In the racing season, the whole body is stiff and I feel very thin.

Lu Xia, who didn’t get a seasonal response after half a ring, can also make this time the default.
"And after our divorce, I don’t want the outside world to know about our affairs, including the Lu family, for the time being, but I don’t think I will move out of Jijia until this limelight is over, otherwise the reporter will soon know about our divorce, and I want to give my family some buffer."
Ji Yu’s eyebrows are tightly twisted, and the heartache feels like he’s coming again.
"Xia Yu, can we forget the past and start all over again?" Ji Yu pleaded, tearing his mouth.
"Can’t" Lu Xia’s language simply and neatly interrupted Ji Yu’s words and all fantasies.
Ji Yu, I’m not your doll. If you don’t hook your fingers, I’ll be obedient to you. I’m also a flesh and blood person. You never thought that I would hurt when you hurt me again and again, and I would feel uncomfortable. When I tried to explain to you again and again, you went to make love with another woman in front of me.
Lu Xia pursed his mouth and didn’t want to tell the truth in front of him again, because this man will never understand that love is based on mutual trust, and he can never trust him completely.
Ji Yu held the steering wheel tightly, and the veins stood out in his hand. His heart was already surging with pain, just like waves of waves beating against his heart.
"On a good day, I will ask my lawyer to draw up a divorce agreement." He didn’t know how difficult it was to make this sentence. He tried his best to control his emotions and lines and try his best to put the words as smoothly as possible.
Xu Xu was inadvertently dyed in his eyes, but he tried his best to squeeze out the impulse.
Liu Xia language from the corner can not help but mean that the rearview mirror swept the expression of Ji Yu at that moment. She once wondered if her eyes were wrong and pretended to sweep her eyes into Ji Yu’s eyes again. He had returned to normal.
Yes, I’m so stupid. Does this man cry because of the divorce? Don’t forget who he is, a bloody man. Does he cry because he knows a Luxia language? Without her, many women will throw themselves at him soon.
How can Du Hongyi sleep in the hard and dirty wooden bed of Guirui’s house? I think he is a famous neat freak and Guirui went to the most luxurious hotel in B city with him.
"Hello, sir. Do you want a room or two?"
"One" degree Hongyi answered quite neatly,
Gui Rui stared at him with unbelievable eyes. You don’t really want her to be married, do you? Now she is flustered and her heart is beating like a beat.
Chapter 93 Do you want to sleep together?
If this man insists, will she give up? After all, her father is still in prison. If he is upset, it will be a waste of effort. It’s a bit desperate to think about it in my heart.
"Didn’t you say I sleep on the bed and you sleep on the sofa? So I will be you. Do you have any opinions?" Du Tongyi blinked his peach blossom eyes and took it for granted.
Return to send Rui with a sigh of relief and secretly scold yourself for thinking too dirty.
"Hehe, that’s ok. Now it’s time to save money." Gui Ruirui was embarrassed and smirked to relieve her unnatural thoughts and felt ashamed.
Du Hongyi asked for an advanced suite. After entering the room, he looked at the sanitary environment in the room and even the bed quilt was turned over by him several times.
Gui Jirui made a face behind him. This man really speaks to the extreme. He is really more feminine than a woman. How can his girlfriend or wife stand this man?
"Hey dead woman, how can I feel that you are looking at me with contempt behind my back?" Du Hongyi made signal with the lips.
Does this man have eyes behind him? "I don’t despise you, I despise you."
Du Hongyi turned around and raised his eyebrows with his hands around his chest. "Is there any difference in the meaning of these two words?"
"Ha ha, of course, there is a difference. That’s the literal difference." Gui Rui said with a wave.
Hony gave her a fuck and whistled and went into the bathroom in a good mood.
I don’t know what to send to Rui, but it feels particularly warm now. Is it too warm? She found a backup quilt from the hotel cabinet and then took a pillow from the bed. Anyway, he has many beds.
It’s strange to watch funny variety shows. Although my father hasn’t been rescued yet, Hongyi has helped her to settle down a lot. But she says it’s not strange.
Du Hongyi came out of the shower an hour later and wore a hotel robe, but it was good to let him wear hotel things.
"You haven’t lost your skin after washing Hongyi for so long." Now Guirui has left some words for him, and dare not call him a dead pervert again.
"Ha ha, do you want me to help you first? I promise to help you wash white and tender." Hong Yi’s mouth reminds me of a bit of evil and laughs.
The star-rated hotel is good, even the sofa is so soft. Although she is on the sofa, she is very satisfied, which is much better than the hard bed at home.
Just want to enter the dream "pa" hotel has miraculously stopped, which is nothing for Guiruirui, but the weather is so freezing and hotels are generally prepared to be of that kind of frivolous type.
Mom, how can the egg stop? She secretly cursed in her heart. I didn’t expect such a situation to happen in a five-star hotel, but it should come soon. Return to Rui and pray in her heart.
There is no difference between the room temperature at night and the outdoor roots. Her whole body can’t help but cringe, and finally her teeth tremble.
"Men and women are very cold. Do you want to sleep together?" It’s also too cold to sleep. Hony walked to the sofa in the dark when he didn’t know, and sent it back to Rui Tao.
In the dark, her heart could not help but tighten because of this sudden sound.
"You are a dead pervert. Do you know that you will scare people to death?" Gui Ruirui sat up from the sofa and roared at him.
Degree of hongyi left the pie mouth, and then the returning core body was pulled. "The room is mine and the quilt is mine." Then he swaggered and was laid flat on his bed and got into the quilt.
"Is it a man? Isn’t it a man? Die, pervert, die, Hongyi?" The man really doesn’t know anything about passion, but now she dares to be angry and dare not speak.
Who wants to sleep with you, even if he dies of cold, he decides not to take the initiative to send himself to bed.