"Damn it, Xiangang stone soil is the strongest defense!" Qin Miao hurriedly drank a suit of soil properties and suddenly climbed to the top, making the skin look like a turtle shell covered with a layer of hard shell!

"Now just to think of it, make XianGang king soil power? It’s too late. You have insufficient physical strength left now, which makes the defense of this immortal stone and soil reach the strongest degree and less … I hit the root vulnerability ratio with this force! " Yuan Lie hit the turtle shell with one punch and smashed it into pieces. Soon Qin Miao’s face was blasted through the turtle shell.
A stream of blood whirled out of Qin Miao’s body and flew out with the blood whirling radian!
"It’s not over yet!" Crazy color in Yuan Lie’s eyes has reached its peak, chasing the smashed Qin Miao’s fist-to-fist bone fracture, which reverberates for three days!
And naturally Qin Miao at this time has been playing dying eyes to turn over the mouth constantly in blood foam body like mud was Yuan Lie pinched her neck.
"It’s really refreshing to end this battle. It’s the most exciting thing to fight with the master!" Yuan Lie’s face was filled with crazy look, which immediately increased his hand strength.
"giggle!" Qin Miao neck also slowly deformed in his palm.
"fanatics stop and don’t kill my master Qin!" At this moment, a bright light suddenly galloped from the direction of St. Simon’s city!
It was a sword that grew stronger than the strength of the earth, and together with it, it reached Yuan Lie’s front and took his eyebrows!
Yuan Lie shivered with fear and did not consider the hand Qin Miao hurriedly missed one side of his body to avoid this sword, and his face was swept by the sword wind and there was an explicit wound!
"Aha, there are masters coming again!" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows.
"It’s strange that there are such masters in this holy city?" Scattered refined fairy also couldn’t help one leng.
Soon, an old man galloped to the body, and he was so excited that Xiao Fan couldn’t help but gasp …
Chapter 771 The first dimension
Wang Xianyi!
This old man is a real master of Wang Xian!
"Master!" The old man’s eyes were angry and he looked so weak that Qin Miao spun around and stared at Xiao Fan. "How dare you beat the young master like this!"
"Fortunately, although it is not dead, it is disabled even if it is cured!" Xiao Fansong’s shoulders have been secretly suggesting a compass again, ready to make a profit at any time for three thousand magic powers to kill hell to deal with this old man.
After all, Yuan Lie has exhausted his physical strength and admitted that the root is not the mysterious identity of this old man’s opponent, so it is best not to let him start work.
"I’m going to avenge your master!" Said the old man, with a flash of cold light in his hands, a ten-foot-sized axe flashed with lavender brilliance!
"Unique magic weapon …" Xiao Fan three people said at the same time, the heart sank.
"Kill us? If you have something to do, just kill it, but … I still can’t let Qin Miao continue to live because he is so big to me! " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and suddenly became distorted.
"hmm? Force? " The old man’s eyes shrank!
At the same time, Xiao Fan’s figure around Qin Miao reappeared and raised my hand to grasp the dying Qin Miao’s income compass!
"Damn it, let the young master out!" The old man was angry and waved the huge axe and hacked at Xiao Fan!
This axe seems to bring together all the forces of heaven and earth, and the power it gives off generally makes Xiao Fan feel chilly from the bone marrow!
"I rely on this guy’s strength to be terrible, and with this unique axe, I’m afraid this blow can reach the level of thousands of cents’ strength unless my brain is broken!" Xiao Fan grinned, and a seven-color light suddenly flashed in his left eye, causing some signs of distortion around him in an instant.
And the axe blow force drop speed also produced a stagnation!
While this little stagnation Xiao Fan hurriedly hid the blow and raised my hand to release a magic gas wrapped in scattered refined immortals and Yuan Lie to escape!
Although Xiao Fan has a golden command now, he can exert a part of his strength slightly, but it is ten times normal for him to meet his own requirements. Just after he took the two of them out of the distance with the help of force, his physical strength immediately overdrawn!
At this time, behind him came a huge explosion than a terrorist explosion, and even the ban on this fairy emperor state followed and shook up!
"run? Hey, even if you can exert your efforts, you can escape! " The old man roared in the explosion.
The ground is shattered crazily, and several waves of arc-shaped energy impact are poured around crazily, and even the distant St. Miao city is empty in an instant!
"It’s not good to hide from the core attack, but this aftertaste is not something I can resist!" Xiao Fan face a change to see the terrorist energy impact towards their oncoming what all have to wake up with the help of honour to resist the idea!
"The depth dimension!" At this time, the immortal, who had never made a hand, suddenly raised his hand and quickly rowed an arc on his chest. Immediately, he raised his arm and raised a water polo like a mirror to cover Xiao Fan’s figure!
However, when the impact force generated by the axe reached the front of Xiao Fan, there was no obstacle to the three people from wearing it.
"This is …" Xiao Fan and Yuan Lie couldn’t help one leng at the same time.
"The depth of Xiangang royal talent secret method!" The corners of the mouth of Sanlian Immortal picked a way: "I just used this method to change the position of the three of us. At this time, although it seems to be practical, it has come to the special dimension parallel to reality!"