Ling Yuan was frightened like Ling Dingzong.

Later, Ling Youdao described in detail what happened after they went to the Wan Islands chain. Of course, the Qingdanmen Lingmai Lingyan incident did not.
After listening to his explanation, Ling Yuan was like a sigh.
"So you got the jade slips of recent times?"
In recent times, the prosperity of Beihai Terran Xiandao is far from that of Beihai Terran Xiandao today.
Many monks hope to find inheritance from the ruins of 10 thousand years ago, so as to make the fairy road of Beihai Terran bright.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Tianhe Dafa array true solution!
Ling Youdao greeted Ling Yuan like Ling Dingzong and nodded, "Yes, we did get a lot of jade slips in recent ancient times this time."
With that, he let out all the jade slips in the bag. After a flash of light, many jade slips piled up in the middle of the hall like a hill.
The sudden appearance of so many jade slips has given Lingyuan elephant Lingdingzong a great impact.
The two men were speechless with their mouths open.
Later, Lingyuan Xiangcai said, "There are so many jade slips in recent times."
Ling Youdao sighed, "Alas, although there are many jade slips, it’s a pity that there are a few jade slips for the family."
Although Qingdan Gate was powerful in recent ancient times, there were many Yuanying bodhi old zu sitting in it.
However, after all, it was an elixir force when it was destroyed, and it took ten thousand years to destroy what was left in wartime, which really didn’t have much to do with Cang Li Ling’s family.
"There is a saying that you must not look at the problem like this. After all, these jade slips refer to things in recent times. Although they may not necessarily enhance the strength of the family monks, they also have unique features that are definitely helpful to the family."
Ling Youdao’s heart slightly vibrates and surrenders modestly, saying, "The second grandpa’s lesson is"
Ling Yuanxiang nodded with satisfaction, "Confucianism can be taught."
Immediately, he said, "You put these jade slips away, and we will check them one by one before sending them to the family sutra depository for reading."
Then see ling Youdao’s right hand a recruit piled up like a hill, and the jade slips disappeared instantly, and the missing part was put into the bag in his hand.
The bag suddenly floated towards Lingyuan Elephant.
LingYuan like deep right hand bag firmly fell into the palm of his hand.
"Second Grandpa and Fourth Uncle, in addition to these jade slips, we also got two jade slips in the ruins, which have a shit on the family, which is incomparable to all the jade slips in front."
Ling Yuan looked at Ling Youdao like Ling Dingzong in surprise.
Jade slips in Lingyuan elephant’s hands say that the value is great, and the value is really great, but if it is small, it is not much smaller.
Not to mention the geographical records of China, we can convey the distribution of some forces in the terran environment in eastern China in recent times.
Today, monks can also look for the remains of Zongmen in recent times according to geographical records.
There are many benefits, but it is not easy to list them one by one.
If the five major factions of Beihai Terran know about it, they will certainly find an excuse to ask for it, although they may not necessarily rob it.
And the value of a bag of jade slips is actually not as good as that of two jade slips. What "shocking" is burned in the two jade slips?
At the thought of this, Ling Yuan, like Ling Dingzong, couldn’t help shivering.
"There is a saying that since you dare to say so, you have seen it?"
Ling Youdao made no secret of this and nodded directly, "My second grandfather said yes, and I started two people, all of whom have seen the two jade slips."
Lingdingxi looked at Lingyoudao in surprise because she didn’t know about it from beginning to end.
But listen to Ling Youdao slowly explained, "These two jade slips are severely banned on the third floor of our Qingdan Gate Sutra Pavilion. Although ten thousand years have passed, it is still difficult to crack them."
"We didn’t care about the ruins of Qingdan Gate because we couldn’t protect ourselves."
"We didn’t ring these two jade slips until we returned to Cangli Island Road. It was only half a year before we cracked one jade slip each. It was also at that time that we read the jade slip."
After listening to Ling Youdao’s talk, Ling Yuanxiang said, "If it weren’t for your family, you wouldn’t have gotten these two jade slips. You can’t be ashamed to see them."
"Yes … if it’s as you say, the less people know about it, the better. Once it’s done, it’s not a chance for the family, but a disaster."
"What Grandpa Er said is exactly what we thought."
Ling Youdao took out a jade slip and Ling Dingshan also took out a jade slip next to it.
When two jade slips appeared, Lingyuan looked straight at them like Ling Dingzong, which meant that I couldn’t wait to steal them for reading.
But the two of them can get by with their gas-keeping skills, and they can resist the throbbing of their hearts
Ling Yuanxiang quickly asked, "What was burned in two jade slips?"