When Elder Zhao participated in the audit, he was lucky to succeed for the third time.

Xiao Fanlai’s first set was deliberately refined and the second set was refined into Dan medicine.
But even so, when I saw Xiao Fan’s alchemy, I was never forced to show my master style.
After the examination, the quality of Dan medicine is even worse, but the alchemy technique Xiao Fan imitates the elders of Zhao, and these elders can’t see anything wrong.
With Elder Zhao sitting in the audit seat, his face is full of pride and his nose is almost stuck to the sky. Show off with the elders around him. His brother is like shine on you!
His elders all know the virtue of Elder Zhao, and no one wants to talk to him.
Xiao Fan naturally became an alchemist-level elder in the refining hall.
This is also the lowest elder in the history of Taigang Sect.
Xiao Fan was assigned to a Dan room halfway up the mountain peak of Lian Fa Dian, and the foot of the mountain was the residence of my brothers.
But Xiao Fan just cleaned up the house when someone came to find fault.
The newcomer is a young woman who looks like Xiao Fan’s age with fine features and looks more noble than wearing a brocade robe embroidered with all kinds of exotic flowers and herbs.
This female figure is also good, not only protruding forward and backward, but also very well-proportioned. There is no special place to shine at the moment, but the overall coordination is extremely rare. Whether the waist, hips and thighs are shaped according to the golden ratio.
Xiao Fan couldn’t help picking his eyebrows when he saw this woman.
He knew this woman, although she rarely showed up, but she was once seen at the assessment meeting.
Her name is Wang Qin, and she is the owner of the Dharma refining temple!
Known as Taigang Zongwannian’s first genius of refining saints!
"Congratulations! So Xiu has become an elder!" Wang Qin entered and said with a smile.
"Xiao Fei, see the Lord of the Temple. I don’t know if the Lord of the Temple can come here personally. Can you give me some advice?" Xiao Fan leaned fuels upon
"There’s no point in preaching when the Xiao Fei Presbytery comes here!" Wang Qin casually sat to leisurely say.
But she looked Xiao Fan eyes let Xiao Fan feel a little cold back.
This woman is not easy to provoke!
"So the temple Lord’s adult is to celebrate? Not a little broken! " Xiao Fan heart move naturally know each other is definitely a purposeful.
"Before the assessment, what you did was’ double snake flame’, right? This technique has long been lost. I didn’t expect that there will be someone in the world today! " Wang Qin smiled slightly. "There’s nothing to ask for advice when you come here. How strong will this’ double snake flame’ technique be!"
"This ….. how can you make a fool of yourself with the Lord of the temple?"
"It’s just a discussion. There is no repair and identity influence!" Wang Qin tapped his finger lightly on the table for two times, and then suddenly his face changed. "The fire-fighting technique of the seat is exquisite and he has never met an opponent. If you shouldn’t, that is to say, you look down on the seat?"
What a Mawei! Isn’t this a show to buy and sell?
Xiao Fan pulled pull the corners of the mouth just want to say something Wang Qin mouth again "but it’s not too ordinary to talk, why don’t we hang some heat? If you lose this’ double snake flame’, you must give it away! "
"Depend! What a wicked girl! " Xiao Fan’s affection for Wang Qinyuan was so fleeting.
"Since the temple Lord adults all say so and dare not from? But … if you win the temple Lord, what can you promise? " Xiao Fan eyes cold light flashing straight body lang asked.
Chapter 143 I want you
"oh? Got a temper? It’ s not a small temper when you are young! " Wang Qin couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw Xiao Fan cross her eyes.
"I’m a man who has climbed out of the ghost gate and died a bad life. I don’t care about anything, but I pay attention to justice. It’s not worthwhile for the Lord of the Temple to come and bully me, a small person in the early days." Xiao Fan sneer at a.
"Ha ha ha say yes!" I don’t know what’s so funny. Anyway, this Wang Qin covered her mouth and laughed so much that the cuttlefish was so beautiful.
"Tell me what the Lord intends to give?" Xiao Fan slightly asked to lift his head.
"Ha ha, no one has ever dared to bargain with the seat, and you are the first one. Well, if you say what you want, the seat will promise you!" Wang Qin slowly got up and put his arms around his chest and said.
"I don’t know what the Lord has!" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows, apparently competing with this woman’s momentum.
"If the seat loses, I will give you the means of holding fire."
"What do I want with nothing?" Xiao Fan sneered and said, "I know how much I can do!"
You!’ Wang Qin face some hair heavy bit his lip. "Well, what wealth do you want? Magic weapon? Status? If you say it, you won’t break your word! "
"This is what you said, don’t regret it!" Xiao Fan rubbed his face with a bad smile.
"Talking nonsense is always what you say. Just say it!" Wang Qin is a woman, no matter how high her mind is, compared with Xiao Fan, at this time, she has been a little confused, and she didn’t notice Xiao Fan’s expression after saying something.
"Since you are so sure of the ticket, I will say it directly!" Xiao Fan licked his lips, "the temple Lord adults should have no double major? See if my brow should still be in the same position. If I win, I will be an adult. "
"What did you say?" Wang Qin smell speech suddenly stare big eyes can’t believe watching Xiao Fan also listen to the wrong.
"I want the lottery to be you. If you lose, you will be me. Xiao Fei women want a bed to take care of me!" Xiao Fan saw Wang Qin’s expression. Don’t feel much relieved. Pick your lips and appreciate it very much. I repeated it again.
Real Xiao Fan didn’t look at this woman, so many women around him. He was too lazy to provoke this bully again. The guy was just trying to suppress each other’s arrogance.
"You … you rascal! Pervert! Shame! " Is Wang Qin a woman and an inexperienced person who can stand this? Suddenly, the temperament that has always been high in cultivating a cloud-light atmosphere and not being surprised has been thrown out of the cloud nine, stamping and pointing to Xiao Fan and yelling.
"You can scold me whatever you want. Anyway, you just said with your own mouth that you will agree to whatever I ask. If you want to go back on your word, don’t blame that you won’t fight. Please go back and practice shallowly. You need to concentrate on your practice and be worthy of this elder status!" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and sat up lazily, crossing his legs and conveniently brought a bowl of freshly brewed tea from the next table and tasted it leisurely.
"You! You are simply a ruffian! " Wang Qin see Xiao Fan attitude heart more annoyed.
"Thank you for your compliment!" Xiao Fan nodded slightly and laughed
"I have never seen you so shameless!" Wang Qin was so angry that the three corpse gods stormed, and even his own name’ Zuo’ became’ I’!
"Don’t you just see this pavilion?" Xiao Fan shrugged his shoulders. How many people can compare with him?
"Hum!" Wang Qin bit his silver teeth and stared at Xiao Fan as if he were about to spray fire. "Don’t you fear that you have offended the elder? You just got the position of elder and lost it?"
"So-called, anyway, I didn’t practice Taigang Sect Skill, and I became an elder only after I entered Zongmen for more than a year. This transition is too fast to make people feel good!" Xiao Fan said with a wave that everything is so-called.
"You … you …" Wang Qin pointed to Xiao Fan and shivered for a long time, but he didn’t say the words. Then he took a deep breath and calmed down. He was already irritable, and his chest fluctuated and slowly calmed down.
"What’s the matter? If it’s okay, I’m going to take a shower. Although we don’t take a shower, I still like the feeling of soaking in hot water! " Xiao Fan said that he would undress. "I don’t mind if you want to stay and visit or want to have a bath with me! But … don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your renege! "
"Bastard!" Just calm to Wang Qin again by Xiao Fan a fire with lit "what are you doing undressing? Stop it! "
"Nonsense, don’t you undress in the shower?" Xiao Fan turned over his eyelids and looked like a ruffian who is not afraid of scalding water.
"What bath? Who kept his word? Don’t you want to bet on your seat? Ok! If you can beat the seat, it will be your woman! How do you want to play with the seat will never be a bit of a refusal! " Wang Qin lips are going to bite bleeding white face also leaps with hongxia gnashing said.
"Forget it. I’m no match for you!" Xiao Fan with the wave way
"Don’t worry, Wang Qin, I swear to God that if I lose to you in the competition, I will naturally be willing to be your woman. If there is any evil thoughts about you, the dead body will smash me!" Wang Qin’s eyes were bloodshot, and he held out three fingers to raise his hand and swore this poison oath to the sky.
"good!" Xiao Fan heard a slap in the face and said, "In this case, I will take your challenge!"
"Hum, can’t you really win the seat just because you can?" Wang Qin said coldly.
"Can you know when the time comes? But if the Lord wants to rely on his own position and practice bullying, he has no temper!" Xiao Fan directly to the words to say dead, so will the other army!
"Don’t worry, I will definitely not use any means!" Wang Qin glared at Xiao Fan with resentment and turned away. "Then I’ll see you at the martial arts field of the refining hall at the full moon tonight!"
"Good will come!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick fuels hand way