When she said that China martial arts was not good, my face changed. Look at her face, but at this time, I don’t like it.

I grew up looking down on precious things, most afraid of being devalued. This is my bottom line and the bottom line of every martial arts practitioner.
China Wushu is a spiritual belief for martial arts practitioners.
If Zhao Wen belittles China martial arts so carelessly before the release, it will immediately lead to disaster, that is, some rules of modern martial arts will be faded, and we will start talking about it.
But since this woman said such a thing in front of me, I can’t turn a blind eye.
My affection for her has dropped to freezing point.
Wang Juan knew something about me. When Zhao Wen belittled China Wushu, she looked at me and saw that my face was gloomy. So she quickly said to Zhao Wen, "Zhao Wen, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand."
"I don’t understand? Wang Juan, don’t you know that it was yesterday that a high school student who studied martial arts went to our Taekwondo Gymnasium to run wild? Our instructor didn’t make a move. He just called a female student who had studied Taekwondo for a year to take part in the battle. Guess what happened in the end? The female student kicked the high school student who practiced martial arts with one foot and fainted and giggled … "Zhao Wen even laughed."
"Really?" My voice was flat, but there was a trace of disgust in my eyes.
Worship foreign things and flatter foreign women!
No matter how beautiful she is, I have no affection for her, because I am a pure nationalist, and what’s worse, she belittles my treasure martial arts.
I can’t stand it!
But she is a woman after all!
I got up and picked up the plate and said, "Wang Juan, Chen Chao, let’s eat there!" "
I don’t want to look at this woman again, a woman without national pride. I don’t think she deserves to be friends with Wang Juan.
Although Chen Chao is weak, he rushed to meet the ghost fist that night. He is a tough guy. I agree with him in my heart that he won’t mind his two strokes.
Chen Chao followed me to the next table. Wang Juan took one look at Zhao Wen and then resolutely got up and sat down next to me.
Wang Juan knew that Zhao Wen had completely offended me before she knew it. If Zhao Wen was a man, she might have been beaten into a pig head by me now.
"You … Hum!" Zhao Wen’s face was stunned, and then it was cloudy, and she snorted and left with a plate.
"China Wushu is rubbish. If you don’t hit Liu Jun, you will think you are very powerful. Try our Taekwondo Hall on Sunday!" Zhao Wenyin came over.
"Our coach said that Taekwondo is the greatest competitive skill in the world!"
I looked at Zhao Wen’s back and didn’t speak, but I will definitely go to Q Taekwondo Hall on Sunday.
"Xiaoyun, don’t be angry. She has always thought that everything in foreign countries is good since she was a child. Her ideal is to get an American green card and become a so-called free American." Wang Juan comforted me.
"Forget it, it’s just a young girl. I won’t argue with her. It’s her who belittles what I value in front of me. I can’t help but react, otherwise it’s against my heart to associate with you. I won’t object." I smiled at Wang Juan. How can I really be angry with a young girl?
"The two of us are not particularly good friends. Every time she talks to me, she just shows off herself in front of me," Wang Juan wrote.
"hmm? Show off? " I’m a little puzzled.
"Before my father was the technical deputy director of Qingmian No.1 Factory, but her father was just an ordinary worker. The living conditions were not as good as my family’s. I was the beauty queen of Qingmian’s primary school, but although she was very beautiful, she just silently heard that she wanted to show her superiority. I can understand it." Wang Juan told me about her past with Zhao Wen.
"So it is! Then don’t be intimate with her in the future, and you need to let her show your superiority in front of you. You are a hundred times better than her! "
"Of course!"
The unhappiness caused by Zhao Wen just now quickly disappeared, and we almost had lunch.
I took Wang Juan and Chen Chao to the classroom, but when I walked out of the dining hall, I felt a malicious look.
I turned my head towards the dining hall and saw Yale staring at my back at this time. It seems that my eyes gave a vicious look.
"It was him!" My heart andao
Yesterday, Wu Chengjun won Aaron Mayasi, which made the underworld in seven provinces and ten cities in Qiao Liu famous. Although it will not threaten the righteous hall of the master elder brother for a while, the master elder brother and Qiao Liu have to end it sooner or later.
There is another message that I don’t know, that is, Li Zepu saw Wu Chengjun, so that Qiao Liu took a line with Li Zepu.
After Qiao Liu learned about Li Zepu’s background, Ma expressed his willingness to help Li Zepu.
Li Zepu is going to build a local gambling boxing ring in Q city, which is as large as the former Colosseum in Rome, but he can’t come forward to do it behind the scenes and find an agent in Q city.
I came to Li Zepu to see the Yizitang, but the master brother naturally won’t work for him!
Then Li Zepu found Qiao Liu and they hit it off.
And this thing Liu Jun naturally knows, and at the same time, he also knows the background of Li Zepu. He didn’t dare to show such a vicious expression to me today.
It won’t be long before Li Zepu will uproot the righteous word hall through official power, and then Q city will have a dominant family in the west of the city
"Li Xiaoyun will have you look good then!" Liu Jun saw me looking at him, so the horse lowered its head, but his mouth muttered something.
I frowned and didn’t think too much, because Grandpa and Master Brother are stepping up their efforts to deal with the Qiao Liu West Gang.
Day by day, I spend my days at school and nights at Jinshawan Villa practicing Xingyiquan and Dagong!
Wang Juan bought a lot of meat, fish and vegetables and learned to cook.
However, two days ago, she cooked the roots so hard that she couldn’t eat them until the third day.
A week passed quickly, and the last class on Saturday afternoon, Wang Juan’s face was awkward.
"What’s the matter? If you have something to say, say it! " I glanced at Wang Juan.
"Xiaoyun Xiaorong called at noon to say that my mother asked me to take you home for dinner tonight," Wang Juan said with his head down.
"What? Your mother asked you to take me back to your house for dinner? " I’m a little confused. Although I said I would take care of this matter, I really want to see Wang Juan’s mother. I’m still a little scared. After all, I’m still a high school student. Even an adult will be more or less nervous when he meets his future mother-in-law.
Chapter 32 Meet Zhang Guilan
"If you don’t want to go, forget it. I’ll talk to Xiao Rong!" Wang Juan saw a little resistance in my eyes and quickly said to me.
I think she occupies a very important position in her heart now. Besides her mother and sister Rollin Wang, she is the most important person and the most important person.
"Forget it, I’ll accompany you back later. If I don’t go to your mother, I’m even more worried. So is your mother. I’m afraid you’ll learn badly."
"Thank you Xiaoyun!" Wang Juan didn’t expect me to really agree to come.
"By the way, did you go to the car?" I bought a herdsman SUV for Wang Juan last Sunday, and today is the sixth day.
"No, I won’t!" Wang Juan shook his head.
"I didn’t ask you to sign up for a driving school?"