"Thieves are famous!"

The words sound just fell and Qin Yu wanted to take the lead!
"That’s enough, both of you, stop it, okay? I don’t think there will be enough onlookers. Oh, hurry up and give it to me. Don’t be as old as a mentally retarded person. I’m not ashamed of both of you. Hurry up and give it to me!"
At the sight of Qin Yu and Liu Yi, it’s about to fight. One head is bigger than two.
It seems to her that Qin Yu’s mind is up and down when the other person’s mind is high. Wei Chi Liuli felt that she was communicating with a 70-year-old man and the other person’s mind was low. She felt that she was playing an ideological game with a five-or six-year-old doll at that time. Such a huge contrast made her once think that Qin Yu would hide two personalities, which is what Dr. Fang called lost his mind.
But this is not the worst thing for Wei Chi’s bad heart. It is that she and Qin Yu Qingzhou met Liu Yi. Since Qin Yu met Liu Yi, it can be said that Liu Yi’s ultra-low wisdom is to completely suppress Qin Yu’s wily heart. If Qin Yu is so crazy with Liu Yi to believe that Qin Yu’s generation will be like this, after all, she now seems that as the three people contact each other for more and more time, she finds that Qin Yu and Liu Yi have really homogenized their temper, disposition and mind.
You know, in the eyes of Weichi coloured glaze, Qin Yu and Liu Yi are just two over-age children aged three and three.
It is conceivable that when Qin Yu wore a suit and asked Liu Yi to duel, when Liu Yi actually agreed to the duel invitation issued by Qin Yu, Wei Chi coloured glaze was really Ma Benteng at the moment.
After all, it is the God of Wealth …
After all, Weichi Glass is in charge of Qin Yu and Liu Yi’s money. Weichi Glass seems to be angry. Generally speaking, this complaint is really effective towards him. At the very least, at the moment when she just yelled, Liu Yi just hid behind her like a monkey.
Yu Qinyu stood alone for half a day.
This …
People can be so ashamed …
I’ll go to Lao Liu. You’re a big deal …
Looking at hiding behind Weichi coloured glaze, Liu Yi Qin Yu’s heart is really trampled by several god beasts.
"Come on, don’t be embarrassed. Let’s go to the riverbank and go back!"
Looking at Qin Yuwei, who is still wearing a "ma bu" or horse stance just look, leaned over quickly and then pulled each other up with both hands. After Qin Yu stabilized, she took a complaining look at each other and said lightly.
"Then hurry I also feel ashamed! Run … Run … "
The words sound just fell and Qin Yu grabbed Weichi’s glass hand, and then the three of them left so quickly for the group of people who gradually surrounded the three people to watch the scene of bustle.
This spring night is so prosperous.
It’s really shocking to look at the flower houses across the river in a row across the river.
"Oh, you’re choking me again!"
Accompanied by kawakaze at night, I suddenly heard Qin Yu cry again.
A face of uncomfortable to see WeiChi coloured glaze and then Qin Yu is rubbing his loin while disgruntled muttered and said.
"Yo, you also know that I pinch you. Do you want a girl to find you a boat so that you can row across the river? Look at your virtue. Hey, old Qin, let me ask you if you think my hands are cruel. But you don’t look at yourself in the mirror. I’m afraid you’ve grown so much. I haven’t seen what a woman is, right? Just a few girls across the river. Look, I can’t give you beauty. I’m surnamed Qin. I’ll give you a hard rub. It makes people feel sick."
Hear each other mutter see WeiChi coloured glaze is extremely despise ground to see Qin Yu before his eyes and then glanced at his head anger Liu Yi this just continue to dominate the got tone said slowly.
"Gnome male-"coloured glaze, you also know that we men rarely have some small hobbies, which is even worse. Some great people like my brother Lao Qin have some hobbies. It’s not normal. Anyway, I watched Lao Qin play with them at most, which is just to take part in accidental amusement. That’s not true. And coloured glaze, you can listen to elder brother. This private old Qin told me his heart through the bottom. You are the first choice for his big room. "
I’m afraid that the sky will not be chaotic. Liu Yi once again sold Qin Yu.
"Ah ah ah ….. liu when I said this sentence, you don’t talk nonsense …"
Qin Yu immediately dumped the pot when he heard that the woman was wrong.
"What didn’t you say that you were looking for me to drink with coloured glaze on your back that day? You told me that I would remember it for you, old Qin. Don’t deny this big man’s indomitable spirit. How come you don’t want to marry my sister? I tell you, old Qin, if you don’t marry me, I’ll tear down your bones!"
It’s very obvious that Liu Yi doesn’t pick up Qin Yu to throw this pot.
"No … Liu, you have taken the wrong medicine. You are talking nonsense. You want to die, don’t pull me. It’s not colored glaze. Listen to me. I’m not the kind of person Liu said at all. What a mess! You have to marry several big rooms and two bedrooms. Don’t listen to Liu’s blind coercion. You say that this person is sick, so it’s possible to have such a perverted mentality ……………………………………..
However, the more Qin Yu explained Wei Chi’s coloured glaze, the uglier his face became. In the end, the other party didn’t want to say anything more at all. It was simple!
And looking at Qin Yu that once again broke out with the veins stood out because of a sharp pain in the waist, Liu Yi was also frightened by Weichi coloured glaze.
I’ll …
Why do I feel I’m in trouble …
The veins stood out on old Qin’s forehead look like a joke. This is too much …
But before Liu Yi recovered his mind, his expression changed rapidly.
See Liu Yi, just like Qin Yu’s turn, gradually let his waist stand in the shape of shrimp, while his eyes suddenly stare big, and then strangely look at the front of Weichi Glass, biting his back teeth and closing his lips, and suddenly emerge on his forehead with a blue vein.
Chapter four hundred Small true feelings
Although Wei Chi’s glass seems to have a heavy hand, she actually made a little effort. At the moment, her heart is like a mirror. Bai Qinyu and Liu Yi are acting for themselves. Their hand strength is far less than what they show at this time. Looking at Qin and Liu, they are trying to make themselves constantly show exaggerated expressions. Even if Bing Xin, she can’t be amused by these two stooges.
Yi Xiao Xiao Jie suo