Soon Hu Rui was brought back to Hu Jia again. Within a few days, the town where Hu Jia lived was surrounded by evil spirits and semi-magic people. It was an elder of mine who later confirmed that he was already a semi-magic person commanding evil spirits to repair and besiege fenglin town people. Liu Yan was an influential figure although he was not dominant. "

When I heard this, Su Yi’s eyes became cold and complete. "At that time, this woman was mixed up with evil spirits and semi-magic people. Now she must be mixed up with evil spirits and semi-magic people. The water accord is less and she is dying."
Zong Jiu took the message that "Shuiyage people have been dying all the time, but they just don’t know what they will do this time in that woman."
MinShao cold snorted "whatever you do is death"
Hu Yingxue, who once suffered such a big loss in Hu Rui’s hand, naturally won’t underestimate her, but she won’t care too much about her. There is no chance of contact. That woman can think of limited moves. She just manages her troops to block the water. She doesn’t want to talk anymore. She turned to a topic. "You just came to me and said these things?"
Su Yi replied, "I don’t want to ask Master Zudan what to refine that day. When Min Shao and I are going to refine it, we are required to refine Xianzhi Shuihun Dan on the spot, which can not only prove that we are indeed Danshi, but also prove that our accomplishments in Dandao are not the case."
Hu Yingxue smiled, "I want to forge a purple heart-breaking pill."
Zong Jiu left the corner of his mouth. "If that bastard hadn’t come out to spoil it, I would have chosen a Dan medicine that can curb the field just like you. That guy went out to refine Qing Ming Shou Dan and sent me a prescription. I asked people to inquire about it. A few days ago, someone bought all the materials for refining Qing Ming Shou Dan. Someone didn’t want me to practice before, just like refining Qing Ming Shou Dan."
Hu Yingxue took a white look at Zong Jiu. "He sent you a prescription, but you won’t give him one. We have so many prescriptions, which are high in order but not too wide. There are a lot of Dan medicines. You just pick one out and give him a fight. Isn’t it less than two games? He wants Qing Ming Shou Dan to compete with you, so the prescription is compared with him."
Zong Jiu frowned. "Let’s have it when we come to Qingming Shoudandan."
Suyi’s eyes swept past. "It seems that you are so angry by that Gong Qisen that we can come up with more high-order prescriptions to talk to that jerk, and it will be broken. Unfortunately, we will not appear if we first go to the top-level Gaodan master or Zongjiu steps on that jerk."
Zong Jiu raised his hand and knocked on his head. "These days, I’m going in and out with ten granduncles. My head is almost assimilated by him." Speaking of this, he frowned. "Brother Xun Xiu found ten granduncles and asked her sister Xun Lulu to apologize. Xun Xiu didn’t show up, saying that he was being watched and closed by Xun Lou."
Suyi sneered, "The five brothers and sisters of Xunjia are not alive and dead at present, but Xun Lou has poor talent and qualifications. It is said that the disappearance of the big miss of Xunjia and the jealousy of the second young lady should be the reason why Xunxiu’s eldest brother Xun Li and his second brother Xun Cong ignored the truth about Xunxiu and her second sister. After Xunxiu was brought back by her, she was not close enough to be blocked by her."
After listening to Su Yi’s words, Min Shao said, "Xun Lu and Lan Yaxian met, and I saw them."
Zong Jiu’s mouth shook. "Two seniors always hit the nail on the head."
It’s time to say that Su Yi three people left Hu Yingxue, and Su Yi took a Fang Yujian with a picture of poria cocos and green dandan and stuck it in a restaurant. Gong Qisen, although Gong Qisen holds his grandfather’s support, he didn’t dare to be too car-scrapping in front of Zong Jiu. He had to pick up Zong Jiu’s prescription in front of the crowd.
Gong Qisen took Dan Fang back to his temporary residence. Just as Fang entered the gate, he was stopped by a waiter. "Elder Wu, please come over."
Elder Wu’s name is Wu Chun, a second Dan Shi. It was reported that the Danmeng was stationed in Ganyuan World, and someone made a false identity. The elder of the Law Enforcement Hall came with people. Gong Qisen did not lead a team or a law enforcement hall person, but followed him when he set out. Gong Qisen heard from his followers in secret these days, but he did not respond for the time being.
Seeing Gong Qisen coming in with the guards, he looked humble. Wu Chun felt disgusted in his heart. He didn’t show his true feelings with such people. When Gong Qisen finished the ceremony, he said, "Show me that prescription."
Wu Chun’s position in Danmeng is much higher than that of Gong Qisen’s grandfather. Gong Qisen did not dare to annoy him and quickly put his hands on Danmeng.
Wu Chun looked at a prescription burned in it and returned it to Gong Qisen. "There is no problem with the prescription. Don’t go out and walk from today to Danbi. When you grasp it, you should follow the prescription and refine some. When you get it, you don’t know what to do to make people laugh."
Gong Qisen blushed and retired. He quarreled and others lied. In fact, he only borrowed some means to get into the title of the Seven Dan Division. Later, he came into contact with the Seven Dan Formulas and stumbled into a real Seven Dan Division. He dared to find Zong Jiu Dou Dan, who was full of great contributions. Seeing Zong Jiu seemingly casually took out a prescription, he doubted whether he was a pawn, but now he can bite the bullet.
Gong Qisen has been suspicious of Lin Zhifu here, and his eldest son is still feeling smug over there. He has not only brought a heavyweight enemy to Hu Yingxue and them, but also recovered his former glory from the Water Accord soon, which is likely to become more beautiful than before.
Looking at his father and eldest brother, the little man’s success was like that. Lin Yi Lian turned up a disgusting crazy Tao in his heart and thought of himself. Maybe it was the same. He immediately increased his dislike for himself. Now he doesn’t want to deal with these two people at home more and more. Lin Yi Lian turned to leave.
When I saw the children standing in the forest, I immediately frowned and asked, "Where have you been these days?"
Lin Yi Lian turned around and looked at the forest. "I didn’t go anywhere and stayed in the room."
Lin Li was choked-he recently felt that children were not intimate with their eldest son, so he kept taking them in and out once. He didn’t even know that children had never left the house once. Looking at that face full of indifference, he suddenly felt that he had sufficient reason to be left out for a while. This face hung a little chill and said to Lin Yi Lian, "After so many years outside, no one taught you to pay respects to your elders?"
Lin Yi has drooped his eyelids. "It is true that no one has taught this teaching is something else."
Hearing this, Lin Li’s mind came up with what he took him to say when he saw this child, except for calculating or calculating. He had no filial piety and conscience and felt guilty. "More and more bastards can say this. Go back to your room quickly to save me from seeing you upset."
Before Lin Yi fell out of favor, there were only two people who followed him. When he came out of the forest room, they quickly followed him. One of them was indignant. "What did Dagong do is to hook up with a woman who can hook up with anyone?"
Another person is also a face of indignation. "That is, Dagong regards that woman as a treasure. I just heard one thing. That woman once blocked the Hu family in Fenglincheng, Wuzhou at the city gate. The people called Hu Yingxue’s parents to call their parents and fled after being ridiculed by the Hu family."
Lin Yi Lian has been unwilling to care about these two people saying that they only turned around when they returned to their room and looked at them when they grew up together. "Would you like to come with me?"
Smell speech two people together replied, "we are male slave and we will go wherever we go."
Chapter 132 Every man’s mind VS stupid dead
Because someone is jumping around this time, there are more people than Dan, and there are still many people who have to take out flying instruments and float in the prescribed places. How to turn around and look at them is a sea of people.
However, Hu Yingxue didn’t pay any attention to these people who came here specially for her. People kept coming up with one jade box after another, big or small, to cover the people sitting in the monitoring seat, and then closed it and put it aside on the wooden frame, with a cool face and a crazy spit.
It’s not the tucao supervisory seat. Those people are tucao sitting in their own team. Someone took out a pile of vestments one by one in the morning and almost filled her room with beautiful men who like their wives. There should be a lot of men who are so keen on dressing up their wives themselves, right?
In a pile of dazzling or dazzling clothes, she turned over a set of white neutral robes. White is the most plain color among many colors. More ice-permeable silk embroidery patterns are all gorgeous. Is it a blow to women’s confidence that a big man is so good at embroidery? Uh, no, it’s not embroidered, it’s directly refined by refining
The other one is so sweet and happy. Hu Yingxue thinks so, but she can’t show that someone is too caring. If she is too excited about that person, she will be unable to control herself. Don’t really annoy him, or he will make you feel hard.
When Hu Yingxue’s thoughts didn’t know where to go, she was suspended in a huge drum and gave a roar. Hu Yingxue turned to look at the supervisory seat and sat in the front row. Zhao Dezhu nodded "OK" at her.
There are 100 kinds of spiritual plants for refining Purple Heart-breaking Pills, but there are four or five hundred jade boxes taken out by Hu Yingxue to prevent bystanders from obtaining the prescription by memory. The alchemist will take some measures in public. This is the usual practice. Hu Yingxue chooses purple jade to refine the jade box, because purple jade is a material for refining Purple Heart-breaking Pills.
Zhao Dezhu said that the wooden frame with the jade box was suspended to a half and wrapped in blue smoke at the same time. When it fell back to the distant wooden frame, the jade boxes were all changed. Even if someone had a good memory, he would not know which kind of Hu Yingxue put into Dan Ding. If so, he could figure out the folk prescription, which was something.
Hu Yingxue, an alchemist, of course knows that if you distinguish those jade boxes, you can shoot yourself in the foot. When the wooden frame falls back and takes out the fire platform from that palace, it shines in front of people before it is released. She sets out to refine the purple heart-breaking Dan.
In the stands, a man wrapped in a black cloak stared wildly. "That’s …"
Someone next to him turned his head. "Brother, have you found something?"
Finding himself attracting the attention of others, the man restrained his emotions.
Smell speech turned his head and people laughed. "Of course, the five treasures of the terrace will be taken out for trading at the end of the tripod alliance. Many Dan teachers are trying to raise money to trade it. According to many people, they have taken out all the treasures at the bottom of the closet."
After that, the man in front turned his head back. There was a cloak blocking him from turning back, but he couldn’t see it. In fact, the weirdo in his eyes stared at the fire platform with its own fire, and he couldn’t hear the man say in his heart, "Is it the person who broke into the palace that day who followed her that should be able to see Lan Ya?"
On the other side of the stand, Hu Rui almost rubbed up. Although she didn’t care too much when she received the gift, she could still recognize that Hu Yingxue took out the fire platform and sent it to the idiot, but the idiot wanted to give it away, not her but the original owner of her body.
I don’t know what happened. Her soul went into that body, but the original owner’s soul disappeared. There was no memory of the original owner. She didn’t know what an idiot and the original owner were. When she was getting along well, the idiot came back and kept sending her this and that, which made her reluctant to make some things. He broke up.
When the fire platform and the Dan Ding were delivered, she had just finished calculating the deity’s daughter. Although she replaced the original owner’s identity, she didn’t have the original owner. She was afraid that the idiot would find that her alchemy level was not up to the Dan Ding level, and she thought about letting them break up. Just when she was looking for trouble, the deity became angry, and the idiot was pulled to the front by her.
To tell the truth, I feel a little guilty when I think of Hu Rui, who is puzzled by the idiot’s eyes. But when I think of that idiot, everything she has done is because of the original owner, not because of her, and she doesn’t want to feel guilty. Besides, people should all be destroyed by the god, and that guilt will disappear as soon as it disappears.