"Why don’t you run away from me …" Fan Hua said with his last bite.

"It’s a good idea, but I have a little question to ask you." Qin Mu Ye’s face became serious.
"Excuse me," Fan Hua felt a little uncomfortable.
"Why?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
"What?" Fan Hua wondered why? He is a little hard to understand.
"Why do you want me to bear you with you when you make a mistake? I can say that I am a complete stranger, so you are involved in this catastrophe. As a result, I give you advice and you say no, but you want me to bear it. Why do you say this?" Qin Mu Ye stared at Fan Hua and asked very seriously.
At that time, Fan Hua was also speechless. Don’t say no because Qin Mu Ye said it was true.
This made all kinds of thoughts keep pouring out of his mind. Hui Jian wanted to help him cut off these troubles, but he stopped him. This is really not authentic.
"I … I …" He opened his mouth to say something to explain, but he was stuck in his heart and couldn’t say it.
"You shouldn’t let me bear the trouble you caused. My life here is good, but you made it look like this. Or did I wake you up because of my kindness?" Qin Mu Ye directly pointed at Fan Hua from a moral high point.
It seems that this young man has become an honest man directly after his transformation, and so does an honest man.
Otherwise, how can I say to find an honest man to take the blame? Isn’t it just bullying or worse, or when the other party doesn’t make sense?
"I went to ask … people even … even … to recognize it." Fan Hua said that she stumbled to say a name, but she couldn’t say it.
"Ah, this … I don’t think you can survive. Why don’t you get stronger first?" Qin Mu Ye thought that he really wanted to go to the rich woman to solve the problem. What else could he have fun with?
"Besides, your condemned man doomed love might have to carry a hundred piles before he gets to the Mu family. Then maybe he will form an alliance of victims to jointly kill you. Do you think you can handle it?"
Qin Mu Ye’s understanding of the yellow hair gift package is still very profound
Fan Hua’s face turned green, too. Qin Mu Ye said it was very reasonable. He has experienced a lot of losses in this kind of thing. He has the help of Hui Jian and runs fast, which only provoked the Mu family. If he is not strong enough to go rashly, the road will be dangerous.
If you are not careful, he will get stuck again. If you really want to set up this so-called alliance of victims, you may have to form a vicious circle.
"Daoyou willing to help me?" Looked at Qin Mu Ye Fan Hua look some wonderful.
Qin Mu Ye face a black "I can be a little forced? I was willing to help you? That’s because you pulled me to help you. "
This made Fan Hua instantly embarrassed.
"No, Daoyou, just be strong yourself. Why should I be strong?" Fan Hua also reacted that there was something wrong with this logic.
"What gives you courage to think that I can break through Luo Jinxian before being hacked to death by the Mu family?"
"The best solution is that you become stronger and show enough potential, and then chop down the other person and fly with your rich woman, and then we will bury the hatchet and everything will be solved."
Qin Mu Ye’s idea is the optimal solution. After all, it’s not that big for others to have opinions. After all, it’s a son-in-law who can enter the Mu family. It must be a son-in-law. Generally speaking, it’s not very popular.
"This … really work?" Fan Hua’s little appearance seems to be a little heart-warming, but it seems that he has thought of something again and is a little depressed. "I’m not good at it."
"Don’t worry, I can help you. You can’t do it. After all, if you want to die for both of us, it’s natural for you to be chased by the Mu family, but I don’t want to."
"So if you don’t think about it yourself, you have to think about me."
Qin Mu Ye took each other into the pit without hesitation.
Chapter 763 Leave to kill abandoned shakotan coast
"Lie trough run! ! !” Qin Mu Ye mirror demon mirror, the golden light pushes forward all the way, and also follows the dusty Fan Hua. He is flying with the royal sword, and naturally it is Hui Jian.
I have to say that this thing is really capable. It seems that there are a lot of spirit and beast skills besides the natural spirit and beast skills. Otherwise, how can it be condensed into essence? After all, this thing is a physical attack and an attack on the soul rather than the flesh. Now it can run away with Fan Hua. It must be assisted by his spirit and beast skills.
"Dao you this cat calculus is not allowed, how can you be ambushed" Fan Hua is also a nai.
He followed Qin Mu Ye’s plan to leave the city and find a secret place to experience and see if he can find some resources to raise the spirit beast. Unexpectedly, he was stared at by the Mu family before he left the city.
People just killed them and surrounded them, so they could run away.
Qin Mu Ye’s hand mirror demon can use the golden light in the mirror as a propeller, but it is really not good if it really comes to fight.
Although Fan Huahui’s sword has a sword in its name, it is actually a very auxiliary spirit beast. It is not very good at fighting. It is really the help of sitting in the soul, other spirit beasts and spirit benders
Both of them are mixed up, but how can they fight each other across from the main C.
"If I am a diviner, you can guess how I was implicated by you?" Qin Mu Ye quite some language said.
"…" Fan Hua felt that Qin Mu Ye agreed to be reasonable. How could it be possible to fall into this field?
"Then where should we go now? How to dump them? "Fan Hua is also helpless. After all, when he was killed before, he just chose a direction to running all the way.
It’s different now. With Qin Mu Ye, he can choose better. After all, he is good at cat calculus and maybe he can find some chance to live.
"Going anywhere is the same as dumping them …" Qin Mu Ye manipulated the golden light in the mirror to escape a fireball before saying, "Do you think this group of people can really dump them if they bite so tightly?"
"Otherwise, just visible, we can go back and hack them to death, and everything will be solved."
Qin Mu Ye said that he could not solve this problem but could find a way to solve the manufacturing problem.
"Daoyou is the possibility that the two of us together can’t beat the group behind." Fan Hua said that what you said is very reasonable, but the problem is that if they can’t solve the problem of manufacturing, people will not be hunted down.
"PSST ~ You are good at such an inscrutable question today." Qin Mu Ye said with a gasp.
"Cough friends don’t be poor. Do you have any idea?" Fan Hua asked
"No, I want to have a way to run early." Qin Mu Ye glanced at the people who came after him and always felt that there was something wrong.
It’s like deliberately killing them, not really killing them. If you really want to catch Fan Huamu’s family, how can there be so many people? It’s a shame.
At one time, there was no Mu family in the big family of Lingdi, so the Mu family was devastated and did not exterminate.
But even if it’s bone-breaking, it’s also a big family. It’s not true that Fan Hua has fled many times before sending these crooked melons and cracked dates. What Qin Mu Ye feels like is deliberately chasing after rather than catching Fan Hua.
Another is that he remembers that there is no pick Jin Xian in Mu family, and the bone is broken because Mu family pick Jin Xian was killed by the spirit emperor for a reason, not only Mu family, but also his big family, and now it has Jin Xian level.
It seems that he is almost dead, too. It is the spirit emperor who fucked him. It is not generally cruel to maintain the stability and reform of the whole spirit dynasty.
Nowadays, the high-end combat power of the whole royal spirit world has plummeted to 7 th-order Jin Xian except the spirit emperor and his spirit beast
From the point of view of Lingdi, it is really not a big problem, which weakens the combat power, balances the benefits and liberates a lot of resources, so that he can better grasp the situation.
But from the perspective of the whole spiritual world, it is not a good thing, and it has weakened its effective strength.
This is a good thing for Qin Mu Ye. Without the order, Qin Mu Ye can handle the exposure risk better and reduce the exposure risk a little.
However, even the 7th-order Jin Xian is enough to suppress the aristocratic families. After all, everyone is half a catty, and the spiritual emperor’s rank is too high, and he has got what they want, so everything will naturally remain the same.
It is those big families who are also holding back bad things. It is very difficult to find a way to make Jin Xian in the family break through pick Jin Xian. It is really difficult to break through long ago, but there is no way to break through in a short time.
"Isn’t that always trying to get rid of us …" Fan Hua was a little anxious.
"I’m relieved. Anyway, it’s all death. Fear of death and happiness are two ways to die. Let’s be happy." Qin Mu Ye didn’t worry about it.