The mosaic of mulberry flowers was blown down by the autumn wind and fell to the ground in the forest. Two pairs of young girls were reluctant to sleep this night.

Hundreds of Sect in Seven States in Tiandong.
There are 100 statues of the guardian, 12 stars and 12 famous and powerful people.
They live in seclusion in the twelve star rivers, even if there are hundreds of patriarchs, it is hard to meet ordinary people.
However, at this time, there is a rich and jade-like looking Lanling teenager in a time-honored temple in the twelve star rivers. That said, Jun Mou played a black-and-white game with nine planets’s cat.
In the center of the temple, there are 19 chessboard battlefields engraved on the earth, which occupy the whole hall.
Who will win or lose a game in Zhongzhou in this long and short day?
"Three years ago, Luoling was killed by your uncles, but I didn’t find that map. Although it seems to have been put on hold for three years, the rivers and lakes have already been raging. Now Yanbailou has entrusted her palm to the old guy in the Pu Yuan, which has caused the world to stir up. Does her think that I should take a move in this matter?" The cat star lit up a black ghost every once in a while, which was like being killed by Samsung and Luoling turned into a black fog.
His breath is long and distant, his manners are elegant and free and easy, and he lives up to his reputation as a jade gentleman.
He is quite similar to the young man across the street.
Huiguang’s flashing eyes stared at the nineteen chessboards of the spreading hall, like deduction and calculation.
A moment later, the boy smiled.
"Master’s peace of mind is to stay on the mountain when this dish ends in Zeyu …"
"oh? You’d say … "
"In fact, all this is just the imperial art of the Yanbailou. Imagine if the sky is not in the hands of Luoling, who is most likely to fall into it?"
"Of course it’s his main Yanbailou."
"Since ancient times, I have to die when I want to be a minister, but Yan Bailou has become loyal, but I have sent a foolish loyalty to Luohe in error." It’s a pity that I let out a sigh when I looked at the young man who gradually dispersed the black fog.
"So you think everything is Yanbailou trick? False rumors mislead the world to return the sky to Luo Ling’s hand, which has long been in his pocket, so that the perfect White House God will take the initiative to do a lackey and slaughter Luo Jia’s house, so that the world will be furious and punish Luo Ling to force him to appear? "
"This is my brother’s speculation about the truth. If my brother worships in the monastery, the princess will be able to get to the bottom of it since she was a child."
Chapter Tiandong people are as good as jade, and the world is double.
Zeyu, a famous young gentleman.
It’s a twelve-star nine planets cat.
This teacher and disciples sit and talk about the sky, and everything seems to be on their feet.
Every game they play is a deduction of the general trend of heaven.
It’s better to calculate thousands than days.
The door is still open!
There is also a teenager living alone!
And the real picture of the country is his body!
The teenager has been away from the world for three years, and now he is in the mountains!
The goal is to go to the monastery!
They will be classmates in the near future!
This is providence!
Law deduces providence!
Pu Yuan is located at the junction of Dayan Empire in seven states in Tiandong, which is a holy place in Tiandong, independent of the separatist regime of this group of heroes. In addition to hundreds of cases, there are also Jiange in Kunlun Mountain in Zhongzhou, which is comparable to being free from war and the world of mortals.
Over the years, the teaching concept of educating people in the college has naturally cultivated many celebrities. Many experts in the seven states of Dayan were students who came out of the college. In addition, the college has made great contributions to summing up and carrying forward the six-character Taoist scriptures of practitioners.
The Puyuan built on the mountain is a famous Pucheng with four access points.
Connecting the fortress city of Dayan Empire in seven States, Pu City is naturally a constant stream of contacts.
Especially in recent years, Tian Yingjie has gathered here to make this Bodhi city noisy and prosperous.
General Yuwen, Yan Lingwei, secretly escorted Cher and Luo Changfeng and other people all the way, and never encountered similar assassinations and successfully arrived in the city of Pu.
This is due to General Yuwen.
Yan Lingwei, the most elite of Dayan Empire, is the new leader. How can you really lose your princess? Otherwise, this Yan Lingwei is already unnecessary.
After being stopped by Jiang’s parents, Yan Lingwei of Luohe County found that it was unreasonable to make a decisive move and then left smartly. Jiang’s parents always complained that the tiger fell to Pingyang and regretted not taking his 3,000 brothers with him.
General Yuwen discovered Cher’s whereabouts in the forest, but it was not easily exposed.
As Cher said, I have never seen the outside world since I was a child … Yuwen Valve, after all, couldn’t bear to add a pair of chains to her, so Yan Lingwei’s brothers secretly followed all the way and got rid of those sinister stumbling blocks to clean up all the way, in exchange for a happy journey.
When I first saw Luo Changfeng, Yuwen Valve felt a sense of familiarity and intimacy. But after three years, Luo Changfeng’s appearance has changed a lot. From Luomen to a bowl of water, a steamed bread can satisfy the determined young man’s thin face and slender head.
Besides, Luomen was robbed all his life, and he personally verified the idea of taking the lead and recognizing that his eldest brother Luoling was also killed. The fire was just a doubt and there was no more thought.
The Youlong cold gun is a magic weapon with a handle, which is very spiritual and has long been put away by Luo Changfeng, otherwise his identity will be exposed with this Youlong gun.
Li Zhai-zhu and his party sent Li Xingyun to Pu City, and then they said goodbye to everyone outside the city. They were hired by Li Xingyun Village, and naturally there was no need to stay. The mountain outside Pu City is the courtyard, so although the dragons and snakes in the city are mixed, they need to worry about the order and security.
I believe that if anyone in this city dares to pay attention to the students in the future school, they will die miserably.
Cher and Ling son are finally relieved.
Two pairs of teenagers walk through the wide and busy streets, and people of the same age are everywhere. I’m afraid it’s a long time before they get familiar with the city.
"Come on, come on, come on … the hospital released the list."
"What? Has the hospital released the list? "
"Hey, wait for me …"
Every year, the enrollment of Puyuan will be officially assessed. The list released three days before the exam is not the list of the winners, but the list of matters needing attention in the examination subjects of this year’s admission examination. Those students who want to enter Puyuan are prepared in advance.
The crowd around me was surging, but Cher clapped her hands and turned around and smiled. "Let’s go and have a look at the list of Changfeng Big Brother Hospital?"
Haven’t ask for the consent of Luo Changfeng ling son is excited to pull up cher hands two people ran past first.
Li Xingyun muttered behind him, "It’s strange that she has a letter of recommendation. Why are you more anxious than me?" ……
There is a hall of learning in Pucheng, and this place is right in front of the hall.