. A real pet!"
She put her arms around her and sat almost as tall as her wolf. "Of course I love you, too."
She kissed the wolf.
The wolf suddenly spat out his tongue and gasped.
Second floor bedroom
Tianyang gently pushed the door and saw a fat baby sleeping in a crib in the room.
He breathes evenly, he doesn’t know what he dreams of, and his mouth sucks from time to time.
Sunseeker Tong smiled softly while covering her mouth. "Yongtai, a glutton, must have dreamed that he was drinking milk."
Tianyang touched her head and said, "I’ll tell you a secret. You were like this when you were a child."
Sunseeker tong immediately pursed his mouth.
Tianyang smiled and walked to the bed, stretching out a finger and stroking Xiao Yongtai’s chubby face.
Tianyang’s eyes became soft and reluctant.
He looked at his son inch by inch as if he wanted to see this little figure in his heart.
Looking at such a sunny day, I don’t know the sunseeker Tong’s heart trembled gently, and the sight blurred as if there was a feeling of losing my father forever.
Before she left, her hand tightened Tianyang’s skirt.
not bad
Dad also
He didn’t leave
Tianyang looked back at her red-eyed daughter and said, "What’s the matter with you?"
"Nothing, nothing," said Sunseeker Tong, holding the kitten. "I’ll go and see if Sister Bird is ready to eat."
"Go" Tianyang smiled and pretended that he didn’t know his daughter’s little mood.
After Xi Tong left,
It’s just the sun and the baby in bed