Lin decided to … Look at what this creature is.

When Lynn thinks so, the cracks become more and more.
Some liquid squeezed into the crack and flowed out.
These flowing liquids have gathered into … a colorful creation.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and four Dangerous creatures
"I came to this world again … I want to destroy everything I see!"
"Ah … the shadow is the creature raised? Come here quickly! We will fight it back! "
This is a fierce war, and several mantis-shaped creatures are wearing all kinds of weapons and rushing to their targets without fear of death … a huge black shadow.
And their theory is that attacking all methods can do effective damage to this shadow, and the shadow can kill a large number of mantis-shaped creatures with a slight movement.
"I will exterminate your department from here!"
When mantis biological bodies piled up into a hill, the shadow climbed to the mountain and mantis biological language said such a sentence.
This creature … seems quite interesting.
Lin, two pompoms are floating, and there is a mass of creatures ten meters in front of them.
This creature is pure color. It is like a lump of soft mud and has no fixed shape … It was true at that time when it first emerged.
Now a part of its body forms a sphere with a diameter of more than one meter, which can be said to be a display screen.
Because there is a demonstration … those mantis-shaped creatures were slaughtered.
It’s like a movie. There are not only pictures but also … voice-over.
"This horrible creature has been released, and it will destroy the world, all living things and other gods."
"Who can stop it? Who can avoid this horrible destruction? "
When the ball plays the picture, it keeps clicking. This is the mantis-shaped biological language, which is probably what it means in translation.
Then … the picture disappeared, and the creature slowly changed back to the shape of mud and crawled slowly.
"Do you want to destroy them?" When it crawled for a while, Lin asked a pompom to click.
"…" The colored mud didn’t speak but stopped. Lin found that its body bulged in the shape of a ball.
After a while, the bulging part cracked and crawled out of it … a ball almost the same as a fluffy ball.
The size and diameter are all one meter, and the only difference is that the fluffy balls it extrudes are colored.
However, this colorful fluffy ball showed its fluff at the moment it came out and stabbed Lin’s fluffy ball at the same time.
And Lin’s fluff ball also stabbed it at the same time.
So a lot of fluff collided in the air, and Inlin and it … both hardened the ends of the hairs, so they collided and the air kept crackling.
Lin feels that it’s quite like … Ershimin’s sword fight.
Every fluff is a sword. When a large number of fluff collide in the air, it seems that there are many small sparks.
Moreover, Lin found that the colored one was almost as fast as the fluffy ball, so it was inseparable.
So Lin asked the captain-shaped pompoms next to him to send some commands to the colored pompoms and mud.
But Lin found that they didn’t respond at all. It seems that they are not creatures that the captain can command.
And Lin found that … the soft mud seemed to notice Captain Lin’s fluffy ball after receiving the information.
So its body bulged with a spherical structure. After a while, another colored fluffy ball emerged from the soft mud.
This new colorful pompom doesn’t have tentacles to fight, but it will send out a lot of signals like Captain Lin’s pompom.
These signals are very … miscellaneous, not the mandatory command signals of captain creatures.
Talking stubbornly is similar to noise, which can not control organisms but can interfere with biological nervous system.
It seems that this ooze … is really interesting. It will imitate creatures and create a similar’ arms’ in a short time.
"It … escaped … put it …"
Then Lin noticed that a statue of mantis moved next to it.
Its blade-like forelimbs suddenly became extremely dazzling and looked like a’ lightsaber’.
It came at once and shone, and its forelimbs slammed into the colored mud, but the colored mud hid faster.
At the same time, Lin found that a colored fluffy ball sent a lot of’ noise’ signals to mantis, which made mantis stand still.
And the mud body bulged again at this moment. After more than ten seconds, Lin found that an individual who looked exactly like this mantis had emerged from the mud.
Of course, it is also color.
"No …"
The mantis-shaped creature recovered at this time. After seeing the scene before it, it spoke words containing despair.
Then it was pierced by colored mantis.
Then this colorful mantis and two other pompoms attacked Lin’s pompoms.
So Lin let the pompoms explode.