Wu Jiao is a gifted younger brother of the Wu family in recent years, so the elders in the family also hope that she can be elected to the clan in this Longmen Conference without waiting until ten years later, although she can continue to participate in it, so that she can be willing to let her move the three treasures of the town.

Ready and you went one step further. Guo Xiaosi still squeezed past and shouted at Wu Jiao.
Wu jiao looked up and saw that it was Guo Xiaosi. He must have been in a good mood at this time and nodded at him. Thank you.
Although she told Guo Xiaosi these two words, Guo Xiaosi still felt that refusing the Wu did not mean to offend, but he would not offend Wu Jiao. From the bottom of his heart, he still hoped that she would be so angry rather than like a passerby.
Guo Xiong Huang Huan suddenly patted him on the shoulder and pulled him back from his imagination.
It’s you who want to see clearly. It’s Huang Huan Guo Xiaosi who laughs. Aren’t you already swept the door by Luo Tiangang? Why are you still here?
My stay here is arranged by the elders in the family because we Huang family are still people, Huang Huan said in the competition
Guo Xiaosi smiled. Who has defeated three opponents?
Huang Xuan Huang Huan said that he had defeated three opponents, and the fourth opponent was you, Guo Xiong.
Guo Xiaosi heard from Huang Huan that Huang Xuan is the elder brother of Huang Huantang, and also the outstanding person of the Huang family in Xuefeng Mountain, and different from Huang Huan, he is Dihuang Xuan, who wants to leap over Longmen through the Longmen Conference and become a disciple of cultivating immortals, but his fate is not very good. He was only eleven years old when the Longmen Conference was held, and Genfa competed with others to cultivate immortals. If he was squeezed out for the first time at the Longmen Conference at the age of twenty-one, he would be thirty-one and over the age of participating in the Longmen Conference.
Really? It’s such a coincidence that Guo Xiaosi said unexpectedly that from the bottom of his heart, he also wants to enter the door of cultivating immortals through this Longmen Conference. Such a goal must not be changed, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Huang Huan. After all, his only friend is him after he has entered the realm of cultivating immortals.
But since fate has allowed one of us to move on with Huang Xuan, we should let fate make the final judgment.
What do you think? Guo Xiaosi asked with a wry smile. Although he is reluctant, he is also capable. The Huang family in Xuefeng Mountain didn’t have the ability to change the clan to make a decision.
Huang Huan’s face turned red. You know I hope you can go on, but I also hope Hyun Brother can go on. I’m in a dilemma. I really don’t know who to turn to.
Huan Guo Xiaosi persuaded me that I am your cousin’s fourth opponent, and your cousin is also my fourth opponent. No matter who wins, we will meet the fifth and sixth opponent. At least, we have to beat six opponents to win the final victory, so it is the best choice to make people with higher strength than to say that we met the top player. Do you think I can beat him or your cousin can?
Huang Huan wanted to think and shook his head. In my opinion, neither of you can Luo Tiangang. It’s too much.
That’s right, Guo Xiaosi continued to persuade, that is to say, whether we can win the final victory or not is the most important thing, not that I let your cousin or your cousin let me, and we will certainly be able to enter the clan. It is the best decision for us to let the victory continue after the two of us have a real knife fight.
I didn’t mean to say anything, Huang Huan explained. Actually, I’m just a little difficult. Of course, you have to win a game with a real knife and a real gun. Go on, don’t think about it. Get ready. My cousin is not me. He is much better than me. You should be careful.
Thank you for waking up. Guo Xiaosi touched Huang Huan on the shoulder. This is a lovely person he met in the family of cultivating immortals. Many things in the world of cultivating immortals were learned through him. Guo Xiaosi was glad that he had not met such a person as Meng Yunshi, but met Huang Huan. Otherwise, he would probably not have reached this step.
However, Huang Huan’s words don’t mean that Huang Xuan can beat three opponents in a row, and he is definitely not an ordinary person, so he must be careful to deal with it.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Ordinary people
Huang Xuanran’s mana is extraordinary, and a high-order Lingshi is in hand, so Guo Xiaosi has to take a high-order Lingshi to prevent it from being defeated in case of mana exhaustion. Not only this Huang Xuanshui spell happens to be the nemesis of Guo Xiaosi fire spell, although Guo Xiaosi’s mana is a little longer than Huang Xuanzhi’s, but because of the five elements, the two barely tied.
Huang Xuan’s defensive spell is Huang Huan’s saying that the water wall technique is a water curtain across two people, but Guo Xiao’s four scorpion needles can’t pierce it, which makes Guo Xiaosi shout loudly. It’s strange that Wu Lang’s shield can pierce this just water wall, but it can’t pierce the summoned fireball. It’s also a way to pierce this water wall.
However, it is impossible for Huang Xuan to easily defeat Guo Xiaosi, because the power of the crystal wall is also serious. Huang Xuan’s water arrows also turned into a pool of water in front of the crystal wall.
The fight between two people has almost become a competition, and the more backward the mana fight is, the more so unless someone has a particularly powerful instrument. In the final confrontation of the first Longmen Conference, both of them just took high-order instruments and fought a lose-lose battle. Although one of them barely won the first place, he was also weakened and did not suffer particularly after entering Zongmen.
But I’m afraid it should be an opponent who laughs brilliantly because he will face an exhausted opponent
We have to end this dogfight as soon as possible. Guo Xiaosi suddenly removed the crystal wall, threw a ofuda and drank a fire phoenix.
In the first three confrontations, Guo Xiaosi didn’t see the Fire Phoenix once, but this time it must be done quickly, so he summoned it and urged it to spray a fiery flame towards the Huangxuan water wall.
Badon min’s silver mask is afraid of the fire phoenix flame. Today, let’s try whether Huang Xuan’s water wall can withstand the high temperature of the fire phoenix flame.
The fire phoenix jet flame is more violent than the flame operation flame, so that the water wall will be baked straight up with white water mist steam.