Lin Xiao didn’t want to cause any trouble here. He decided that the first rule of his azure mountain was to keep a low profile and then keep a low profile!

But Lin Xiao just kept a low profile for a night, and the old gentleman hurried over early in the morning.
I was so angry that the bearded and bearded old gentleman kicked off the door of the Jade Building. He rushed to Lin Xiao’s bedroom and screamed, "Mu Shuang! You have to give me this evil breath! Give me the old man to kill the vice president of the Fourth Instrument Hall! "
"ah? Kill? " Lin Xiao is completely stupid!
Killing people in the core area of azure mountain? Lin Xiao thinks that either he is crazy or the old gentleman is crazy. One of them must be crazy.
The old gentleman nodded solemnly. "It’s for the old man to kill him!"
In some places, there is a struggle. God is not a god, but a man, but they are just people who have mastered super power. Their struggle is even more cruel and higher. If God can break everything and stop fighting, they will no longer be imprisoned in the divine world, but have already taken the last step and chased the ancient sacred immortal Buddha road to all the gods, who are destined to have a struggle.
Holding a slightly cumbersome pot-bellied and bearded old gentleman, pointing to palaces and castles around Azure Mountain, he said, "Mu Shuang, the 360 outer managers of Azure Mountain rank third, alas ~ No one dares to provoke the God of World War II who ranks first, and no one dares to provoke the God of World War II." Hey, if I’m crushed by someone, I’ll lose face myself. Isn’t it a loss to follow the old lady after many things? "
Lin Xiao, who is close to Hao Laojun, asked curiously, "Do Jin Jun and God of War dare to provoke?"
Hao Laojun clapped his hands fiercely, and he said happily, "Jinjun is the daughter-in-law of God, and the God of War is the son-in-law. They are responsible for taking care of it. Of course, people dare to provoke them!" Shaking his head, the bearded old gentleman sighed, "It’s a pity ~ it’s a pity that the two old children don’t live up to expectations, otherwise if they can marry the God’s daughter, gee ~"
Lin Xiao pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. The old gentleman sighed for a while. It was a long time before he shook his head. "The old lady’s master refiner is forging the God of War and several disciples to join hands. His two vice refiners are also busy. Someone must have known that the old lady made you a fledgling vice refiner of the third hall. They deliberately lost the old lady’s face! Mu Shuang, you must fight for the old lady! Can you beat the vice president of the Fourth Hall? "
Implicitly smiled Lin Xiao shook his head. "I’m not sure that Xiaogen doesn’t know what level the vice president of the Fourth Hall has. Who can say that it will be better than them?" But just do your best. "
Hao Zhuan Lao Jun took a deep look at Lin Xiao and nodded, "Just try your best! I can’t be wrong in my eyes. You can refine the artifacts in the early stage. I can’t be wrong in my eyes! This time, half of my fortune has crushed you. You must try your best to show me your performance! If you win the money, the old man will give you a dividend! If you lose ~ hey, both the old lady’s children and daughter-in-law have lost! "
Pat Lin Xiao on the shoulder. The old gentleman smiled proudly. "Fortunately, they know that the old man has appointed a new kid who takes refuge in our azure mountain to be the vice president of refining. No one knows that you can refine the artifacts in the initial refining, or hey hey, it’s hard for the old man to calculate them this time!"
Nodding lightly, Lin Xiao asked curiously, "Can you still bet here?"
Hao Zhuan Lao Jun raised his eyebrows and sneered, "Of course you can bet! The old man and the old guy Qingmei bet against more than 300 foreign managers. Do you want to join in the fun? Hum, at least one of them also bet a million magic stones ~ thirty-five old people won the bet, and more than three hundred of them bet that old guy Qingmei won! You must meet otherwise there are so many bets ~ the old man’s money will be clean and walk. "
Although he is the head manager outside the azure mountain, he is still a slave first-class figure. Although they are rich in wealth, they spend a lot of money every year like other gods, especially there is a large family behind them who keeps it in their accounts every year. This is a great consumption. The old gentleman can convert his possessions into standard gods, but there is not much this time. The fourth head manager looks up to the old gentleman.
Of course, the man of God will live a red face after drinking the northwest wind for hundreds of years, but no one can hang on this side, can he?
All the way to his third hall with Lin Xiao, the bearded old gentleman urged him to ask Lin Xiao to win this game no matter what.
Lin Xiao is not sure. He can assure Hao Laojun that he will go all out. If it is a competition to refine all kinds of magic pills, Lin Xiao simply refines a furnace of nine turns of elixir, so no matter who has to give up, but when it comes to refining, Lin Xiao is really not sure. Although refining is crooked, there are not many people who devote themselves to refining, but what kind of perverts are there in the divine world? In case the vice president of the Fourth Instrument Hall is a pervert, Lin Xiao is really not sure to surpass him.
I can’t say that I can guarantee my position in the eyes of the old gentleman. I have won a more important position in the Qinqin Shrine. Lin Xiao must keep it this time.
The third instrument hall is located in a valley in the south of the main peak of Azure Mountain. The valley is hundreds of miles wide and stretches for more than 10,000 miles. The mountain walls on both sides stand like knives. In the valley bottom, people’s magic has cut it flat like a rock. The square appearance of buildings is harsh grayish brown and the overall color of Azure Mountain is out of place. Stone buildings stand in the valley. The third instrument hall has a chief refiner, a Galindo, and three deputy refiners. There are more than 1,000 people in his refiners and assistant refiners, and the number of craftsmen and handymen is over one million, but the It’s also very limited, because refining an artifact takes more than a hundred years, and it takes tens of thousands of years for the refiner. It’s the third hall where hundreds of thousands of years of hard work have been done, and only one artifact comes out every ten years, which is already very rare.
In the center of the valley is a square house with a width of 30 miles and a height of several miles. The whole house in Fiona Fang is made up of dozens of huge stones. Not a single pillar in the house has been finished. At this moment, there are hundreds of deity figures scattered in the house. More than half of these people are the same identity as the old gentleman, and some of them are important people in the azure mountain. They all came specially after hearing that the young eyebrows respected the gods and the old gentleman had a gambling fight.
People who practice divinity and immortals have to worry about many things every day. They have to be careful about the trouble that happens in their own territory. They have several things to be busy all the time. But these gods who are attached to such a top power as the Three Gods and Five Days are really bored every day. They have reached a bottleneck, and there is no big chance that they can go any further. Their divine power has also reached the limit that they can bear now. They can’t find any recreation all day. They wander around all day, and what is lively is like smelling bad meat flies.
A handsome young man with a pair of strange dark green eyebrows hung straight into the main room of a handsome young man. In the middle, he saw a handsome old gentleman coming in with Lin Xiao, and the young man suddenly laughed. "Brother, is this your new life vice president refining division of the Third Hall? Hey hey so tender little guy! "
Hao beard old gentleman sneers "green eyebrow cut the crap! You choose the three master refiners of the old lady, close the opportunity and cause trouble, so you can be proud first! We’ve agreed on the rules and don’t talk nonsense. Mu Shuang, this is the green eyebrow monster. The guy around him who is dry and seems to have been squeezed dry by a woman is the’ Ghost Craftsman God’, the vice president of the Fourth Instrument Hall. It’s good to ask them for advice. If you lose, you won’t lose face! "
The statue of God in childhood and the gaunt face around him that looks like a big monkey statue of God at the same time, a red eyebrow statue of God said lightly, "If you can’t afford to lose this time, we will cancel the gambling fight. After all, it’s always reasonable for you to order Mu Shuang Xiaoyou, the vice president of the Third Instrument Hall. If you say that you are wrong about someone, you have lost your eyes and eyebrows this time, and I will turn around and leave without saying anything."
A retreat drove the bearded old gentleman’s eyebrows to tremble. He was about to speak. A red-faced man sitting in the corner of the room was at least five feet tall and shouted, "Bullshit! Qingmei, if you dare to turn around and leave, I’ll rip off your lair! You got up early to watch the fun here, but it’s not for you to say a few words of bullshit and then leave! Be sure to win or lose! Grandma has put a billion magic stones here. Do you say you won’t play if you don’t play? "
A billion magic stones! Lin Xiao couldn’t help jumping out of the corner of his eye when he heard this number. This red-faced man is so generous! He actually bet a billion magic stones on a mere bet, and I don’t know who he bet on to win. Lao Jun’s savings are millions of magic stones. How can this Han easily come up with so many magic stones?
Lin Xiao is hesitating here. The red-faced man is pointing to Lin Xiao and drinking "Mu Shuang? You are young! Zun Zhanshen today paid a billion stone to bet you win. If you lose, hehe! " Grinning with a grimace, the big red-faced man raised his fist and waved his hand. Suddenly, the room was full of ShaQi Teng, and there were several ghosts and wolves howling from the distant horizon. This big man’s practice is an war, and a sharp condensation of ShaQi has reached an incredible level. He has made it to the present level and I don’t know how many people he killed! Lin Xiaoxiu felt that the source of divine power was faintly shaken and withered by this ShaQi attack, and his body could not help but retreat a few steps.
Everyone in the room looks ugly. It seems that this God of War is also a role that everyone fears.
Qing Mei respects God with a quick smile. "God of War is absolutely right. You must gamble. What do you say?"
Haobeard old gentleman took a deep breath and he nodded, "Let’s gamble! After three years, Mu Shuang can allocate all the materials you want from the warehouse at will. After three years, you will decide your victory or defeat according to the quality of the artifact forged by you and Heiming, the amount of materials consumed and the preciousness of the materials. If the artifact is not completed in three years, you will be negative. Are you sure? "
Forging an artifact in three years? In this way, the quality of the artifact is bound to be impossible to be too high. It is a great thing to be able to forge a Chinese artifact according to the standard of the general refiner. If it is not an accident, it will not be enough for an ordinary refiner to forge an artifact in three years. If it comes to that kind of strength, it will be too bad for the man of God to finish what he has done when the materials are pure. The old gentleman is worried that it is completely reasonable. Lin Xiaoxiu is far from being black.
But Lin Xiao nodded his head, and he said lightly, "What’s the matter with the old gentleman?"! Don’t prepare all kinds of fire attribute artifact materials. "
Various fire attribute artifact materials? Haokuai Laojun suddenly thought that Lin Xiao’s specialty is fire control. Although I don’t know what level Lin Xiao has mastered fire, I want to forge an artifact that matches his own attributes. This difficulty is reduced too much. Haokuai Laojun’s face suddenly relaxed. He nodded and attracted several genera around him to give them a command.
Lin Xiao and Black Ghost sat twenty miles apart according to their requirements. All kinds of materials were put in a bracelet, and the old gentleman clapped his hands in front of them. Suddenly, there was a third instrument hall. The man of God launched this big house and banned the original room with a length of thirty miles. The Wan Li giant was more than three thousand miles high, and the onlookers were far away from the corner. Lin Xiao and Black Ghost God of War were shrouded in their minds, and the statue was constantly urged. "Hurry up and start work. If the billion-dollar magic stone won ~ Hey, but!"
God of War’s words made his face dark. If God of War wins, he will certainly have a good time, but God of War will have to tighten his belt for a long time. But what bothers him most is not what will happen if God of War wins, but what will happen if God of War loses ~ According to God of War’s temperament, he will definitely take out this billion-dollar stone, but he won’t be able to wear it for him in the future! Who doesn’t know that the God of War is the most afraid, but his wife is the most famous miser in the azure mountain, and she is really a skinflint!
At that time, the childhood sweetheart almost didn’t cry, and he didn’t even know if he should expect the dark ghost to win or lose! He secretly blamed the god of war. Why didn’t he bet on Dark Ghost to win? Qing Mei worships God, but he is sure that Black Ghost will defeat this Mu Shuang. He is sure that there are at least 71% conscious gods. Even if the refining device is a genius, he can’t defeat a God-respecting refining division, right? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if the god of war bet on the dark ghost to win?
God of war statue is sitting in a big chair for a few followers around strange laughed. "What do you know? It’s only by betting on the side door that you win more! One-to-five handicap, do you think it’s crazy to bet on this little guy named Mu Shuang? It’s the only way to gamble! Alas, if this handicap wins, I am afraid I will lose my pants! If you lose ~ hey, old gentleman, your pants have to come! "
It was said that the faces of the green eyebrows and the bearded old gentleman were all black, but Lin Xiao and Heiming moved at the same time.
Black Ghost took out a lot of refined pure water artifact materials from the bracelet. The first thing he took out was ten grains of condensate Yin liquid. There was a mass of silvery white in his palm, which was composed of fine gravel. This cold inflammation was cold and bitter. The distance near Wan Li was still like a knife cut for the onlookers. Ten had been purified once, and the burning volume of condensate Yin liquid cold inflammation was rapidly reduced. After about a month, it was purified to 99%.
It’s very important that a humble deity can make the condensate Yin liquid pure to 99% by cold attribute Yin fire.
Looking at the black ghost with satisfaction, he nodded his head in accordance with the law. "Black ghost has improved a lot. Three hundred years ago, he couldn’t pure condensate Yin Shen liquid so quickly."
Lin Xiao took it out of the bracelet, but it was a nine-yang divine iron with a head size of more than 30,000 kilograms. This nine-yang divine iron was bred in the core of the sun, and it was a kind of liquid property between gas and liquid. Pure Yang just needed a cold treasure to take it out of the core of the sun and solidify it into a shape. An original evil wind burst into the room, and suddenly a heat wave hit Lin Xiao’s face. His satisfied finger struck a piece of this piece of head, which was almost pure and red. He praised and said, "Okay, let’s collect this nine-yang divine iron. The
Green eyebrow statue of god’s face suddenly changed slightly, and the old gentleman nodded his head.
This piece of Jiuyang Shentie is the best piece of quality in the warehouse of the third hall, and its purity has reached the level of almost no flaws. It is mixed with a little jade essence that is also produced in the core of the sun. Compared with Black Ghost’s ten drops of condensate, the purity is far less than that of this piece of Jiuyang Shentie Lin, which is extremely cheap.
But this can’t be helped. How high is the core temperature of the sun? The environment there is very pure, and there are very few materials, but the condensate Yin Shen Liquid is produced in all kinds of pure Yin metal veins, and it melts all things, so there are too many mixed impurities.
They watched Lin Xiao play with that piece of Jiuyang Shentie for a while and then shook his head. "It’s a pity that the purity is still slightly lacking."
Chapter three hundred and seventy-four See you after ten million years ()
Many gods are frightened at the same time. Is this purity of Jiuyang Shentie still called a lack of purity? Everyone knows that the pure Jiuyang Divine Iron is the best material for refining the fire attribute artifact, but it may take three gods and five days for the pure Jiuyang Divine Iron to be taken out, but do you want to ask the three gods and five days to give you pure materials? Are you dreaming?
But something happened that made everyone even more frightened. Lin Xiao held this group of nine-sun divine iron with his hands, and then a wisp of faint, but the temperature of the whole room soared rapidly. The scarlet flame spewed out from Lin Xiao’s hands in a blink of an eye. It was produced in the core of the sun and had adapted to the horror and high temperature at the core of the sun. The nine-sun divine iron’ scoffed’ and melted into a mass. Fiona Fang Xu Xu almost made the liquid and gas rush red.