Has been greatly separated from the original material, making the ground a wonderful’ distorted jungle’

As soon as it landed on the surface … it felt familiar information.
This particularly distorted tumbler is actually … a minibus.
Symbionts found that it was finally found again … its maker.
Although it feels like finding it by accident
But it hasn’t been confirmed yet
Symbionts immediately went deep into the earth’s surface and tried to confirm whether the familiarity they felt from here was true or not.
Then it met … the same distorted minibus organ.
When it touches the minibus organs, it also feels the minibus consciousness.
This consciousness is completely in a’ normal’ state.
That is to say, I felt exactly the same as before … when this minibus found symbionts, I immediately spoke to it.
First, the minibus expressed its surprise.
Then I expressed my loneliness.
It says that it has been here for a long time and nothing has happened.
It feels very … Chat.
It’s great for symbionts to be here now.
The symbiont felt danger at this time, but it was too late for it.
Because it found its body … and the organs of the minibus’ glued’ together completely.
It’s as if the two sides have merged, and it finds itself completely unable to move.
And then … it’s always been like this.
Exactly the same as before.
The minibus trapped it here and continued to tell it all kinds of stories.
Of course, before the peace, some different minibuses mainly told stories about their own’ distortions’ infection.
It tells how these distortions spread from themselves and finally infect the whole star.
No living things in the star can escape, and all of them become a part of distortion.
While the symbiotic embodiment still has a sense of perception, it feels that it is exactly the same as the previous’ life’.
So it tried to … escape from here.
But this plan has never been smooth because it has no idea how the minibus trapped it.
What will their body structure merge … It can’t figure this out, although it knows that the reason why they merge is probably because they are two original creatures.
But it just doesn’t know that the minibus is like controlling its own organs.
Later, it thought of the way to "clear the encirclement" mainly because it learned some knowledge with the creator before.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and sixty-three Attraction
"What …"
It has always been very incomprehensible.
What kind of minibus likes to trap it and talk to it all the time … all kinds of things?
What’s even more amazing is that …
It always feels’ desperate’ when it is trapped in a minibus.
It doesn’t feel very desperate about the minibus anger class … it doesn’t feel’ future’.
But this time I was trapped much faster than before.
Because symbionts send some signals to the virtual.
When the symbiont came here, it actually detected that there was not a bus biological signal, and there was another creature.