Although the Arctic ice sheet covers the Arctic Ocean and northern Siberia, almost semi-permanent ice has been formed.

However, there is at least 3-4 months of thawing in southern Siberia.
Before Mohe saw polar bears, it was not nonsense, but there were polar bears running from the polar regions to southern Siberia and outer manchuria.
According to climatologists’ assessment, even though Yellowstone volcano supplemented a lot of greenhouse gases and released a lot of geothermal energy, the general trend of Blue Star going to the Ice Age as a whole has not been reversed.
Unless the federal government expands its carbon emission industry by 3-5 times, it will be possible to reverse the general trend of global cooling.
Of course, thanks to the eruption of Yellowstone volcano and the federal rescue.
What do you mean?
Due to the large-scale eruption of Yellowstone volcano, a large amount of greenhouse gases and geothermal energy are transported to the atmosphere, and all these warming factors will be covered by dense volcanic ash. Because the atmosphere is covered by volcanic ash, sunlight enters the ground and causes the ball to cool down.
However, the federal dust removal plan has reduced the scope and scale of volcanic ash covering the atmosphere, and now sunlight can still reach the ground.
In addition, a large number of plants and animals in America and West Africa died as a result of volcanic ash subsidence, which also released a large number of greenhouse gases.
These greenhouse gas compensation effectively delayed the general trend of ball cooling.
If it is well controlled, it is estimated that the temperature of the ball can be controlled within a certain range.
Can say that everything has advantages and disadvantages.
At this time, a new railway beside the old railway in trans-siberian railway is under construction.
This is a composite railway road, similar to a super highway, but with closed pipes, the radius of the pipes is also one level smaller.
The main reason is that trans-siberian railway is not a busy route. After all, the latitude here is a little higher.
The main route for the Federation to enter the northeast of Xizhou (that is, the part of Xizhou in Lucia) is actually from Junggar Basin in Xinjiang, through Yuzi area in Central Asia, and then through the lowlands along the Caspian Sea and the Volga River basin to enter Xizhou.
Taking this route is not only lower than the latitude of trans-siberian railway, but also the flat terrain along the way.
The railway system in Xinjiang has been upgraded and transformed, and the transportation capacity is sufficient to meet the passenger and freight transportation in Xizhou area.
After the upgrading and transformation of trans-siberian railway, it is mainly connected with the federal Mobei and Northeast of Siberia.
According to the current population density of Siberia, the transportation capacity of new trans-siberian railway is more than enough after upgrading.
Vladivostok city
The Kirov family at the airport are carrying big bags and small bags, and there are many gold and platinum decorations.
The lobby is waiting for the flight to arrive.
There are quite a few "fugitives" like Kirov’s family in the waiting hall.
These people are former vested interests. They have long known the federal regulations and the Federal Institute of America.
Rich people, big or small, who don’t want to lose their wealth, or some "invisible" rich people have made their own choices, and most of them choose to go to Kiev DC to take refuge in oligarchs.
A small number of rich people who see the reality clearly have chosen to give up their wealth and become temporary federal citizens.
For those at the bottom, it is not that they have no choice, but that they have no money. If those who look at the trend of the white age will not choose to leave.
Those who tried to escape were not forced by the Federation to set up special flights to take them to Kiev.
At the airport, Vladivostok Russian characters are set up, and more than a dozen workers wearing exoskeletons are cutting them with cutting machines.
At this time, a plane landed slowly on the runway.
An old man who was not tall came from the plane with his family and saw workers cutting Russian fonts in the distance.
And behind the old font, three oversized Chinese fonts were erected.
"Levy the East … Vladivostok …" The old man looked at everything calmly as if everything had nothing to do with him.
Once the iron-blooded emperor could not bear the time to kill.
He didn’t choose Kiev as his oligarch did, and he didn’t want to get involved in the intrigue.
Maybe I’m tired, maybe I saw it.
He gave up everything and chose to come to Vladivostok. Even the professorship of the Federal University was directly rejected, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life as an ordinary employee of an agricultural factory.
Passing by the airport waiting hall, he saw those fugitives with big bags and small bags, and there was a trace of sadness and pity in his eyes, but he never looked back.
The wife and daughter did not speak, but chose silence.
The bus that received them left for the suburban agricultural factory with a group of people.
There are muddy roads along the way, and the receptionist said shyly, "I’m sorry that this road will be bumpy after thawing and will be upgraded to a permanent closed road next month."
The old man has nothing to complain about, because he has been here several times and has not been rebuilt for more than 20 years, and has been in a dilapidated state.
The Federation has only taken over for more than two months, and it naturally maintains the old style here.
But this broken road is finally coming to an end. Maybe in a few months, it will be a brand-new closed road.
Bumped for more than twenty minutes.
A large construction site looks far ahead. This area seems to be a pig farm and a cattle farm, which has been razed by the Ministry.
Huge steel structures and all kinds of large-scale construction machinery make people seem to have entered the giant country.
When the old man came to arrange the dormitory area, the person in charge of the construction site did not let him work as soon as he arrived, but issued a tablet computer and a stack of photos.
He watched it very carefully and watched some teaching videos from time to time through his tablet computer.