Twenty-two years ago, the plague almost destroyed the whole tribe, and dozens of people were lucky enough to escape this disaster, and these living people made a decision one after another, that is, with this hope that they would live in Dalingou for generations, they chose this place to live now.

I never thought it would be 22 years in a flash.
When two dog was very young, he had heard the old prophet in the village say that Shine prayed for rain and offered sacrifices in the village. However, he still took the old prophet’s words with a grain of salt. After all, at that time, the old prophet was already confused. How much credibility can an old man who has already made a mistake have? He has always been skeptical about the evaluation of Shine by the old prophet. He sometimes doubts the old prophet’s words and whether there is Shine in this village.
After all, the old prophet said it was so mysterious that he went to the south to find the plague for his people. What did the Chinese Pharmacopoeia say? Shine is a disaster of genocide once he comes back, and so on. All this made two dog sound even more mysterious
The plague did happen. Although the original village was almost destroyed by the outbreak of the plague, the village has survived these 22 years, and the villagers have become dozens of people’s villages after years of reproduction.
So taking advantage of today’s sunshine, Mei two dog decided to go to the ditch to catch some fish for the village. When he came back, he wanted to go to worship the elders who died of the plague in the past year. Secondly, he could salvage some fish for the village by the way of Dalingou River.
Pack your things and bring your harpoon back wooden bow. two dog strode towards the north.
I remember that day.
When the fire falls from the sky
When the heat sweeps across the face
Let the original bright sky be dyed red by flames.
Let the original cold snow be melted by the flame
Eyes in addition to the sky despair.
If there is, it will only ring after death in my ear.
I remember that day.
I remember that man.
Ashes are reborn in the flames of hatred.
Heaven and earth are complete
I can see that he hates this world in his eyes.
I can see that his eyes are evil about this cycle.
I can see that his eyes hurt this fate.
I can see it in his eyes.
Fate should be decided by yourself.
Life should not be left to fate.
I didn’t expect what the old prophet said to be true.
I knew it the first time I saw her.
The woman who knelt in the snow and shed blood and tears was what the old prophet said.
Shine is back!
Without the slightest hesitation, two dog started running in the direction of Shine, so he didn’t have any scruples in front of Hongpeng and Bai Ze.
Asked with trepidation and then looked at two dog with trepidation and became a little nervous because of excessive excitement.
"And you are?"
Come or not wipe off the blood in the corner of my eye. Shine hesitate to look at two dog and ask faintly.
"It’s very kind of you. It’s very kind of you. I’m two dog from Dalingou. I’m two dog from Dalingou!"
When I saw that the person in front of me was the middleman, two dog was even more excited. When I saw him, I was almost happy to dance, and my words were full of excitement.
"Dalin ditch? Dalingou is gone. Don’t tease me again. Who are you? "
When I heard the word Dalingou, there was a flash of light in her eyes, but as she looked at these broken walls again, the light was gone and the rest was dead and desperate.
"Dalingou was also Dalingou, and there was a plague in the village that killed many people, and then the village moved away from here, not far from here, on the other side of the river."
Two dog said here also deliberately pointed to the river crossing Dalingou not far away.
Here, two dog will tell Shiner in detail what happened in Dalingou over the years as far as possible, while on the other side, when Hongpeng saw Bai Ze at first sight, he knew that something was going to happen.
"Bai Ze …"
Staring at the present person, Hong Peng slowly turned himself against Bai Ze Shine, and said with a chill.
"Hongpeng and I haven’t seen each other for some days!"
Looking at Hongpeng’s behavior and seeing the person behind him through the other side, Bai Ze instantly understood what he saw. After he glanced at Hongpeng, he locked his eyes again to his right hand, seemingly elegant, and turned his wrist in front of Hongpeng, but as soon as he finished his words, a flame appeared in his palm in vain.
Seeing this flame as if it were alive, wandering around Bai Ze’s fingertips like that would give people a very naughty feeling, while others looked at this abnormal happy flame with gentle eyes and maintained this posture.
Bai Ze sample at this time let HongPeng heart not only hitched a.
It’s broken! ! !
See Bai Ze hand suddenly appeared that silk flame know Bai Ze HongPeng will know that even really want to happen.
"Linger, run!"
See hong Peng quickly turned around and then struggled to shout at top of voice in the direction of shine because he was too hard to tear.
When two dog told Linger about Dalingou’s deeds over the years, Linger suddenly heard Hongpeng’s roar. Although she was puzzled, she quickly changed her mind from two dog to Hongpeng’s side.
In two dog, he also followed the shine line of sight and looked at Hongpeng’s side.
And what happened in front of me has already gone beyond the shine and two dog’s cognition. Seeing that the original white snow at Hongpeng’s foot suddenly appeared several creeping flames from the ground, while these flames watched that Hongpeng would be completely swallowed up by the whole person.