Your position in the business of economic man will rise.

Therefore, Mosio does not reject and always win.
Recently, Changsheng received a message from Fa Erkao agent Mosio.
In the words, Mosio told him that there were many clubs interested in Fa Erkao, but Barcelona was the most interested.
"Barcelona?" Constant victory rhetorical question
"It’s Barcelona," Mercio repeated.
Changsheng smiled.
Barcelona has a lot of troubles this season.
In the league, they were firmly suppressed by their bitter rivals, Real Madrid. Last season, they lost the league title because the two sides were behind in the same score.
This season, they have been lagging behind Real Madrid by a big margin. If there is no accident, this season’s league champion will probably be Real Madrid.
After winning the League title and the Champions League in succession, Barcelona encountered the same situation as Lazio, that is, the desire for honor in the dressing room has lost, and they are more concerned with their own economic income than maintaining their competitive level.
This team has come to the end of its cycle.
It used to cheer people that Dream Team II was about to step on the historical stage.
The team’s locker room, Ronaldinho, degenerated into Eto ‘o’s big mouth … Rijkaardo gradually lost control of the locker room.
Similar to Lazio, but with different results.
Changsheng also has control over Lazio. Although there are some uneasiness, it is still within the control of Changsheng on the whole.
Rijkaard completely lost control of that team.
In the past two years, Real Madrid is not the strongest in terms of strength, but can play Barcelona without fighting back.
The top management of laporta’s first Barcelona club obviously knows this. Rijkaard led Barcelona back to the peak from the trough and achieved the reputation of Dream II and won the second Champions League in the club’s history.
He has finished himself.
Now, if Barcelona wants to move on and remain brilliant, it must be completely changed from arrival.
The head coach and players have all been replaced.
Can’t control the locker room. The head coach doesn’t need to stay.
Without the desire for honor, there is no need for players to stay in the team and sell them while they can afford it.
Then, we should buy some qualified players to supplement the team’s strength.
Besides, Barcelona can’t just buy some cats and dogs. It needs powerful, influential and legitimate red players.
In this way, Barcelona naturally set its sights on Lazio Fa Erkao.
At this time, Fa Erkao is said to be renewing his contract with the club, but it has not been settled yet. The media suddenly increased a lot, and Fa Erkao will leave the team after the season.
Now is a good time to start!
In this way, Barcelona found Fa Erkao’s agent Mosio.
They hope that Mosio can put pressure on Lazio to facilitate the transfer deal.
"Besides Barcelona, which clubs are interested in Fa Erkao? I say they are giants," Chang Sheng asked.
"Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid …"
Mosio said
"We fired Claudio and now it is announced that these clubs all want Fa Erkao, especially Real Madrid. You know Barcelona and Real Madrid are terrible. If Real Madrid wants players, they will definitely grab them … and then you can tell Fa Erkao that our negotiations have broken down. If he wants to leave, I won’t stop him."
Changsheng said in the words
"OK, I’ll tell him, but won’t it affect his performance on the court?"
Changsheng shook his head. "You won’t tell him that if he wants to go to a big team and earn more than 5 million players a year to become the world’s top star, he will try his best to help Lazio reach the top of the Champions League in the last half of the season."
Mercio was about to hang up when he suddenly remembered something. "Oh, yes, there is something that makes me think it might be better to tell you … Yesterday, the reporter named Pacheco from Gazzetta dello Sport called me. He wanted to interview me …"
Chang Sheng smiled. "It seems that you are interviewed by him before he gives up. We were still talking about letting the media help us get the news out. Isn’t this just a chance to send the door?"
Hang up and always think about Pacheco.
It seems that the Gazzetta dello Sport reporter will not stop until he messes up his dressing room …
In fact, many players and agents have taken the initiative to find themselves out and want to renew their contracts with the club.
They’re not showing loyalty
They are robbing in troubled waters.
I hope to break the club’s annual salary limit of 2 million euros