The boy who looked around him didn’t see the clue, but Fang Han stepped forward, his eyes flashing with unpredictable light, and he said decisively, "Good on the surface of the field."

The law enforcement elders withdrew from the ring with a cold face.
At the same time, when counting the breath, a cloud of light floats from the ground and golden light shines everywhere.
Xiangyun’s beautiful face appeared again, and her clothes became latosolic red as blood. It was dazzling, and she looked at Wu Yue with a kind of Gherardini expression, which was somewhat frosty and fairy, and she felt a sense of condescension.
And the phoenix bracelet is suspended and slowly floats around the fragrant cloud, and the color of the phoenix bracelet has deepened a few minutes and a few more bloody flame runes have been added.
"Hua Xue Yuan Jin Dan Dacheng!"
Fang Leng said, "This is a shock to my brother outside the stadium!"!
Glancing at Wu Yue Xiangyun coldly, he said, "Did you ever get what you wanted by trying your best?"
Wu Yue barking is a force to fight again and lose heart like crazy towards Xiangyun that Wu Gou is still shaking hands.
"Hum!" The law enforcement elder snorted. He planned to see if Wu Yue had repentance before deciding whether to expel him from the venue.
Now see Wu Yue stubborn law enforcement elders don’t mention it to flicker and a sharp palm strength straight split Wu Yue’s back brain will instantly suppress him outside waiting for the Buddha’s mercy.
Deacon brother suppressed for a long time and finally breathed a sigh of relief and announced, "This time, Cui Xuanfeng sent his brother to win!"
Looking back at the direction of the Bamboo Sect, Xiangyun slowly withdrew from the Buddha’s bucket with tears in her eyes.
Looking at the healing from the land again, several people are horrified by their own faces, but they are madly injected into the colorful vortex from the land. The vortex does not expand, but accelerates the rotation and finally melts a colorful crystal into his body at the top of his head.
Long one breath Aoki Buddha eyebrows slightly wrinkled way "this tactic has been put to the limit left to see the chance"
Gold, cyan, and dark green flash across the land in turn and then disappear. Red, dark, dark purple, and dark blue brilliance once again transform into a four-color ring outside the land to blink and shrink.
Guanghua disappeared from the land, closed her eyes and blinked her eyes. Suddenly, the whole person suddenly started to print the tactic with both hands again and again, prompting the truth. The majestic cloud and gas fog surrounded the body. The ebony aura and the sunflower aura were repeatedly breathed out by the land, and the strange light flashed, and the cloud and gas dissipated, and the momentum soared. The brilliance in the eyes of both hands was just like being unscathed.
Look around, everyone is breathing again and again. Seven people from Cuizhu Sect, together with the elders of Aoki Buddha Bamboo Wind, are all exhausted. They are almost unable to move, but their eyes are full of relief.
Quickly pick up the master and ask in amazement, "What is this, master?"
Aoki said, "You don’t need to ask more. This is a recipe. Only by integrating seven people can you heal your injury."
After a little consideration, Lu Li hurriedly thanked several senior brothers and sisters. Then Lu Li suddenly remembered something and looked at the direction of the spring peak. At the moment, he looked at the ice mark on the moon, and his eyes were relatively blinking, which surprised everyone in the Cuizhu Sect and shook his head with shame.
They don’t know what they are thinking, so they sit cross-legged and fine-tune their physical strength to absorb some spiritual power.
At this time, I met the news that the law enforcement brother announced Xiangyun’s victory. I looked at it hurriedly, first with joy and then frowning, and then with my eyes slightly narrowed, I kept looking at Wu Yueshen.
Xiangyun looked up and woke up with a smile at the corner of her mouth. She hurriedly accelerated the flyby and brought up a strong breeze. If it weren’t for waving her hand and spreading an enchantment, this array of risks would scatter the seven healers in weakness.
Looking at Xiangyun’s joy, he said, "Brother Lu, have you recovered?"
Lu Li said indifferently, "It’s good to borrow the strength of many senior brothers and sisters from Master, so as to save the danger, suppress the demons and cut off the floating dust and other thoughts."
Zhao Suyun, Ye Guhong and others are also quite happy. "You are the only one who is expected to win the championship, and you must be careful not to have any more accidents."
Lu Li nodded, and everyone noted that Wu Yue, the younger brother of Yu Cuizhu’s Cuixuan Sect, returned to the younger brother of blood coagulation and was covered by a blood mountain trapped in a sacred enchantment. They also did not know that there was a kind of dialogue.
Lan Feng was embarrassed. He was very optimistic about Lu Lixiu. He wanted to talk about each other in depth, but the situation was embarrassing.
Glanced at Xiang Yunlu’s face and turned slightly to coagulation peak, showing a biting color in his eyes.
Lan Feng’s inconvenience will once again turn to the situation in the Buddha’s fighting field.
In the first round, the two hundred brothers caught each other and fought each other, and gradually entered the end.