On the other hand, Lin let the plane find a jumping point near the lost cemetery and jump.

Jumping is mainly through thinking to choose the position you want to reach.
Kathleen knew what Kathleen was thinking at that time and could directly locate where it was going.
It was Lynn who found that this jumping point could not send the whole plane, but it could send very little things.
For example, Lin arms
So Lin stopped the plane and jumped over with Lin’s tree-shaped arms.
After thinking similar to that of Charlene, the scenery around the tree-shaped arms changed instantly.
Lin can see many broken … images during the jump.
These images seem to be the scenes that Abu saw all kinds of Charlene’s virtual travel.
It’s all pieces of information that seem to have no keys for a few seconds, and there are also a lot of them.
It seems that jumping here can see these wonderful information.
After watching a lot of clips, Lin Shu-shaped arms came to a … it looked a bit like a quiet place.
There is a large flower field here, and colorful flowers are all over this land, extending to the farthest view of Lin.
The most common flower is a tall plant called’ Sunflower’, and these plants Lin also met a …… Ershimin.
This Ershimin has a head of green hair, and it seems to be a good match with this flower field.
"Um … are you new here?"
Lin found out that this Ershimin came to Lin’s tree-shaped arms and said, "It seems that … it’s a little different."
"What is this place?" Lin doubt way
"Don’t you know where you are to come here?" It said, "This kind of situation is really rare. This is a reception place to receive strong consciousness."
It points to the far side of the flower field and says, "If you want to know, go there and have a look, but you need to transform it into an adaptive shape."
"Adapt to styling?" Lin doubt way
"It is these newcomers who need to become one of these shapes to enter here, otherwise it is forbidden."
As he spoke, Lin spread his hands and found many images on his hands.
There are people in these images, as well as various objects with different shapes.
Some are like a big eyeball, and some are spinning like a whirlwind.
"If you can’t change or don’t want to change, you can’t get close to the reception desk," said Ershimin.
"…" Since it says so, Nalin still turned the tree-shaped arms into Veronica shapes.
"Very good," it looked at Veronica and said, "So … please go ahead. There have been many visitors recently. If you meet them, you can almost know what’s going on here."
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Reception
This view is … quite interesting.
After leaving the flower field, Lin saw a pure white land.
There are many square pools of different sizes on the surface, which are filled with thoroughly purified water.
At the same time, there are some conical or spherical things floating in these pools.
Lin would have seen some Walsh scenery when she left Huatian, but she changed to another scene as soon as she left.
And Lin can see many creatures here.
These creatures are numerous, and most of them are like eyeballs and float in one direction.
Lynn asked them some questions, but they didn’t respond.
The former green-haired Ershimin said that you can understand the situation here when you meet creatures. It seems that … not necessarily.
It’s the one who doesn’t want to tell Lin that it’s too diverse, so Lin will leave it alone and continue to explore
Manager Lin feels that there is also a great connection with Sally here.
"The receiver comes here, and the receiver comes here."
At this moment, Lin found a creature like a crab appeared on the ground ahead.
It has a size of more than ten meters, and its shell is metallic blue. This thing is slowly crawling over.
All the creatures flying around gathered around it, and Lin found that the forelimbs of this’ crab’ touched these creatures.
The touched creature will leave soon, and then it will touch one.
So Lin also went over.
"Are you also the receiver?" The crab said to Veronica, "It’s rare to feel …"
"What is this place?" Lin doubt way
"Don’t you know?" The crab was surprised and said, "This is a place where people will be received if they want to discuss biology …"
Then Lynn went on asking for a detail, and it also told Lynn.
This place is mainly because many unpredictable creatures will come here, and they are all relatively powerful species.