Charlene herself went to a far away place, and Charlene herself didn’t know how far away it was.

Charlene said at that time that if she wanted to be conscious, she would continue to go in and explore this virtual … limit.
And there is a creature that can bring Charlene back.
The appearance of this creature can make Charlene come back here with all the knowledge she has encountered so far.
Now the blonde manager thinks Kathleen is the kind of creature that can bring Kathleen back.
Because it can feel … Lynn’s dream ability. At that time, Charlene said that the creatures were the same.
So it took Kathleen to a place where Kathleen could return.
This place looks like a stargazing room.
That is, a hemisphere, and the surrounding walls are covered with gorgeous stars.
"Charlene will come back here," the blonde manager said to Kathleen. "Come and have a try."
Chapter one hundred and ninety Regression
"Go to that distant place … and finally reach its end …"
Lin Veronica … It is this place that looks like a’ stargazing room’.
Here in the stargazing room, Lynn can really feel Charlene’s … feelings.
I feel like I’m constantly moving forward in the virtual space, drifting towards the virtual depth.
Counting the scenery around Lin, they appear and disappear instantly.
This feeling lasted for a long time before it slowly stopped.
Lynn found Veronica in the dark. This place is similar to the virtual scenery.
And Veronica is in front of that … Lynn has been looking for a figure.
….. Charlene.
It is looking at the darkness ahead, reaching out and not knowing what to touch.
Lin looked at it and slowly drifted past, and Sally seemed to respond to Lin’s arrival.
"Sure enough, you found me." Charlene suddenly stopped and slowly turned to look at Lynn.
"Are you …?"
This Charlene gives Kathleen a very different feeling of playing that role in front of her hiding place. Simply put, it is similar to a very’ friendly’ feeling … as if it is part of her own thinking.
But Lin still tried to ask a.
"… yes," said Charlene. "You should know that. You should be able to feel it."
"But although I had a guess, I was really surprised to see you here …" Charlene floated to Veronica and looked at it carefully. "I can also feel that you have … grown up a lot."
"You are really …" Kathleen also looked at Kathleen carefully. After a while, Kathleen poked her face with her hand.
Indeed, it has an unprecedented familiarity with Lin, which seems to lead directly to the depths of consciousness.
"How do you want to feel one more carefully?" Charlene grabbed Kathleen’s hand and said, "This is no problem."
"So what are you doing here?" Lin continued
"This is the virtual end," Charlene said, looking at the darkness behind her. "I’ve been traveling in this direction."
"I didn’t expect it to be the farthest place in this virtual world," Charlene said. "There are so many things to experience, but what surprises me most is that this place has an end."
"Of course, you are not talking to me at the end now, but you … going to the’ side conference room’ … will activate a part of my consciousness to stay there, and you are talking to this part of my consciousness now."