Although it is not clear, it can still be seen from their body shape and dress style that this is not the person who entered the mirage together.

It is exactly the same as the monster in the hall, and they have not observed it.
What reason can such a group of grasshoppers who are obviously in the same boat fight together?
It’s just chaos, and there is a big reason for them to have chaos in such a community of interests, which may be that they have discovered some concession treasures …
Of course, it is also possible that some mechanism has made them insane …
But whatever the reason, this group of people can’t beat what they have delivered to the door. What reason is there not to get involved?
If there is a treasure, Tang Chuan will take it.
If there is danger, these people can not only beat themselves, but also run away from themselves …
Tang Chuan looked at Ugly and said, "We’re going out, Ugly. Are you sure you don’t want to go out with us? It’s the same if you don’t find your master."
Tang Chuan won’t take Ugly away by force, nor will he be taken out of a mirage, but he can let him have a look at Wang Yang’s body for his master.
If there is such an early recognition of reality.
This is not the same as being directly away from Oni Tsuka and discovering that time has long passed and being able to guess his master’s death without confirming it.
Although the former is sad, it is better to get the answer simply and directly than to wait here alone for eternity.
The latter will fall into contradictions and entanglements, which will aggravate ugliness and sorrow.
If Wang Yang didn’t find his master so ugly, he could still look forward to the future.
And Tang Chuan, they can also find out what the identity of those undead bodies is.
And Ugly must know more about the mirage than anyone else. He may know where to be safe, where to be dangerous and where to hide really precious treasures.
This is Tang Chuan’s selfishness, but it will not force this soul that makes his part of humanity loyal.
Ugly struggled a little and shook his head again as expected. "No, I’ll wait here for my master to go home!" "
"Well, then we’ll be able to see you again without hope."
"Goodbye guests …"
Chapter 435 Ghost Guanyin
Ugly went to hit the cork and exposed the glass curtain.
Tang Chuan led the crowd to this small gap and said, "Goodbye Ugly, we will remember your entrustment."
Ugly and clever nodded to hide his loss.
Tang Chuan also didn’t say what led them to the outside world.
This is an ugly place with a very abstract arrangement and a huge pile of all kinds of things. The bottle is also a drop in the ocean here.
The ground is inlaid with crystals, bricks and other gravel.
The walls on all sides are even more exaggerated, just like a group of syrup that has not solidified and rolled over the garbage dump. What bottles, instruments and sculptures are all included in front?
I don’t know what caused this. It’s like everything has been melted here.
At the moment, the first group of people in Liana are horrified to look at a companion in the rear. Many people are injured in the path, and some people are torn to pieces and lose their vitality.
What makes them panic and flee is that they have become a mixture, and a companion can vaguely see some traces of the original from that huge body.
However, it has grown several times in size, and it seems that it has absorbed and integrated many dead people’s limbs and claws, emitting animal roars.
And those fusion limb knots absorbed by him also seem to have undergone some power transformation, generally becoming stronger and stronger, and still maintaining some energy fluctuations of the original owner.