Seeing that his master was still there, he wondered why the messenger monk still didn’t speak. Sun Wu introduced his master so that he wouldn’t be too embarrassed. His party was about to arrive in the paradise. It was a bitter journey, and it made everyone happy. Don’t let anyone be upset.

"The elder monk Jinding was polite here. Today, when the magpie called Jinding, I felt that there was a happy event. It happened. The elder monk finally arrived at the western Lingshan boundary from a long distance. This great merit is about to be completed. The Mahayana Buddhist Sutra will be retrieved from the middle earth to achieve the eternal saint." The jade fairy Jinding saw the Monkey King Sun Wu and introduced himself to this monk mage who was once the Tathagata Buddha’s eldest brother Jin Chan in his previous life. He also looked very happy and smiled.
"The Great Immortal praised the little monk for arriving at this paradise all the way with a sincere heart for Buddhism. He can marry Mahayana Sutra back to save us, and all beings in the eastern land can’t be immortal," Tang Sanzang said modestly.
"Jinding serves my Buddha Tathagata method to wait for you here. It has been 19 years since you arrived. Please come with the poor monk." Jinding Daxian laughed.
"Thank you, Great Fairy!" Tang Sanzang said politely and followed Jinding Daxian with several disciples.
Before coming to a pond, Jinding Daxian stopped to say, "Well, please have a good rest and relax in this pool. I have been straining my body for decades. Don’t bother me …" Smiled Jinding Daxian turned away and left several sets of clothes.
Seeing Jinding Daxian flicker away, I can’t wait for the pig to quit. I will jump into the hot pool with a roar.
"I’ll make you a lazy fool. Do you want to do it?" Grabbed the pig ring ear Sun Wu criticise way
"Pain pain! Monkey, let go! " Pig quit eating pain call way
"Go to one side and wait for it first." Matsuzaka waved his ear and lifted him aside. Sun Wu came to Tang Sanzang and said to Tang Sanzang, "Master, you go first."
The pig ring finally realized that he had made a mistake and rushed to Tang Sanzang’s side to flatter and smile. "Yes, yes, master, you should go first!"
Tang Sanzang smiled and nodded. "We are going to appear before my Buddha. We should wash away all the dust to show our respect. Would you please leave first?"
"thud" a few people stumbled when they heard Tang Sanzang’s words.
Looking at several disciples, Tang Sanzang’s head was covered with black lines.
"Hehe, isn’t Master really just taking a bath and letting us avoid it? Is he still ashamed?" Avoid way aside pig ring laughs at way
"What are you talking about?" Sun Wu smell speech and complete stop way
See sun Wu so pig quit nai shrugged his shoulders and shut up.
So when Sun Wu waited for half a column of incense, Tang Sanzang came out of the pool.
At this time, Tang Sanzang, who had washed all over the dust, had changed the brocade cassock, and the whole person looked much younger.
"disciples, you also go and wash!" Come to sun Wu them Tang Sanzang laughed.
"That troublesome master is waiting here!" Sun Wuqian said
"Go ahead!" Tang Sanzang nods a way
See Tang Sanzang nod already impatient pig quit immediately called a flicker disappeared with a second ring "burst"-his fat figure has appeared in the water.
"Ha ha Lao Sha, let’s go there!" Sun Wu smiled at Sha Wujing Tao and took Sha Wujing into the pool with a jump.
Looked at all the way to protect themselves westward. Several disciples Tang Sanzang smiled and waited quietly.
After an hour, Sun Wu finally walked out of the pool.
"Well, let’s thank a Jinding Daxian, and it’s time to continue our journey!" Tang Sanzang saw several disciples come out and laughed
"Good master!" Sun Wu replied
"Poor monks, thank you for your hospitality!" Tang Sanzang, the welcoming hall of Yuzhenguan, is polite to Jinding Daxiandao.
"Elder Xuanzang is welcome. Now it’s getting late. Why don’t you rest here for one night and set out?" Jinding daxian laughed
"Yes, master, let’s have a rest here!" Pig ring also advised
Although Tang Sanzang was eager to see the Tathagata and get the Sutra early, after listening to the pig warning, he thought that he had arrived in Lingshan anyway, and he nodded at this moment. "So few poor monks have the audacity to bother!"
"Elder, you are welcome. I’m going to prepare your guest room!" Jinding daxian laughed
The next day it was getting dark.
Step out of the YuZhen view, a few people continue to move forward and go to LingHe, which is expected in front of them.
Soon a few mentoring people came to Linghe.
Although the river is halfway up the mountain, I don’t know why it has formed a living water that keeps circulating around Lingshan.
This river is far less than the Tongtian River, which is about nine miles wide, and there is no one around. This is an impossible thing to find someone to cross the river by boat.
A few apprentices swam along this river, hoping to have a bridge so that they could cross it directly, but it took a whole column of incense to find a bridge that they could cross safely. It was Sun Wu and Yu Canghai who found a wooden bridge with sharp eyes.
This wooden bridge is probably thicker and smoother than a fist, not to mention the vulgarity of Master Sanzang. Even those who know martial arts in the secular world are absolutely afraid to walk over this wooden bridge. They also found a stone tablet engraved with three Chinese characters beside this wooden bridge. Lingyun Crossing presumably has been eroded by the river for a long time, and the handwriting is somewhat unclear.
"This Lingyundu is really worthy of the name!"
Tang Sanzang looked at this wooden bridge and gave a heartfelt sigh. This wooden bridge stands on such a wide river. If people walk on this wooden bridge, they should feel like Lingyun.
While everyone hesitated, Tang Sanzang saw a boat coming across from the other side.
"Look, there’s a boat."
Sun Wu pig warned them that when they heard his master’s call, they followed his eyes and rowed the boat in the big river in front of them.
It seems that the boat is about one person wide, and at best it can be three people. Moreover, Sun Wu, an eagle-eyed man, saw that the boat had no bottom. If the boat had no bottom, one reason for rowing in such a fast-flowing river was that the boating people were definitely not mortal, maybe they were terrible.