Once recovered, Aoyang’s physical strength multiplied by hundreds, and Galin Xiao’s hand turned over the sky and the seal kept falling. Although Aoyang’s body was splashed with sparks, large scales were blown to pieces, and Aoyang’s mouth was also smashed with vomiting blood and pain, but imitation turned over the sky and the seal was no longer able to shake Aoyang’s body by any means.

Aoyang corners of the mouth slowly evoked a hint of Yin residual sneer. He slowly opened his mouth with a Fiona Fang about ten feet, and the colorful glow winding surface was engraved with the pattern of Bailong rushing to the sky. The seal flew slowly from Aoyang’s mouth with a suffocating breath and said, "Little reptile, try my dragon Zubao’s’ Dragon Seal’ taste."
Long Xi shook around, and the aura of heaven and earth rolled and flocked to Long Xi Aoyang, laughing wildly for a few times. Suddenly Aoyang saw a black Lin Yao busy at the moment, holding the thick staff, and hundreds of staffs bombarded Aoyang’s head. The dragon seal breath really made Lin Xiao and Lin Yao both move, but Lin Yao busy is a real god body, and the dragon seal breath has no effect on him.
Aoyang was smashed to pieces, and his eyes were black with pain, and he was humbled and growled constantly from his mouth. Lin Xiao sneered at a green light and suddenly rushed out of the quiet glass pagoda from his head with a hundred times more arrogance than Long Xi, and several blue lotus flowers gushed out of the tower and the hall was immediately covered by blue lotus flowers.
A green light covered Aoyang, and a small black hole appeared at the top of the quiet glass pagoda. Aoyang was sucked in by the quiet glass pagoda without checking a huge suction faint.
The dragon in the hall belongs to stunned.
Lin Xiao’s head is taller than the quiet glass pagoda and slowly turns around. He sneers at the place where the dragon belongs. "Fa Yuan God swears that I have more hands and feet!"
The immortals to whom the dragon belongs are angry with hundreds of magic weapons, and they have bombarded Lin Xiao one after another.
The magic weapon of the dragon’s many immortals is small? These magic weapons that exude colorful glow are all treasures from dragon ancestors. Every quality is higher than that of ordinary fairies. Hundreds of powerful magic weapons are faintly scented with artifacts. At the same time, the magic weapons are smashed hundreds of feet away from Lin Xiao’s body, and the mana fluctuates. Lin Xiao’s head rolls out a huge black hole. Haha, three fingers laugh wildly at the quiet glass pagoda above his head. The size of a hundred water tanks means that violet flies out of each violet, and it is easily dragged into the quiet glass pagoda. A blue hurricane. Roll up Qi Yuan’s world power and leak a little. Many elders of the Dragon Dragon saw hundreds of immortals and stumbled back at the same time. Venus flashed around for a long time and could not move.
Lin Xiao nodded at Lin Yao. "Brother, you can have these scales."
Lin Yao’s two places at once gloated over everything. "Don’t worry about picking up the old loach, these guys are the eldest brother, and I will calm them down alone." Sanyan Zhenjun’s long arm waved a golden staff, and the flames rippled around and burned to the dragon. There were several shining golden men of god in the ground, and Sanyan Jingu was banned from launching several dragons and flying phoenix screaming again, and they flocked to the dragon, the immortal gate and the violet clan like locusts.
Immortal door several immortals looked like bereavement and staggered towards the door of Sanyan Jingu Palace. After a flash of red light, the door of Sanyan Jingu Palace has turned into a smooth and flat wall. They have been sneering and laughing, and a group of immortals have been pouring out of the wall to correct the door of B, and a group of immortals have been rolling around more vigorously than before. A fairy statue pointed to the immortal door and violet Sect. You immortals sneered, "We have fought for so many years and should have a result or join you in the future." Or if you fight back, we don’t mind receiving your territory and years of savings. "
Immortal door several immortals were single, and they didn’t even hum. When they turned around, they killed many dragon masters who were a little flustered!
Lin Yao was proud to laugh wildly, counting his powerful forbidden ceremonial ceremonies at the Sanyan Shrine. With the help of Sanyan’s true regal power, he was able to sweep the floor.
Qiyuan is a lonely star somewhere in the world. Here, Fiona Fang is wandering for tens of billions of miles, and there is not even a little dust. You can see pieces of faint silver clouds floating in the distance. It is a large star field that contains at least trillions of stars, but these star fields are just thumb-sized silver glow when you look here.
Aoyang’s face was covered with blood, and his indecisive feet condensed into a huge piece of Xuan Bing. Based on his careful watching, he mumbled in his mouth, "Impossible, impossible, this is a complete world. With such a world, that is, the man of God was ordered to enter the divine realm. How can they move their world power when they can make some distracted and busy people walk?" How can there be such a person in the celestial world? "
Dozens of miles away, a huge tower with a height of 360,000 stories and a base with a diameter of hundreds of miles emerged from the void. The whole body of basaltic gas rolled like waves and was several miles thick. There was a huge violet at the top of the tower, which was entangled by hundreds of millions of cyan air billow. The powerful breath was overwhelming and rushed to Aoyang face to face. The strength was rushed back by this majestic breath and rolled for dozens of somersaults. When he finally stabilized his body, he had been rushed out of the tens of thousands of miles away.
Across the tens of thousands of miles, Xu Lin Xiaoyao surrendered to Aoyang, saying, "Aoyang, you die here today."
Aoyang clutched the dragon seal tightly, and he asked sadly, "Did you kill my son Ao Lie?"
Lin Xiao long a sigh he gently nodded, "yes! But it’s not! However, I won’t explain to you more. Today, you can only accept your dragon forces boldly if you die. His elders can live with you. The dragon king Aoyang must die. If you can dedicate the dragon seal to the statue, you can still keep a trace of true spirit and put it into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. "
"A trace of true spirit?" AoYang anger laughed "the king also you pity? It’s not necessarily who you fix and who you kill! " Aoyang shook his body and a huge golden dragon with Wan Li appeared in front of Lin Xiao. This golden dragon eulogized the incantation with a huge spirit, and it was constantly wrapped in all directions. It was forbidden to rush around and constantly transferred the aura from far and near.
But Aoyang didn’t get a hint of aura, as if this place was pure and true. Aoyang didn’t even get a hint of aura to brew the Dragon Mystery in Aoyang’s mouth. He couldn’t get enough aura to supplement it. He saw a glimmer of golden light flashing in his mouth and stunned Aoyang’s expression was called a wonderful one. He looked at Lin Xiao with that damn expression for a long time and couldn’t say a word.
Lin Xiao smiled gently and waved his right hand in all directions. "This is a world of honour!"
"impossible!" Aoyang howled, "How can you build your world here? You are not as good as a king. How can such a complete world be you? "
"What is it?" Lin Xiao’s eyes are very net, staring at Aoyang’s head, slowly rushing out of a black gas, in which a small basalt is twisting and growling. He said lightly, "If I can command the world and move the world’s power, it will be enough for Aoyang. After your death, your Jingxue Club will become Aoxue, and she will never wave you to repair this body."
Aoyang’s eyes spewed out two golden flames. He opened his mouth and spewed out his own life. Long Dan’s dragon seal attached to him. Long Danhua was bombarded by a colorful light with a diameter of over a hundred miles. Lin Xiao smiled lightly and sighed, "It’s so far away ~ magic! Five lines of array ~ now! " As Lin Xiaoqing drank, he and Aoyang Xu rippled out pieces of ripples. The speed was faster than life. Long Dan wore out the ripples. Every moment, he teleported forward for hundreds of Wan Li, but he was slow to approach Lin Xiao. There were huge planets slowly emerging in the four miles. The total was 36,000 planets with a diameter of over a million miles, surrounded by Aoyang cloth, which became a simple five-line array.
Of these 36,000 planets, 7,200 are made of thick yellow soil, 7,200 are hot stars, 7,200 are pure metal stars in Xuan Bing, and the remaining 7,200 are even more miraculous. That’s 7,200 indomitable trees. These trees are so huge that they all form a single planet. The five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth are powerful. These stars roll with five colors of light and are full of imaginary five elements of energy, which produce poor changes.
Aoyang disdained to sneer. "Do you want to trap the king with this small array of five elements?"
The sneer hasn’t dissipated yet. Aoyang’s face has become huge. The pressure has come from all sides. Aoyang has Wan Li’s huge body, which gives off a terrible’ click’ fracture. Pieces of golden Lins are broken, and bones are broken. Aoyang’s head is also crushed into pieces with a loud noise. The huge dragon body is slammed into the middle, and Aoyang is no longer able to support him. He is once again in human form, constantly spewing out golden blood. Aoyang is horrified and looks at Lin Xiao. How can he be so powerful? " Aoyang called back the Long Xi and his own life. Long Dan’s colorful glow covered his body and struggled to resist the pressure from the four miles
Lin Xiao chuckled, "Ge is confused. No matter what the battle is, it’s not the nature of heaven and earth, but even the simplest law requires him to mobilize his strength to a certain extent, so he can kill the gods and destroy the Buddha Pavilion. How can he endure you? However, Zunbu’s array of five elements has moved 36,000 congenital five-element stars, and each star has affected the star power of a star field. The energy of 36,000 star fields is gathered together, even the real man of God will have a headache for a while. What about the Dragon King Pavilion? "
Aoyang spat out a mouthful of blood, and he muttered, "It would produce strong strength ~ is this the strength that a man of God should have?"
I bowed my head and thought for a while. Lin Xiao shook his head while increasing the pressure in the battle. "Respect for cultivation is not enough to control this world department, so respect for today’s display strength is better than that of the real man of god ~ Hey hey, I’m afraid it’s not one in ten thousand. Well, the world has been hit hard, and its strength is not perfect. How much strength the real man of god can have is hard to imagine now."
Sighing with a sigh, Lin Xiaoli said, "Yes, one day you will definitely reach that realm!"
The palm of your hand rolled 36,000 stars with five elements of force, and one of them crushed the body of the dragon king Aoyang, and immediately fried Lin Xiao’s finger, a little Aoyang Jingxue, and all his repairs were devoted to the quiet glass pagoda. Aoyang gave a sharp and miserable cry and was waiting to escape. The flames swept across the sky and Aoyang Zhenling immediately turned into fly ash.
The immortal master department of Aoyang Dead Dragon Department took refuge in the rejuvenation hall, and the rejuvenation hall became the most powerful force in the celestial world. Lin Xiao and Hong Yi Xian Zun equalized the celestial world. The rejuvenation hall and Gate B occupied half of the celestial world respectively. Many forces either took refuge in the rejuvenation hall or surrendered to Gate B. Since then, there has been no noise in the celestial world, and Gate B has seen the sinister means and tough strength of Lin Xiao and Lin Yao, and Hong Yi Xian Zun has not been given half of the celestial world.
Since then, nothing in the celestial world can affect Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao and Lin Yao. One hundred years later, Ao Xue, Shen Xiaobai, Qing Hoe and Yao Ying took care of the rejuvenation hall and handed over all the stress to Bai Jile.
The vast resources of the celestial world rely on the Qi Yuan world to develop rapidly by extracting celestial materials and manpower. Every thousand years, a huge number of celestial immortals are forcibly immigrated to the Qi Yuan world, leaving the temple spirit to give full play to his old master’s means of scraping the ground three feet and plundering the celestial world crazily. He can plunder everything that has been hit hard, and recover after a million years. The number of immortals in the Qi Yuan world is one thousand times more than that in the peak period of the fallen demon king.
Lin Xiao relies on more and more immortals in Qiyuan world to contribute immortal aura every month, and his body is getting stronger and stronger. His basaltic spirit is becoming more and more pure and the quantity is getting larger and larger. Moreover, Lin Xiao has the experience of practicing in the meteorite world and the hand-copied road in the Tao Te Ching, and understands that several immortals and practitioners in Qiyuan world understand the heaven. Lin Xiao’s Taoist realm has changed dramatically all the time.
Time flies like this. Six million years have passed in a flash.
Fairy chaos Xinghai Lin Xiao, the core of a forbidden planet, lay quietly in a spherical cave with a diameter of thousands of miles. Lin Xiao, a Zhang Han jade cloud bed suspended in the core of the cave, lay cold. The jade cloud bed was thousands of feet long, emitting a mysterious luster like a star. Lin Xiao’s long hair fluttered slowly, wearing a white robe, and his hands crossed his fingers and hugged his lower abdomen. There were also thousands of feet of white jade nails around him, as if he had made up a thick suit of armor outside.