I have to admit that Yan Hong is really a genius! Even malaria is so recognized!

Xiao Fan, without repeated adventures, Yan Hong’s roots are just like clouds and mud in terms of qualifications!
600 yuan is really too bad for the monks in the solidification period! However, Xiao Fan, who has a hundred yuan of strength, is nothing compared with him!
Chapter 47 Revenge War
"Ha ha ha! How’s it going? Scared, huh? I didn’t expect my strength to exceed the limit of day order’s achievement method to reach such a horrible level, did I? You’ll regret coming to me for revenge! Regret meeting me again! "
"This time, I will completely destroy your form and spirit, and let you erase everything forever, so that you can be a ghost and accompany your dirty peasant parents!"
Yan Hong laughed wildly with his hands in front of him and quickly pinched them. All the flames and elements in the gas around him trembled violently and crazy flocked to his hands!
"Liudaozong Town sent Juexue to burn the fire and burn the earth!" As soon as Yan Hong’s voice fell, his hands burst into a flame, which turned into a roar that almost shook the world.
Followed by a ferocious dragon with the size of dozens of feet soaring into the sky, like a flash of flame, it became the master of the world, and the ground around it suddenly spewed out flames, interwoven with each other and merged into the huge body of the dragon!
"He did use this fire-burning channel much more powerfully than I did before, but … now it’s different!" Xiao Fan’s mouth was picked up at the same time, and his hands were definitely pinched. "Then I’ll cure people and turn fire into dry Kun!"
Xiao Fan said that he drew a picture of Yin and Yang on his chest with his hands. In an instant, a huge fire rose up and the fire dragon was evenly matched with each other.
"What? How can you display my six-way fire-fighting Taoist school? " Yan Hong’s eyes shrank in shock and said, "No, this hand gesture is very similar to the smell of burning fire, but I have never seen it!"
"The fire-burning way is divided into three types: burning the sky and biting the ground, and the fire is full of the sky. However, this fire turns to dry Kun, which is the root of the cracking technique to extinguish the fire and break the sky!" Xiao Fan smile and said
Yan Hong heard that his mind was greatly shaken, and his master once told him that there were three ways to burn a fire, one attack, one defense and one break, and he knew this first way at this time!
"False false! Don’t fool me. The real power of Daoism is by no means comparable to magic! " Yanhong shouted a pair of hands and suddenly pushed the huge fire dragon and roared toward Xiao Fan.
"town!" Xiao Fan’s fingers lightly clicked, and the huge flame Yin-Yang figure violently spun up. The huge fire dragon suddenly showed panic, as if feeling a crisis and hurriedly retreating, but the root method escaped and was smashed in the huge roulette wheel after the flame Yin-Yang figure was sucked!
"Broken … broken … so easily … what he said is true! This ….. "YanHong mind again like being hammered by a hammer is even a few steps back JiHuo heart one mouthful blood gush out!
"scattered!" Xiao Fan fillip that huge flame Yin-Yang diagram dissipates. Looking at the mind is close to the edge of collapse, Yan Hong couldn’t help laughing and raising my hand. Several stones on the ground are going to fly up in the middle, and the blink of an eye is a huge stone pike!
The pike exudes no less than the coercion of the burning way, which makes YanHong look pale!
"This is … Shidun Road … Stone kills skyshatter!" YanHongRu haze throat wry smile up in the sight of this magic he naturally know!
Xiao Fan didn’t let the huge pike fall, but once again raised my hand against the gust of wind and suddenly roared like a peacock screen, forming a huge turquoise wing behind him!
These wings are made up of wind, sharp and oppressive!
"This is … the wind crack road … tearing the wings of the sky!" Yan Hongxin completely despaired and trembled like chaff.
"Crush your heart first, then your body and then your soul. This is called revenge!" Xiao Fan gently said
"Don’t … is jealous of talent? Really want me to die young here? " YanHong mouth bitter way
"This is karma, karma and your life!" Xiao Fan felt that Yan Hongxin had completely despaired because of her strength, so she prepared for the killer.
"Before Liudaozong, my master, a fool, once calculated that this divinatory symbol was a great murderer and I was bound to be robbed in this trip. At first, I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t expect to be robbed by him. It turned out to be you!" YanHong suddenly look dull to tone has returned to normal.
"It seems that the dead old man still has a lot to learn, and I will drain him when I get back!" Yanhong grimaced and pulled out a reddish charm from his arms.
"Never come to the conclusion that one of us will die before the end, but it’s not me but you!"
"hmm? Are you still so calm when you are dying? " Xiao Fan looked at couldn’t help stopping his eyebrows and wondering.
"Not good! Xiao Fan is going to kill him, and the charm contains no power. A Yuan Lingjing is so powerful that he can spare hundreds of years to cultivate his mind and blood coagulation. The low-level monk needs to spray Jingxue to activate it, and then he can release the Yuan Lingjing. You can absolutely resist it with a blow! " Malaria suddenly roared.
"What?" Xiao Fan heart a shock without thinking will raise my hand to bully unique fire cloud knife offering toward YanHong chopping away!
"It’s late!" Yanhong satisfiedly smile quickly to break the tip of the tongue JingXie spray that spell.
In an instant with a red light generate out covered everything Xiao Fan eyes.
Followed by the spell going to fracture, it is to stretch out a palm from the flame and pat it hard in front!
The ground is crumbling with one hand, as if there were only one hand left in the sky and the earth!
Violent and powerful method to resist!
Ba Jue huo yun Dao was damaged by this palm force before it flew far, and the crack of the blade suddenly increased followed by fragmentation!
Then the ancient dharma power enveloped Xiao Fan like a huge quilt!
The wrist’ silver silk is beautiful’ has not been used once, and it will be instantly incinerated!
The bronze mirror’ folding shadow’ was suddenly shattered, but it stopped the palm from being less than half a breath!
Xiao Fan feels that the body is imprisoned by this palm force, and the struggle can also escape the force of the body, and the instant boiling dissipates!
As soon as the blood is ejected, the white smoke evaporates and Xiao Fan’s body retreats uncontrollably and is bombarded to the edge of the cliff!
"Block it for me!" Xiao Fan’s bones sounded like a continuous fracture, and all the magic weapons in the yuan box were sacrificed in pain!
But these magic weapons can also resist the moment and be scattered by the disintegration of this palm!
"Shit, the magic weapon can also crush this … the master of this power has reached the adult realm, and this time he is dead!" Malaria screamed as if he could feel Xiao Fan pain!
However, regardless of malaria, such as transporting power to wicked heart Crystal, the power released by wicked heart Crystal is also a drop in the bucket for this palm power!
"The most … finally rely on … Pojun plate!" Xiao Fan is close to strength, keeps his sanity, has a little sobriety, and burns his life violently in the roar!
This vitality has been sleeping since it entered the deepest part of the Yuan box. Pojun Disk seems to be aware of it. A strange purple brilliance flashed with perfect body, followed by a slight shock and suddenly rushed out of Xiao Fan!
In front of Xiao Fan, the Pojun plate quickly became bigger like a huge millstone, which generally protected the body and followed by a series of purple light foaming at the mouth, and the palm was violently collided!
"Boom!" A strong explosion almost spread all over the third floor of the abyss, and even the two floors of the earth were shaken violently like an earthquake.