Fear of taking too big a step made nine families feel the crisis and unite to attack again, but at this time, Cang Li Ling’s family could no longer stand a war of genocide.

Ling Jiexin looked puzzled and admitted to Ling Yuansheng that he was a steady man and would say such risky things today.
"Not now, the family has nine uncles, Xuanjia predecessors, and two top fighting forces. The family has already had the ability to fight on two fronts. Qian’s strength is really strong, but he can’t find the second one."
Say ling yuan gave birth to smile and looked at all.
Ling Jiexin has a sudden feeling when he thinks about it carefully.
Of the three, he is the weakest, but even so, if he wants to escape, it is hard to stop him from paying attention to money.
That’s not to mention the third-order demon Xuanjia. With it, the turtle shell, which is comparable to the magic weapon of defense, can not die when facing money.
Ling Jiexin laughed and said, "Well, it’s time to change my old stuff."
Ling Yuanxiang still has some concerns. "What if nine families join forces to attack Cangli Island?"
Before Ling Yuansheng gave birth to Ling Jiexin, he waved his hand and said, "The situation like you said will never happen again in a short time."
"Several families only have one Buddhist monk. How dare they take another risk?"
Ling Yuansheng said, "Yes, they’re not stupid. It’s impossible to help out Qian’s family."
To put it bluntly, a family is an interest. Now that the family has a Xuanjia predecessor, they dare to bet on me. "
After the meeting, Cang Li Ling immediately took action.
Ling Jiexin personally took Ling Dingtian’s 50 practicing monks to Yandao Lingyuan Guling Dingyi Lingdingshan and 30 family monks to Guanglufang City, Guanglu Island.
Ling Yuanxiang Ling Yuanqing led ten practicing monks to Dengfeng Island, Ling Dingxi led ten practicing monks to Red Crucian Island, and Ling Youxian also led ten practicing monks to Tieli Island.
Fufeng Qian and other families haven’t reacted yet when Cang Li Ling has already taken back what belongs to them.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Ling Youxian go out
Whether it is the nine families such as Fufeng Qian’s family or the scattered repairs in the Liuyun Islands, they are all shocked by the sudden action of Cang Li Ling’s family
However, even Ling Jiexin, who came from Cang Li’s ideas, was out. Besides Fufeng Qian’s family, all the families were well-advised and made concessions.
After all, Cang Li Ling Shi has reoccupied his own island and has not encroached on a family interest. Now they are very generous in their concession.
In a hall in the center of Fufeng Island, a young man bent over and arched his hands to report the situation of Yandao to several elders of Qian’s family.
Later, Qian Da, the head of the Qian clan, slapped the table in front of him angrily and said, "Damn Cang Li Ling’s bullying me, Qian Shi?"
"I ordered the family monks to send troops to Yandao immediately to rush back the Lingshi people from Cang Li."
Yandao owns a small Lingshi mine. If Li Ling’s company gets back half of its share, the speed of strength recovery will surely increase greatly, which is inconsistent with the interests of Qian’s company.
Qian Daqing said with a double eyebrow, "Should the patriarch ask the old patriarch for instructions?"
Even if the strength of the Qian family alone can drive the Ling family out of Yandao, it will inevitably pay a great price.
Qian Daqing think forget it, should focus on the overall strength of high family.
Now the outbreak of war in Cang Li Ling’s family is unlikely to eliminate the unnecessary waves.
Smell speech Qian Da slowly recovered his composure and nodded and said, "Eldest brother said yes and really should tell my dad first."
Soon Qian Da immediately went out of the imperial sword of the main hall, and Qian Zhong closed the abode of fairies and immortals and respectfully said, "My child asks for his father."
A moment from the closed abode of fairies and immortals out a sound "well, come in"
After saying his word, the stone gate of the abode of fairies and immortals boomed and the money strode in.
The layout of the abode of fairies and immortals department is very exquisite, and it is like money during the day. So I sat in the middle of the old futon and looked at it with my eyes open.
"Come on, what’s the matter?"
If it’s a trivial matter, it won’t bother him as a real person.
Today, he came to see himself specially. Something decisive must have happened.
"Dad Cang Li Ling’s people moved, and they sent monks to reoccupy many islands including Yandao."
Qian Chongyi asked, "Did they reoccupy the original islands?"
"It’s dad who hasn’t found out that Cang Li Ling Shi has occupied an island."
"Cang Li Ling’s needs to develop resources, and it’s normal for them to reoccupy those islands."
Qian Da asked, "Dad, why don’t we stop Yi?"
"Let them go. Let me help Qian’s strength grow fast enough. No matter how many resources Cang Li Ling gets, we also make wedding clothes."
"The child is white."
"Well, get out."
"The child excused himself"
The Liuyun Islands were scattered to prepare for a good show, but things obviously deviated from their expectations.
What Qian did not do for Cang Li Ling’s trip to help the wind was to strengthen the strength of Qian’s Yandao Guanglu Island.
As a result, Cang Li Ling’s family took back the islands that belonged to them without bloodshed.
By this time, the situation in the Liuyun Islands has stabilized for a while, and it is impossible to break out again in a short time.
As Cang Li Ling’s family reoccupied the original islands, Lingshi ore, all kinds of spiritual materials and elixirs were continuously transported back to Cang Li Island, which greatly eased the crisis of Cang Li Ling’s sitting on the mountain.