There are rich resources and many’ wild creatures’ in the forest, but it is much smaller than the real one.

During the exploration journey, these residents found the edge at some point.
So panic quickly spread among them.
Chapter 12 Doomsday
"The end is coming!"
Although their lives are stable, they found a serious situation.
Their’ emptiness’ is finite.
This is the reaction of residents in the doomsday tunnel when they discover the edge of the surrounding exhibition.
Extremely frightened
They thought there was no end to the size around them, and so did all kinds of detection instruments they made.
They have detected quite a distant phenomenon, so they feel that this place must have everything waiting for them to explore.
But the actual exploration soon reached the edge.
At that time, Da Lin didn’t know how many people spoke according to the present situation. This is actually a long strip.
It has a thickness of more than 100 thousand kilometers and a length of 10 billion kilometers
But according to Doomsday Tunnel, it wasn’t like this at that time.
There must always be no’ size limit’ to explore the edge and the residents inside will panic.
They have all kinds of conjectures, such as what powerful creatures keep ornamental things in the’ tank’, and what horrible natural phenomena isolate them from the’ outside’ association.
What scares them most is not that they are powerful biological captivity, but that they are really that big.
Things beyond the edge
This is what they are most afraid of. For a long time, they try to’ drill’ the edge in various ways.
But as they think, the edge can’t be made.
Although there is some way to make this connection different, they have no technology.
So they always think this is their end, and they will be trapped here until they die.
So the end really came.
As the "doomsday talk" spread more and more widely, the residents here are slowly desperate.
Even those residents who feel it unnecessary to explore everywhere and continue to live like this are worried about resource consumption.
These residents have become more and more depressed for a long time, and the more they distance themselves from this loss, the more serious it will spread among them.
Finally, they found that everything they made was … festering.
Actually, the maintenance of this place is mainly related to their’ hope’.
Here, the whole life is full of hope on the way to the development of biology and the exploration around it.
Although they have many contradictions, on the whole, they are all eager for the future.
They hope that it will change the surrounding environment, for example, there will be a steady stream of resources around them, which will make their technology development get twice the result with half the effort.
This’ desired effect’ is not the doomsday tunnel setting.
In fact, this is this feature. Why does it have this feature? The Doomsday Tunnel didn’t say it.
It tells Lynn that it has been observing this characteristic.
But … I became desperate when I found out that the law was divorced from the virtual.
I hope that on the contrary, when creatures are desperate, they will accomplish everything, and whatever they assemble, those things will collapse.
This is mainly because objects here are related to dream energy.
Even if there is a physical object, biological despair will give dream energy, and then dream energy will affect this object.
A little despair will lead to the instability of this object, for example, the machinery will be easily damaged.
And greater despair will make the whole object directly disintegrate into debris.
Because of the despair that prevailed later, the whole article collapsed.
And after the collapse, they are even more desperate, and the vicious circle will not last long.
Even the whole thing is vacillating
Because … this body will also collapse because of despair.
However, this situation was observed in Doomsday Tunnel.
It sent troops to save some residents, and because it had been remedied by law, it took these residents to An ‘an and then got a new one and threw them in.
They have made new development in this place.
The result of this development is almost the same as a time when these creatures were rescued by a tunnel. They hardly knew what happened, but suddenly found themselves in a new place, and they could do nothing except new development.
Although they remember what happened before, they are slowly taken as saying in the process of handing it over to future generations
Then when this article was developed again, it experienced an identical desperate event.
Finally, the tunnel rescued the last remaining creatures.
After discovering that Wen always collapsed in despair, Doomsday Tunnel came up with a method.
It educated one of these creatures.
It lets them know that hope is positive and despair is negative.
After understanding these creatures, they did not live a hopeful life, but tried to cultivate’ hopers’ through technology.