The trainer who tames these sacred species will never become a qualified animal trainer without an absolutely pure soul and absolute loyalty to the northern principality.

However, Joel Norton has not only made himself an animal trainer, but also a royal animal trainer, which shows that he really can’t hold anything in his heart except his beloved career in his country.
Some people may say that people like Joel are different from fools, because there is nothing in his eyes that can be put into his heart except those dumb unicorns.
But if you think about it carefully, isn’t there a lack of such a pure and clean mind in this impetuous world today?
What Joel will feel sorry for will make people feel that he deserves sympathy from all living beings because he chose to die for the hope of the future. He chose to give the hope of living to the child and let himself face the unknown fear alone.
Joel can see the distant light from the darkness in his eyes when he dies.
It can be said that Joel Norton is just an ordinary human being. He doesn’t have the courage like Angel Paris Bella, because he swore that he would never dare to break into the dragon cave alone. He would never dare to hold shuriken so forcefully to kill the abyss dragon, let alone live in the world under the title of dragon slayer.
Joel is not as eloquent as Ellie Papapara. First of all, he is not as eloquent as Ellie, because he lives with a group of dumb beasts all the year round, which also makes him stutter when he is impatient. So it seems to him that Ellie Papapara is really his generation, and at least he can understand human nature. In this respect, he will never try to surpass the other generation.
But this doesn’t mean that Joel Norton is really a place. After all, he can let his soul cross over to the whole life. That means he must be very original. Otherwise, he wouldn’t choose to let him continue to live in this way. Destiny can make his soul cross the whole Pacific continent with great difficulty. Then he still has fate in this game.
Joel Norton’s greatest advantage is that he is the only one among many personalities with complete self-awareness, including personalities like Ellie and Bella, and they will all recognize themselves as lucky ones who have been blessed by fate and come back to life. Let alone the other personalities that were split from Duan’s personality. It can be said that only Anna knows that he is not the only messenger of this body, but he shares this body with his personality.
Although these personalities can talk with each other, whenever the host is temporarily occupied by one of them, his personality will shield himself, which will make him not know what kind of extraordinary things his body is doing at the moment.
So this also makes this group of personalities recognize each other that they are real, while the remaining personalities are all self-imagined.
But Joel and Annabel, the twenty-four personalities, are really symbiotic in this body, and they are all real to each other. No one is imaginary, and no one is imaginary by himself, even himself. They are just poor people parasitic on the host.
After Joel Norton learned his secret, he became more and more mature. He deliberately controlled his emotions, corrected his habits from little things, and tried to adapt his body to the situation in a short time.
You know, if a person can control his emotions at will, then nothing else can threaten him in this day.
Because there is no so-called seven emotions and six desires in this person’s heart, and there is no so-called fear and hope.
Everything is just a game, and I am just a passer-by after all.
So for Joel Norton, he is an inevitable result, because among many personalities, there is really a need for a controllable personality.
After all, order can only happen.
Joel Norton is a master of emotional management among many personalities.
It is impossible for an institution in the world to say that it has complete equality and secrecy, and the same is true for special meetings.
If Angel Paris Bella is the manager in charge of anger and the defender in solving the host’s life and death in the secret meeting, then Ellie Papapala is the witness in charge of understanding, the guide in controlling the host’s cognition and recognition, and Joel Norton is the comforter in control of emotions and the listener in relieving the pressure on all sides of the host.
Then Anna, her last personality, is the planner of all sources and the manipulator who drives the host to realize self-manipulation.
Unlike his personality, Anna is an out-and-out person.
Because Anna Lilith is not a native of this world, she is a returnee like Qin Yu, a person from another world.
In the world where she lived before, she was a royal protector from M country, and she was also a senior in the Royal Guardian Association.
However, due to a series of unexpected events, her soul had to cross the beach directly, and she became a lonely ghost who had been stranded in the beach for hundreds of years.
It stands to reason that souls stranded in the beach are not allowed to die without the consent of the beach management. These souls can wander around the beach and suffer from torture and pain until their sins are thoroughly cleaned up before they can be allowed to die.
However, Anna Lilith regarded such a reincarnation rule, and she also made herself a successful exile because of her escape.
You know, being sent to the beach is endowed with historical souls, which will be called returnees by this group of beach managers, while those souls who have been sent to the beach for life will be called immortal by this group of managers
Anna Lilith is an immortal.
No one knows how she escaped from the bondage of sending the beach, and no one knows that she is a means to jump out of the six realms of reincarnation. The only thing that can be known is that when her soul form is parasitic on Duan Cang, the former great king of southern Xinjiang went crazy.
More than that, the poor southern Xinjiang king’s soul has spawned twenty completely different personalities. If it were not for Anna’s suppression of these restless personalities, I believe Duan Cangsheng would have compromised life and death early.
Now Anna Lilith is no longer a Royal Shadowkeeper or an immortal, and now her identity is just one of the many personalities parasitic on Duan’s body.
And more than twenty-three personality fusion bodies, more than one personality Iraqi Anna Lilith, can be said to be the king of this group of personality.
Anna doesn’t occupy her body at ordinary times, so it’s very important for her to occupy her body because of her ability and knowledge. The only thing she has to do is to let a group of people control her body and then find a perfect device for herself so that she can really be reborn.
Anna has had enough of his personality sharing her body. It seems that whenever her body is occupied by his personality, she feels that her body has been desecrated by his personality. You know, it is quite difficult for her to accept this.
However, the reality forced Anna to compromise. After all, she could be a personality parasitic in this body before the perfect device was found.
But good Anna, there’s another thing that other people don’t have superpowers at all
She can clearly know the body occupied by different personalities to make things and decisions, and she will firmly remember these memories. Plus, she comes from another world with more advanced technology, which gives her an unspeakable natural advantage in dealing with the problems encountered in this world.
After all, Anna Lilith really has something that others simply can’t copy for this kind of dimensionality reduction.
The fifth volume ShaYao
Chapter five hundred and three No longer in the past
I’m sure I’ll be free and happy.
These twelve words have been carved on the cliff, and no one knows whether the repairman can carve these twelve words one by one, and no one knows how much it takes to carve these twelve words.
And these twelve words are also the precepts of the world.
In particular, there is a great truth in every word of these four words.
The word "sky and sky" means that all one’s life is born on the avenue, and all the sky is born in the cycle of the sun and the moon.
It means that if people are still alive, you need to be down-to-earth and have full respect for all things in nature and fear nature and life and death.
The word "Fuzi" means that all things have spirits and all things need to soar instead of falling into the killing hell. Wan Li has seen the moon and stars soar, and nine days have worshipped the sun in the vastness.
Clear words to win people’s hearts means that people need to remember the teachings of all souls and abide by the commandments of all things. Never touch, never touch, never look, never look, never learn, never learn, never be determined, and never be a clean and honest person in order to exchange for a clean and peaceful world.
It can be said that this vision in my heart has really paid too much.
Especially Zhao Xuan, the head of her body door, put her life into it and went to repair the sky. Now this has lost its mythical color. When the only thing she can do and the only thing she can be allowed to do is to turn herself into a bloody stone to repair the sky, hoping to win more breathing space for this broken world.
If anyone in this world is the most regrettable and sad, then the name Zhao Xuan must be famous.
When the white phoenix swooped into the Ziwei sky in the East Palace, all beings in the valley were suddenly awakened.
It turns out that they are enemies of heaven and earth along the way.
It turns out that they are fighting with themselves all the way to kill.