The troops settled down in the two sides, and the people introduced the dragonfly colorful winged king to each other. Although they were human demons, they were infected by each other’s temperament as soon as they met. The beauty of colorful winged king gave the dragonfly and others a great shock, and colorful winged king also liked the dragonfly’s temperament.

After a simple greeting, the two sides quickly entered the conference room to prepare for the upcoming exhibition.
There is a rectangular wooden table in the conference room, and both sides sit on both sides. As soon as they walk into the conference room, the colorful winged king has been staring at the dragonfly as if enjoying a precious art. Although it is uncomfortable to be seen by the colorful winged king, the dragonfly can also face it. After all, it is not convenient for him to take the initiative to ask.
However, I didn’t expect the colorful-winged heavenly king to be more eager to break the silence than the dragonfly to see her quietly lowering the bass and stifling human language while everyone was distracted. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to be so young.
Hearing the colorful wings king suddenly talking to himself, Dragonfly was stunned and then politely replied, thank you for your praise. In fact, I didn’t expect that the colorful wings king who ruled a quarter of the inferno turned out to be such a charming girl
After listening to the dragonfly, the colorful-winged king looked like a little girl with a red face and a hint of joy. He said again, Hee hee, I still think you are a difficult person to get along with, and you have been forbearing to speak. I didn’t expect you to be like this. It seems that you are very different from your reality
Oh, that’s right. What happened to me? It seems that I was interested in the words of the colorful wing king. Dragonfly asked
Hee hee said that you are a sinister, vicious, lewd and demonic figure. The colorful wing king said with a light smile
Haha, I’ve heard of all kinds of smells, but I haven’t heard of this exaggeration. Dragonfly said with a smile
Please don’t mind. In fact, I know you won’t be like this, but after hearing it for a long time, you will feel a little scared. Now it’s all right. Now that you can follow me, I believe we will have a good time together. Looking at dragonfly with a smile, it seems that you are sincere and willing
Dragonfly can’t be careless about all the performances of Colorful Wings King from beginning to end. After all, now Dragonfly is not the teenager who was a few years ago.
He has been wallowing in battlefield politics for many years. The more difficult he is to deal with the enemy, the more weak he will be in front of himself. At present, the colorful-winged king is selfish and beautiful, and he wants to be naive. The dragonfly is well aware of this, so it is not significant.
At the moment when the two men talked, both sides of the negotiation were ready. In Shiller’s eyes, he motioned for Dragonfly to make an apology to the colorful wing king. Then he got up and said to people, before the meeting, please allow me to thank the colorful wing king for taking the trouble to get here. It is because of your hard work that we can avoid the embarrassing situation of military confrontation and sit here calmly to discuss an agreement that is beneficial to both sides.
Here, I sincerely thank all of you for saying that Dragonfly saluted the officials of the inferno with colorful wings.
In the face of dragonfly etiquette inferno officials in colorful wings king led in return.
After a while, the meeting was held in an auspicious atmosphere. Although the officials present were very wary of each other, on the surface, the two sides seemed to be very harmonious. Whether it was a condition or a bargaining party, none of them blushed and had a thick neck. However, this situation is not for a while. When the two sides talked about some sensitive topics, the atmosphere became dignified.
Mr. Hiller, are your conditions too harsh? After all, we are now discussing whether to talk or not to surrender. You must insist that we give up the fortress, which is equivalent to letting us finish the land in the hands of your army. I believe that both the position and us can accept the objection of the senior officials of the necromancer to Hiller.
Hearing the other party’s answer, Shearer said quietly as if of course, I hope you don’t misunderstand our military intentions. I’m sure you must know that we are not here for sightseeing.
Over the past few years, our human world has been threatened by demons. First, half of Punk’s country fell into hell. Later, when you signed a peace agreement, you openly and unilaterally provoked war, which made Desit, a northern province of China, suffer from war.
Not to mention the economic losses there, even the people are as high as one million and have been captured or killed by you.
This time, my Lord led a million mighty men to come to the inferno for thousands of miles. Is it possible to sign a non-binding agreement again? I believe that the wisdom of the cabinet will surely be white. This is impossible
Of course, we know that the colorful-winged heavenly king didn’t directly participate in the war of aggression in Desite, but from another angle, you have been cruel to the Northern Ghost Army. Now we don’t want you to be responsible for the losses in Desite, and we don’t ask you to surrender conditionally, but should you also be sincere and give us the greatest convenience in road access?
You can look at a map that you gave us. According to the current position of our army, if we want to enter the territory of the King of the Northern Ghost, we have to go deep into your territory for nearly a thousand kilometers, except for more than seven foreign military fortresses in the city.
To tell you the truth, I don’t doubt your sincerity at present, but once the war takes an unexpected turn, I don’t want to believe that Shearer, a country that has openly torn up the peace agreement, has left no room for bitterness.
After listening to his words, those inferno officials will turn against each other on the spot as soon as they look constant. It is not the colorful wing king who glances aside to stop these soldiers. It is likely that the negotiations will end here.
Actually, the dragonfly shearer doesn’t want the colorful-winged heavenly king to lead the inferno troops. After all, anything can happen in the war. However, in the past few days, they have grasped the bottom line of the inferno, that is, the colorful-winged heavenly king doesn’t want the dragon army to fight. After the negotiations enter the topic, Shearer will preempt the aggressive conditions.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Ping decisive battle
Shearer said that no matter how ugly the other person’s face is, he gently put the quill pen in his hand on the table and leaned back to the chair slightly as if waiting for the other person to fight back more sharply.
Shearer’s move is a great shame for inferno negotiators, and even the colorful wing king who wants to ask for a temporary recess is angry and forgets to speak at the moment.
A long time ago, the grim-faced necromancer officials finally couldn’t help saying that Ge said that it was right for several times in the human world that the main reason for the war in our inferno was in our inferno, but as Ge said earlier, our colorful wing country was not the most powerful country in the inferno.
At that time of pressure from Beiming, we also have to do something that we don’t want to do, just like in the regrettable Desit War, our country not only didn’t get the war benefits of Desit, but also lost 100 thousand cyclops troops.
The necromancer officials haven’t finished yet. Shearer is impatient to sit up straight again with an angry face and interrupt the other party. Pay attention to your words. Everything in Desite Province has been plundered by your shame and greed. This is a war of complete aggression. It is said in the cabinet that war benefits are our national wealth.
At this point, Shearer took a deep breath as if he had calmed his excitement. It took a long time to say it. I know this is not the time to talk about these old scores, but I still want to repeat what I said earlier. Since you want our cooperation, you must take credible conditions to let our army enter your country, which may be cut off at any time. Then we are willing to count the lives of noble soldiers to open a road to revenge.