Easy to find a bench in the quiet square, sit on the top of your head, step on the ground in the bright sun, watch the crowds surge, hear and hear the whistle, feel the wind and dust.

A young girl wearing trendy ornaments walked down the street and looked at Yi twist her head and said to her companion, "KINOMOTO SAKURA, have you seen that man? My hair is so long, bright, floating and smooth, better than mine. "
KINOMOTO SAKURA walked forward and turned to look at the man from time to time and said to his companion, "Yes, I have seen this man for a long time. It’s strange to sit there motionless. It was almost an hour when we came here."
His temperament is outstanding, his face is handsome, he sits motionless in the central square, and his long hair is swaying in the wind, which frequently arouses passers-by to watch. There are also people in the tall building who stop him as soon as they see his eyes.
Endurance: Insist on the body’s immobility. Put your mind to the outside world. Your mind is not strong. Join the subjective consciousness. When you are a pure bystander, your distractions are not strong. Just stay somewhere and leave a little "according to your heart".
But it’s easy to tolerate people’s eyes when people treat this street like monkeys. It seems that some mysterious fluctuation will move for a long time and make him have an unnatural reaction.
It’s easy to have more distractions in the brain, and the outside world is noisy, so it’s even more difficult to look at things with both eyes, such as seeming and not looking at physical cohesion, that is, to integrate the whole world’s vision without distinction or hierarchy.
It is easy to fall into a kind of spiritual realm, turn a blind eye to the outside world, seek quietness and movement, and realize that it is rare to be quiet and not stick to one method.
Finally, pedestrians stopped looking at Yi frequently, just like sitting here without this person, Yi also realized a little integration of heaven and earth in a quiet machine.
At noon, a young man in his thirties with a soft face and elegant temperament came up in the distance and took a close look at Yi.
He said, "The Tao is friendly and elegant, but it is a perfect place to practice God here."
Yi glanced at him lightly, nodded, got up and walked a few steps without a trace of fireworks. The large square had left a warm smell of chair wood.
The man looked at Yi so distracted and swept it several times, knowing that it was a master, patting his face with his right hand and saying to himself, "This mouth is owed! I know that people are refining their gods, but they are out … Hey! "
Easily perceived
The beauty of uniting the heavens and the earth is always somewhat inductive, but the pagoda seems to be silent and thoughtful.
He flew all the way to a man’s valley in Nanling, sitting cross-legged and closing the curtains, which interfered with the quiet place. He forgot to help him find something, that is, he was "refining gas in a quiet place"
"It is impossible to observe the motive by observing the movement and taste in the stillness and observing the stillness."
In this way, "refining the spirit in trouble", "refining the spirit in silence" and "staying in Dan’s realm" were repeated repeatedly for three points and one line, and they were not moved by the outside world for 20 days until Suoya called.
Easy-to-sit chair in the central square. The old sound track is put in the ear. "Is it arranged?"
SuoYa hate tunnel "the younger generation this more than a month but lost a circle and acting and pretending that the king egg track down … then pretend to be close to the younger generation, the younger generation didn’t say that he blocked the house for two times according to the plan! Senior, you don’t know how hard that Chang Guang’s fist is, so that one of his ribs is broken. You have to kill him this time to relieve your hatred! Now Chang Guang has restored seven floors to repair the younger generation, and he will come out in tandem for a while. The predecessors are now going to the cave of Langya Mountain to arrange and wait for a younger generation and Chang Guang to leave after an hour. "
"Well done, kill him neatly. I’m good. You can use the" baby burning and body burning hermetic "! And are you sure to sneak attack and kill him in one fell swoop? "
Suoya sounds a little proud. "The younger generation deliberately forged a dagger to hide poison and filth, and once he punctured his skin, he was told to die. This poison was obtained by the younger generation in his early years, and it was so toxic that it never touched even pure gold."
"It’s no good for the younger generation to refine this dagger with the protection of the symbol. At this time, this dagger will be corroded clean. The younger generation also arranged several malicious spells for the dagger to pierce his body. The younger generation will instantly launch the dirty energy department and be blown to a pulp … haha …"
Easy to nod. "Don’t be afraid to delay too long at the beginning. That little secret means to connect others will be called Mangshan when you learn that it’s bad for you." Tell me again that Chang Guang has a powerful magic weapon? "
"His magic weapon is a big black banner, where 30,000 ghosts are hidden. It’s simply a cover day to launch together, and it’s dark and fierce to scream together. If people guard against the instantaneous flying of souls, don’t be lucky to kill many people by this move. Be careful.
Easy to think, I want to cover the Xuan Hun God’s curtain with the highest plough outside.
"And he refined Yin Lei bombs to hurt the flesh. As far as the younger generation knows, there is no external object to protect the body and refine the spirit. A virtual person can be blown to pieces by Yin Lei bombs."
"When another poison barrier canopy is sacrificed, it will turn into colored poison smoke, which will form a size of ten feet. As he moves closer, the poison barrier will automatically attack. If you inhale a little, you will be implicated in the poison barrier. If you drive away the poison, you will always know where you go, and the poison smoke will do the greatest harm to the Yuan God. Anyway, you should always use a magic weapon to protect yourself when your predecessors are against the enemy, or you will have to catch him. There are many magic weapons that are very sinister. The younger generation didn’t find out clearly, but he wanted to let the younger generation seize the opportunity. He was
"Ha ha, good, good, good, old man, I’ll ambush you, and then I’ll arrange two laws outside the cave, and then I’ll meet you as a treasure hunter, and then atrix will improvise."
"Good elder, I’ll come out as soon as I clean up."
"Well, the old man is leaving now." Easy to leave for Jiangxi Province with his mobile phone.
During the period, Xuan Hun released the curtain to protect the skin in vitro, and some ebony aura was absorbed in the other day’s gangqi possession, which became the devil who took treasure in the East China Sea island that day.
Fortunately, it’s easy to develop the practice of the plough cover in my spare time, so that I can always connect myself. If the outside world doesn’t touch the plough cover, I won’t be a spark.
However, it needs to be controlled by God at all times, or it will automatically dissipate the waves. If Suoya finds out, I don’t know what the consequences will be
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and seventy-five The whole wide ghost.
The road was hidden from the monks who crossed the three provinces along the way and came to Hefeng, Jiangxi Province
Boming in Hefeng Jiangxi Province said that Gu Dayu was still a mountain bag when he was controlling water, and then he stayed here for three days.
In one night, I dreamed of cranes flying down the earth and woke up to see that my residence had turned upside down. Looking down at Fiona Fang, it turned into large and small peaks for dozens of miles, and all of them looked like cranes. They were very gods, so they named themselves Hefeng and announced the flood.
It is easy to see that the main peak is a bit like a crane, and the rest of it is the general peak, which may be the former government. It attracts tourists to write stories in person to form a unique humanistic story background, which makes people have an intuitive impression. When you think of Dayu, you think of Hefeng.
There is a secret cave in the back of Hefeng Mountain, where Suoya personally searched and found the implementation place of this plan.
Although this is a crane peak, there are still many snakes here. It is easy to find a lot of poisonous snakes. This is why no tourists come here to explore. So it is a good place to find a career.
There are several arrays at the entrance of Yi cave, and a little smell of dragon, toad essence and giant scorpion Dan is released nearby, so that Chang Guang can’t tell the truth of things, so he goes into the cave to find treasure.
Although the layout is a little crude, it is necessary to be curious and go into the hole to find out.
It is easy to walk along the tunnel direction and gradually widen. It is found that another Gankun is a small stone bud cave with uneven yellow-gray walls and scattered crystals.
Stalactites on both sides of the cave roof are connected to form a strange stone pillar, which is very inconspicuous without beautiful visual effect.
Going further inside, the tunnel becomes narrow, so that two people can walk side by side. It is easy to walk for a long distance, and it is found that this hole leads to the ground, and there is a pool, a river and other waterways.
Yi returned to the previous Shiya Cave Hall as soon as he arranged along the way, took out the flying sword and hacked around for a while, sprinkling some blood to confuse people’s minds.
Soon he came to talk outside the cave, and then he roared, and the cave trembled, and stones shot in, followed by footsteps and two people talking.
SuoYa chagrin anxious voice to "how did that happen! I’ll arrange the array. How can it be ruined? Someone must have got there first. Let’s go in. "
Chang Guang tapering voice out "nonsense Laojiu, if you had told me earlier, maybe the turtle at the bottom of the pool would have fallen on me … we have it in our hands … Shit … someone is fighting … the blood is still wet … Let’s go …"
Two people just want to go in along the stone bud cave hall, but a broken tunnel is quickly returned by the junior and senior.
A sound changed from vague to clear: "I just killed two treasure-hunting monsters, but I didn’t expect two little lambs to come again. Today, I called you back and forth."
Then Yi appeared in front of two people with a steel seal wrapped in green mist in his right hand.
Look at Chang Guang’s small nose, triangular eyes, sparse hair, yellow color, green face and brown fur robe.
Chang Guang couldn’t see each other’s meditation and couldn’t find out what to make. I knew that I had encountered a hard stubble, and my eyes turned and quickly waved. "Wait, wait! Since Taoist friends come first, my other disciples are not good at stealing people’s beauty and leave now. "Say that finish, I pulled a handful of rope to go."
Suoya was anxious, but he didn’t dare to struggle. His left eye blinked at Yi and chimed in, "Yes, let’s go."
"If you break the old law, you can come and go whenever you want. How can there be such a good thing?"
It’s easy to drink the sacrifice, and it’s a big thunder, and it’s changed into a half-acre-sized stamp, and it’s smashed at the mouth of the cave. This smash has enveloped most of the cave halls.
Chang Guang see each other unappreciative heart to gas also offer a dark seal against the top of the head.
Suoya pretended to retreat, took out a small prayer, read a spell, released a piece of black gas, and attacked Yi, unhappy and slow. At the same time, he watched the four directions and paid attention to Chang Guang’s dynamics, ready to give him a dagger at any time.
It’s easy for the body to shake, and the thunder and fire seals are knocked back, so I hurriedly pinch the tactic and hit it again. At the same time, I shipped the floating wave technique to dodge the black fog coming from Suoya.
Chang Guang saw that his magic seal was lost to him, so he quickly took it back and hid to one side, took out the magic complications and put the ghost out, and it was dark.
"Rumble ….." Print hit the ground easy to flash to the mouth of the cave, and the right index finger is far away, and it suddenly flies up and changes.
There was a burst of noise in the split, and the blue-green earth arc and the soaring flame attacked Chang Guang with fierce power like a shock wave. The dark ghost scream flew around and was split by the arc without escaping the moment.
How many magic runes did Yi depict when refining the thunder seal of Dadu? How many exorcism tricks have you played? Even if he can’t count it himself, and it’s thunder and fire, it’s a good effect to deal with this kind of ghost
Chang Guang is so angry that the hole is blocked and the hole is still so small. The other party takes out such a small thunder and fire seal to attack this magic weapon, but they have to put the magic seal forward.
I don’t know how easy it is to read my mind, and I’m afraid of those ghosts.
The two seals hit each other, and the seal won and thundered, and the bottom of the seal flashed against Chang Guang.
Chang Guang raised his hand and let out a piece of black light to protect his body. He gave up control. When he breathed in his hands, the black light stood up and split to form a large black palm.
"bang! Bang! Bang! Bang … clicked his heels together … boomed … "Dong Xiang irrigation three people eardrums roar noise than noise.
Yi Shennian is connected by the thunder and fire seal, and it is also trembling all over with this palm. It seems that I stepped back a few steps to spray blood on the fire seal and read two spells to pinch the tactic and urge it.
Chang Guang looked at his palm work and smiled proudly. Then he looked at the hot stamp and turned red. A piece of power was more prosperous. A blue thunder split at himself and quickly dodged his hands and split the seal.
If you don’t work hard next to Suoya, jump to Chang Guang’s right and shout, "Brother, I’ll help you!" Said is also a big black palm forward split printing.
"good! Help me hold on! " Chang Guang saw SuoYa help to take out a gray bead offering. The right hand in front of him pointed to the gray bead and turned it round and round. It was dazzling to split it and turn it around, and it seemed to be sucked in.
This also don’t give up Chang Guang and throw a khaki magic weapon five meters in front of the ground at the rebuke of that thing into the ground.