"Brother, aren’t you going to repair the knife today?"

Another morning, Luo Changfeng climbed the cliff after boarding the courtyard with a bamboo knife as usual.
Huangfuyi negative hand cliff top looking at the front of a tombstone silent don’t know what to think.
This tombstone is naturally made by Luo Changfeng Dao Chi Bai long ago.
I don’t know if it’s because the snow on the cliff top is too heavy or the tombstone owner’s knife was too strong before his death. It’s snowing all the year round, and the tombstone in Sichuan is weather-beaten and still not buried by snow.
Los Changfeng came to HuangFuYi after looking at that a trance figure said.
"Not today! There’s one thing I want you to say, "said Huang Fuyi, turning to look at Luo Changfeng, who is full of energy."
"Huh?" Los Changfeng is a little strange.
"According to the itinerary, the mission of Tiandong Hundred Clans will arrive in Shanpu City today. Master Dean has decided to express the friendship of Tiandong Hundred Clans for many years, and you will lead two Taoist priests to meet each other in the mountain city," said Huang Fuyi.
Los Changfeng smell speech suddenly some stupid.
Tiandong Baizong Mission? What mission is that? How long ago did you leave from Tiandong? Will arrive in the city today?
"The Hundred Religions will send a delegation to the hospital?" Los Changfeng didn’t resist the doubts in my heart and asked.
"Hundreds of foreign sayings are that they want to have a discussion on Taoism in the hospital, that is, to practice and learn from each other," said Huang Fuyi.
Huangfuyi’s wording is very strict.
Even though Sima Zhao’s intention of this move by the 100 sects in Tiandong is already in his heart, he still practices and learns from each other to form this upcoming grand event on Taoism.
Luo Changfeng knows his brother very well.
So he also understood what this so-called argument was all about.
Just like those unhappy events that happened in the Japanese academy recently.
In the final analysis, it all depends on the new list of geology and metaphysics.
But he doesn’t understand that the 100 brothers in Zhongdong in the new list of Xuanzang are the real winners. The ranking in the new list of Shengdi Xuanzang in Puyuan is far from that in Tiandong, but he still has to talk about visiting the hospital.
Do you think that the school is not worthy to occupy those positions in the Xuan new list?
"Tiandong Baizong is too arrogant, isn’t it?" Los Changfeng frowned and said
He doesn’t like Tiandong.
I don’t like the twelve stars after heaven.
In the lotus world, he saw that his father was killed by twelve stars.
Strictly speaking, Luo Changfeng is disgusted and hates Tiandong!
"Do you know why it was not until the current dean and master announced to the students in the hospital that the hundred religious missions in Tiandong had visited the hospital on the name of Taoism?" Huangfuyi asked
Los Changfeng shook his head.
Since the Academy has long known the news of the arrival of the Hundred Missions in Tiandong, it is very likely that it will receive the invitations from the Hundred Missions in Tiandong at the earliest, but it will not be announced early, so that the students in the Academy can be prepared in advance and not lose face in the grand event.
Luo Changfeng thought so, but didn’t say it.
"That’s because both the dean and the master agree that the students in the courtyard don’t need special preparation when the 100 brothers from Tiandong come." Huangfuyi looked into Luo Changfeng’s eyes and said, "What’s more, it’s even worse to question that Tiandong is not the only person who ranks in the new list!"
Los Changfeng first tiny one zheng, and then a smile now.