Face blocks Wang Dutong didn’t put Chen Yunfei this level guy in the previous step, shook his wrist, shook a discerning pike, and went out to sell it, wrapped in terrorist force, and went straight to Chen Yunfei’s eyebrows to boom!

Not surprisingly, when this pike hit Chen Yunfei, it was also the latter’s head that exploded!
Chen Yunfei frowned slightly and looked at the long gun shot at him. "It seems that … no, that trick won’t work … If the boss is destined … See you in the afterlife!"
After that, his body suddenly surged with filar silk smoke, and his whole skin turned red in a flash. There was a flash of luster like a faint flame in his eyes, and he drank a "drunken Luo Tian!"
After that, Chen Yun flew and gave off bursts of skin and bones tearing. The flying pike was stopped by a heavy alcohol and suspended half an inch between the eyebrows.
"What means is this?" Hong et al. One leng, they didn’t expect Wang Heng, though not included in the list, to be a real adult in the early stage. Compared with the last person, they are almost the same. However, with the strength of Wang Heng, it is really surprising that even Chen Yunfei was defeated by the latter in the late stage of breaking the wall.
"Bastard!" Wang Heng looked at his eyes and then strode forward to gather his hands towards Chen Yunfei with vigorous force.
"Drunk ape dancing on the moon!" Chen Yun flew and shook his feet, but he actually cast a strange gait to his body and suddenly became blurred and several virtual shadows appeared.
"Wang Heng be careful!" Hong said his eyes shrank slightly and hurriedly woke up.
However, after saying his word, Chen Yunfei’s ghostly figure has come to the corner of his eyes behind Wang Heng, and his fists twisted in front of him to raise his hand, which is the condensed power’ wine Pao’ nullified!
"Boom!" Wang Heng also dodged in the future to guard against it, and the whole person in the middle of the back was smashed into the wall like a shell.
However, Wang Heng didn’t suffer too much damage because of this blow. Soon he went on the rampage and got up again. A piece of face blocks with bloodshot eyes also became turquoise "smelly little! Dare to let the old suffer such humiliation! Unforgettable! Unforgettable! I will tear you up completely and hang your head at the city gate for public display! "
"Damn it, this is the adult realm monk strength? I didn’t expect that I didn’t fatally attack Luo Tian with this crazy burning Shou Yuan … and he was the weakest of the three adult monks … This is troublesome! " Chen Yunfei gasped to see the king cross but corners of the mouth slightly permeated with a trace of blood, then you will know that just blow yourself but also let the other side receive minor injuries and my heart sank.
"Smelly little! Go to hell! " Wang Heng swoops down toward Chen Yunfei with a roar.
Chen Yunfei hurriedly bite the tip of the tongue and spit out a mouthful of wine-flavored JingXie, and then his fingers stirred up the mouth JingXie front and quickly drew a character like "wine", and immediately his right hand and left palm slammed the rune.
The spell a quiver followed by a cloud of wine fog scattered to blink Chen Yunfei body wrapped in white fog, together with his body vitality fluctuations also wine fog together!
"Hum! Carving insects and small skills will let you know that the gap between the realms is also a means to make up for it! " The king roars a head into the wine fog.
Followed by the wine fog, there was a continuous mutual communication, mixed with a series of spells and luster roaring.
"This Chen Yunfei is really amazing!" Watching Hong’s eyes flicker slightly with red light, keeping a close eye on the situation in the wine fog and I couldn’t help rubbing the bar and sighed.
"Well, yes, it’s amazing that the late-stage repair of broken walls can actually compete with Wang Heng in the early adulthood. Although Wang Heng is just a practitioner’s step achievement method, the realm is still there. The difference between the two orders can’t be made up by any shocking means!" Pretty also nodded slightly eyes full of surprise.
In the fog of wine, Chen Yunfei’s figure is like a ghost, and he suddenly disappears after attacking Wang Heng unexpectedly, and it doesn’t necessarily come out again when.
Wang Heng was furious in his heart. He opened an early adult immortal who could be broken. In the later period, the guy was so stressed that he had a strength of more than 100,000 yuan, but he could do nothing. Whenever he found an opportunity to counterattack Chen Yunfei, Chen Yunfei’s body shook and left a residual image and merged into the wine fog. I don’t know where it went.
"Smelly little slippery is as annoying as a loach!" Wang Heng’s eyes were bloodshot. Although Chen Yunfei’s attack was like itching to him, it hurt him too much, but this passive beating situation has made his patience reach a critical point!
"Old don’t really do this? This area is foggy and old! " Wang Heng body force rippling eyes stare like two, a roar from the body suddenly drilled a strange thing.
This thing has a diamond-shaped head size and consists of flashing green crystals. It looks like tens of thousands of diamond-shaped sections are faintly flashing emerald and smooth.
As soon as it appeared, it fluctuated with enough force to rival Wang Heng Yuan, and the whole wine fog was also violently churned up, as if it would be blown away by this earth force at any time.
"This … this is Wang Heng Yuan Ling!" Hidden in the fog of wine, always looking for an opportunity to prepare for the sneak attack on Wang Heng. When Chen Yunfei saw the emerald thing, he couldn’t help but shrink his eyes slightly, and the pressure on his body suddenly doubled, which made him feel overwhelmed.
"With this mere means also delusion old contend? Go to hell with your dirty pungent fog! " With a wave of his hand, Wang Hengzhen’s arm, Yuan Li boiled like a pot, and his hands pinched it like a green crystal. Yuan Ling let out a roar and the green light soared.
"The crystal is broken and exploded!"
From Yuan Ling’s crashing explosion, several green crystals swept out in all directions like a green blade, forming a green crystal dragon with a ferocious roar. Whenever you touch the wine fog, it turns green and immediately condenses into the same crystal.
"This move is too overbearing!" Chen Yunfei frightened, though hiding in the fog of wine, was also shaken by the coercion of this technique, and a trace of blood was faintly oozing from his dirty tumbling 7!
"I can’t do this again. If I can’t get a breath, this wine fog will be completely broken. At that time, I can’t help it. The difference between his fighting realms is too big, even if I burn my life, I can make up for the gap!" Chen Yunfei bit his teeth and flashed a trace of madness in his eyes. "In this case, I will add this magic weapon to our department. Although I have never been here before, I can put all my eggs in one basket!"
"Tian Tsunami Spring Pot helped me swallow his Yuan Lingli!" Chen Yunfei beat his chest and forced out a mouthful of demonstrated blood, which was immediately sprayed on the hip flask in his hand.
The whole hip flask flashed a strange color, and then it buzzed. Several strange runes like earthworms emerged, followed by a touch of green luster, and the hip flask kept circulating like rippling blue waves.
Chapter 117 Day Tsunami Spring Pot
As Chen Yunfei raised my hand and threw the hip flask round and round in the whole hip flask, it became several times larger, and the mouth of the kettle was so big that a horrible suction came out of the hip flask!
"Tian Tsunami Spring Pot Swallows the River!"
However, seeing that Wang Heng Yuan Ling released all the green crystals and suddenly changed the trajectory, it was out of control, and it was generally crazy to pour into the mouth of the Tiantsunamis spring pot. Even the light of that Yuan Ling body gradually dimmed. If it was not for repairing the gap, even it would be sucked into the hip flask together with this Yuan Ling!
"Damn it! What is this thing? What a horrible suction! " Wang Heng’s look changed and his eyes were covered with red silk. He stared at the hip flask that suddenly appeared and felt shocked.
"It turned out to be a magic weapon! And this Chen Yunfei doesn’t know what method will inspire the magic weapon of this day. Wang Heng is going to lose! " Watching Hong’s face sink all the time, the folding fan in his hand appeared at an unknown time, and it was prompted by the force of Yuan. It was covered with a layer of hideous red and white fan, and a scorpion image faintly emerged!
"In that case, I’ll help Wang Heng. You won’t do it!" Quite an urn, a step forward, a layer of khaki luster on your palms, and then a hard shot forward!
A gust of wind crashed and rolled up, and all the dust was ejected from the palm of your hand to form a huge tornado, which almost ground the whole famous building, generally mixed with destructive power and blasted into the wine fog, Zhongtian Tsunami Spring Pot!
"Not good!" Seeing the brute force manipulating the tsunami spring pot and Chen Yunfei’s eyes shrinking violently, he could feel that the brute force contained in this palm was waiting for grumpiness, and he could never stop the blow!